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Keep up the good work. ;-)
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Thank you for your query once again, We prefer ...
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whichever will it be
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bobs and vagene
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Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] Which players didn't have objective criteria in voting, and what makes you say that?

I haven't read most of this, since i'm a bit short on time, so it's a genuine question.
Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] Good contest. Good entries. Good picks.

Thanks for the kind words, cooba.
Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] Yet again, not all of you had objective criteria in voting emo

I don't see how would someone be forced to vote for a certain map if he doesn't like that map. For example, I wouldn't vote for Faw's map because I don't like it much. Even though he is in CC. I would vote for PJ's instead because I played games on both maps and I liked Painted Garden more than Orbital. And again it is only my opinion. That way, everyone who actively plays ladder would be able to vote what maps would they play in the current season. That's fair if you ask me. If they vote for Cleanse, they would then play Cleanse. That was their pick.
Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] @Toni It was a bit of a last minute vote. I believe 7 people were invited to the council in total, out of which 5 voted. I had played most maps in 2v2 and/or 3v3 except three of them, when I was invited to vote on Sunday, and the voting deadline was until midnight on the same day so I only had the evening after coming back home to play or look through all maps in detail. Other council members had already started testing the maps from the afternoon, though. One more person invited in the voting council seemed too busy to pick 3 maps on time that day, as he had only played two of them and was busy at the time. Giving a few more days notice might have allowed more people to participate in the voting.

I do like the ideas of cooba and Jelly Jam that would let more maps get in, either from this or next season, as it was indeed a difficult choice to pick only 3 maps out of all the quality entries we got. I don't really like the idea of completely replacing the voting council with a public vote, though. By picking a voting council it's easier to make sure only people who would vote based on objective criteria in accordance with the contest requirements are allowed to vote. Otherwise clan members or level making group members would coordinate their votes according to their own group's interests. I don't see how including some of the level creators would be doable either, as they could still vote in a way that would move their map in the ranking, even when not voting for their own map.
Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] This contest had a truly strong selection of maps and IMO only little details decided the outcome. Congrats to everyone who claimed a spot in the pool, especially to Loon and Smoke who managed to get a vote from all of the judges! And to everyone who didn't make the cut, don't worry, I think you can easily get your maps in next season! emo
Go to2018-09-11Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] What a nice contest! I love the feedback for every map and it means a lot to me. Now I know what to avoid, what to change and how to make a better level. I am really happy with the outcome, even though my map didn't make it. I wasn't hoping to get in the mappool at all because my level was really huge, and people play 2v2 more than 3v3. I feel really sorry for Painted Garden. I expected that level to be in the mappool. At least 2 other levels that I expected to be in are in. Butrinti and Sparkling Illusions. It's been a while since we had this amount of good and quality levels in JJ2, and I think that this was one of the most successful map contest. I believe it was really hard for everyone to pick 3 maps.

Anyway, I wanted to point out a few things that should have been different from my point of view. Don't want to start the drama, this is only my opinion

It is voting. Even though I like the voting results, voting wasn't balanced and fair to the ladder players.
For example - we had 5 judges. Not all 5 judges played all maps both 2v2 and 3v3. That means that they didn't properly test them. Some of them are semi-active or inactive. And besides that I still think that 5 judges aren't enough.
If I was asked, I would do the voting process differently. Probably like the one we have at the end of each year on JCF where we vote for JCS awards. Everyone who has a clan, and who has played at least X games in the past X months / or in the previous season, would be able to vote. Even a thread with poll and 8 map options here on the forums would be enough. Also, level creators who took a place in the contest would be allowed to vote, but not for their map. Voting would be public and everyone who is active would be able to pick their 3 favourite maps. I think that option would be more reliable.

Ladder is a tournament with a lot of players and all active players should be allowed to vote.
Go to2018-09-10Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] Congrats to the winners! Butrinti is a nice companion piece to TDE, Sparkling Illusions (really digging the SI abbreviation) seems fun, and of course Orbital is another cracker from my favorite author Fofel.

Also, thanks for the detailed feedback, even though I didn't end up getting in, it was still a fun adventure to make a level from scratch and submit it AFTER the original deadline.

I also have to tip my hat off to SE for Cleanse - this may well be spearheading a new era in CTF, even though it's not one we're yet prepared for.

