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2018-11-12: "cx parried" -Jelly Jam
2018-11-10: "Cx unstoppable ..." -King
2018-10-30: "Why not just go..." -KRSplatinum
2018-10-12: "Now all we need..." -Jelly Jam
2018-10-10: "yay what a mile..." -Loon
2018-09-30: "Congrats t3, th..." -[GpW]Urbs
2018-09-29: "I knew you'd sa..." -Jelly Jam
2018-09-29: "Mourinho tactic..." -Vivando
2018-09-29: "All report SJ -..." -Ragnarok
2018-09-28: "invalid ladder...." -Krzysiek
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flag -t3> [05:05] CXflag
flag -t3> [01:01] CXflag
flag [GpW] [07:03] -t3>flag
flag -t3> [07:07] [GpW]flag
flag [GpW] [09:05] CCflag
flag CX [11:07] -t3>flag
flag [GpW] [12:07] CXflag
flag CX [09:03] [GpW]flag
flag CX [10:05] [GpW]flag
flag [GpW] [09:08] CXflag
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By: Grytolle, in: Chico « JJ2 related2018-11-18 22:56
The funny animation that iku injected on the websi...
By: iku, in: Chico « JJ2 related2018-11-17 12:47
It appears that the original link to get Chico ha...
By: King, in: Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] « JJ2 related2018-09-11 23:23
Which players didn't have objective criteria in vo...
By: SirEmentaler, in: Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] « JJ2 related2018-09-11 18:30
Good contest. Good entries. Good picks. Thanks ...

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