Go to2018-09-10Contest results! [JJnet Level Contest Season 13] The level contest for season 13 has been concluded and the judges have selected their 3 favorite maps for the ladder mappool. The winners were determined by holding a voting in the 'council', where each of the invited judges could vote for 3 maps they deemed to be the best fit for the mappool. A total of 5 judges voted in the council, whom were Lahm, JellyJam, Ragnarok, SJ and Anubis. The results were as follows:

Butrinti - 5 votes
Orbital IV - 3 votes
Sparkling Illusions - 3 votes
Painted Garden - 2 votes
Nidavellir - 1 vote
Red Rose - 1 vote
Cleanse - 0 votes
The Crackdown - 0 votes

[6:06 PM] sn1ky: My top 3 would probably be xlmbut ezspark and ezpaint
[10:49 PM] Jelly Jam: Hi, I vote for xlmbut, ezorb and xlmnidavellir and I recommend the last 2 to be 3vs3 only.
[11:29 PM] Ragnarok: My 3 votes are gonna be (in order of preference), ezspark, xlmbut, and ezpaint - all of which can be both 2v2/3v3
[11:31 PM] SJ: In the meantime, I'll announce my own votes: Butrinti, Orbital IV, Red Rose
[11:48 PM] Anubis: My final votes are xlmbut, ezspark, and ezorb (last one as 3v3 only). I might have picked ezpaint as my 3rd vote if it had better layout in the middle area though

Thus the 3 maps that have been selected for the mappool are Butrinti, Orbital IV and Sparkling Illusions!

Congratulations for your victory Smoke & Loon! Your level truly impressed all of the judges. Also congratulations to FawFul and ThunDerDraGon for a tied 2nd place. The top-3 maps have now been added to the mappool, but Orbital IV as a 3v3 only map due to it's big size and complexity.

Overall we got a total of 8 high quality, creative maps that were fun to play in during the judging process! That is way over my expectations! Therefore I want to thank everybody who participated in the contest! Also thanks to all the judges who voted and helped in judging the contest entries.

Of course, we wouldn't want to leave others empty about why their maps weren't selected by the judges. So you may find a huge wall of text below stating the most essential things that the judges liked/disliked about each level:


+Well executed, versatile layout that suits both 2v2 and 3v3 games nicely
+Very interesting carrot area with a lot of strategic options
+Not too many camping spots
+Good choice and spread of weapons and power ups
+Well balanced open and closed areas
+Visually gorgeous and not too distractive

-Flow could use optimization; intuitive on one side, and bumpier on the other side

Orbital IV:

+Excellent CTF layout with plenty of room for a very diverse, strategic gameplay
+Movement and flow has been made easy to learn, yet hard to fully master
+Inspiring visuals and background, not distractive
+Excellent base design and fairly good vine placement to bring extra depth to the gameplay
+The RF-powerups offer nice, various way to reach, since it's possible to also RF-climb to them or shoot with gun9

-Not much exciting action in 2v2 games, due to the fairly large size
-There are some areas that are particularly campy, namely the top middle and the large horizontal spaces. Luckily the bouncer ammo helps a lot in the horizontal space, but requires patience.
-Some of the ammo placement and vines could still benefit from some optimization

Sparkling Illusions:

+Good, versatile layout that suits both 2v2/3v3 games, which encourages good movement
+Cool and creative measures to counter camping in specific areas, generally not too easily campable
+Good choice of powerups and well balanced, together with a suitable amount of ammo in the level
+Many places with room for RF tricks
+Visually impressive
+Original and interesting base design

-May be sometimes excessively visual, distractive; Particularly the visuals might make it hard to distinguish passable areas or solid platforms (as perhaps the level title implies)
-The graphics cause minor fps drops in 16-bit mode, 8-bit mode seems to be recommended
-Bumpy flow at parts, but is possible to get used to with some practice, potentially
-Minor dead ends where you get stuck for a second if you don't jump to the spring immediately

Painted Garden:

+Custom roller weapon that fits the level design very well, giving players the ability to shoot upwards the slopes
+Good general placement of pickups
+Sold layout with a reasonably good flow

-Some parts of the level are a bit boring, particularly the middle area
-Some areas under bases can get particularly annoying in 2v2s against camping flagholders who may require 2 players to hunt down, like the carrot areas that are fairly easily campable
-Level could benefit from more seeker ammo
-The level might be slightly overdecorated together with the very rich colours


+Original layout
+Well placed full NRG carrot that can be sent down
+Interesting choice of power ups

-The map is too big for 2v2, considering there are 3 carrots and the overall size of the map
-Top area is probably only for camping
-A lot of items of interest particularly at the bottom of the level
-Gameplay seems too vertical and is mainly focused on going up and down different floors
-The ropes above the bases make it so that you can camp a lot

Red Rose:

+Fun and fast-paced map with a small layout that is easy to learn and remember
+Flow is particularly nice and well balanced between all characters
+The carrot area is well executed and camping there is counterable from above with bouncers

-Might be sometimes a bit too chaotic in a 3v3 game, due to the small size of the map
-The layout is pretty bouncer biased, and the thin walls and platforms the bouncers can go through only make this feeling stronger
-The bottom level is slightly too cramped and linear
-Some areas might be generally too campy, like the vines above bases together with seeker and bouncer ammo


+Very original, inspiring gameplay that rewards high skill together with the custom energy blast-weapon
+Can be a lot of fun to play with other people who haven't fully learned or mastered the level yet
+Well executed and inspiring alternative way to reach base (through the top)

-Massive in size, although very open at the same time
-Very punishing gameplay for players new to the level, with all the hazardous scenery (although it manages to crop the otherwise so large playable area a bit)
-Long learning curve
-Contains two full NRG carrots that are very separated from each other, which means that each team basically has their own full NRG carrots. This makes it very hard to kill the opposing, dominating flagcarriers (especially in 2v2).
-Contains a laser shield in an area that is hard (but not impossible) to reach out alive. Enabling /noshields neither stops the shield from spawning, but just makes players using that shield to get kicked off for using an invalid shield (apparently due to a JJ2+ bug). That would be too much for the ladder.

The Crackdown:

+Very original gameplay and impressive visual side
+Solid, tactical layout that has room for numerous tricks, like RF-climbs
+Offers some nice strategic possibilities with TNT ammo

-Too campy and slow-paced for a 2v2-game
-Might be too gimmicky, as the antigravity plays a big role in the map and may be too difficult for most players to get used to
-The trigger scenery closing the top entrance to the base greatly limits movement in the map, although it is there for a reason
-The bases can get very campy and challenging to reach against heavy defense, as the TNT backdoor isn't too easily accessible
-Would benefit from more ammo
Go to2018-09-07JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! The contest is now officially closed! Thanks for all your entries!

Results to follow shortly! emo
Go to2018-09-07JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! [url=https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7900/cleanse/]Cleanse[/url]
Go to2018-09-07JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Also [url=https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KFcZPGPGpN-Z3FNZxllakbAXg4OX3eB1]Butrinti[/url] has been updated in the drive.

The latest version is already on Camel Duels.

(So basically just edit the post..)
Go to2018-09-07JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! u forgot a / in the bb code
Go to2018-09-07JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! [url=https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7898/the-crackdown/]The Crackdown[/url]
Go to2018-09-06JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Good to go:
[url=https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7895/sparkling-illusions/]Sparkling Illusions[/url]
Go to2018-09-06JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Sure SJ
Go to2018-09-06JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! With the contest coming to a close, I'm now looking for people interested in judging the contest entries and determining the results. If you're interested, drop a message here or contact me on Discord.

* Naturally, you can't be a judge if you have submitted an entry, either by yourself or as a collab.
* You should be either an experienced level maker or an experienced player with a good eye for tactics, but preferably both.

Secondly, a reminder to all the contesters: Make sure you upload the level to either [URL=https://www.jazz2online.com/]J2O[/URL] or some other reliable hosting site (like Google drive) before the time runs out. Otherwise your entry doesn't count.

Luckily for you, as I'm unable to judge before tomorrow evening (at least), you'll receive extra time until September 7th 17:00 UTC to finalize and upload your entries.
Go to2018-08-31JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Smoke & Loon present:
Butrinti <- wrong file was here, check below (or above..)

If any trouble occurs downloading this, contact either me or Smoke.
Go to2018-08-31JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Due to high demand and the low amount of levels uploaded so far, the deadline has been extended until September 6th 23:59 UTC.

Please note that this will be the only and final extension. Also, this extension won't delay the start of the new season. The winning levels will be just applied a little later. emo
Go to2018-08-30JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! Mine too: [url=https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7891/painted-garden/]Painted Garden[/url]
Go to2018-08-23JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! My entry is uploaded. [url=https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7890/nidavellir/]Nidavellir[/url]
Go to2018-08-16JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! emo
Go to2018-08-14JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! emo
Go to2018-08-14JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! "Don't make it too easy to camp in the level."

But everybody here loves campy levels??? emo
Go to2018-08-14JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! JJNet ladder season 13 is about to begin shortly after the remaining 2 CWs have been played. We are here to present you a level (map) contest for the ladder mappool for the first time since 5 years!

The contest is here to breathe new life into the current ladder mappool, to allow good, brand new levels to make it into the pool. The best three maps (supposing there are three that meet our quality-standards) as selected by the admins will be added to the mappool for the next season. That also means that some of the current maps will be removed to make room for the new maps.

What are we looking for especially? Mostly the same things as in most level making contests.

These are the rules:
-We are looking for CTF levels
-Only new levels will be accepted. Edits of existing levels will not. If a level was started/finished before this contest began, it can however be entered if it was never officially published before.
-Only one entry per person. Collaborations are allowed, but they will count as a whole entry for each collaborator. This is meant to encourage people to focus all their effort on one level, rather than rush many. Quality over quantity.
-As long as the contest stays open, you are allowed to edit/fix/remake your entry as much as you want even after you have submitted it.
-Upload your level to Jazz2Online once you are finished, in order to make it easily available to everyone. Be sure to announce that its your entry for this contest either here, in the title or description.
-If there are minor improvements that you wish to make to the level after the contest has ended, you may do so upon the JJnet crew's approval. The applied changes need to be reported clearly.

Aside from the rules, there are some additional guidelines (if you don’t follow them you’re not likely to get very far):
-The level should be playable in both 2on2 and 3on3 (It may be also accepted as a 3v3 only level if it is decent otherwise)
-The main focus should be on the gameplay, but the visual side shouldn't be ignored. Most importantly the level should look nice to the eye and there should be no distracting visual decorations.
-The level should be balanced. You do not need to make the level 100% symmetrical, but try to keep no team significantly advantaged over the other.
-All characters should be playable in the level (Lori too.) Flow differences between characters do not matter, but all characters should be able to reach all objects and areas without the need to use tricks like walljumps.
-Try to make the level spacious enough so that there is room for players to dodge bullets, but not too open, as that will increase the "lag-factor", e.g. lots of long linear paths where players usually get "airhit" from afar (especially if the level contains a lot of seekers, thus avoid the use of Seeker Powerup.)
-Try to balance the amount of open and closed areas. Don't make it too easy to camp in the level. Try to design base areas with care.
-Originality is a nice bonus, but we are not looking for full gimmick-levels. Use of AngelScript is allowed, but again, try to not draw the gameplay too far from classic CTF.

You have until September 7th 17:00 UTC to finish and upload your entry. A team of judges will be selected to pick the winning maps shortly after the contest finishes. The maps will be added to the ladder mappool immediately after.

Uploaded entries:
[url=Nidavellir[/url" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7890/nidavellir/]Nidavellir[/url] by Toni
[url=Painted" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7891/painted-garden/][b]Painted Garden[/url] by PurpleJazz
[url=Butrinti[/url" target="_blank" target="_new">https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KFcZPGPGpN-Z3FNZxllakbAXg4OX3eB1]Butrinti[/url] by Smoke & Loon
[url=Red" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7894/red-rose/][b]Red Rose[/url] by Blckrosz
[url=Sparkling" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7895/sparkling-illusions/][b]Sparkling Illusions[/url] by ThunDerDraGon
[url=Orbital" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7896/orbital-iv/][b]Orbital IV[/url] by FawFul
[url=The" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7898/the-crackdown/][b]The Crackdown[/url] by cooba
[url=Cleanse[/url" target="_blank" target="_new">https://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7900/cleanse/]Cleanse[/url] by Sir Ementaler
Go to2016-08-01[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos Team Egypt's veto: The Astrolabe
Go to2016-07-30[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos Team Poland's veto: Space Island Level With Islands
Go to2016-07-30[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos NL veto: The Astrolabe
Go to2016-07-30[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos Team Germany's veto: The Astrolabe
Go to2016-07-30[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos Team Finland's veto: Wicked Wood
Go to2016-07-30[NT 2016] Knockout phase vetos Team captains participating in the play-offs: Please post your map vetos in this thread.

You can view the mappool here: http://www.jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?op=ntarchive&page=25
Go to2016-06-28[NT 2016] Sign Ups
MasterSven wrote:

Captain: MasterSven

Other players: Blackeye, FawFuL, Foly, Laro, Slaz, Loon, Shaney, Darksonic, Quickz, Vegito, Borgia, ThunderWalker, WKtK, Baja, Blackwct, Cell, Chiyu

After Shaney its not that serious, but u never know emo

You're right about that, my level of activity has been brutally low the past couple of months emo. Still, if there's a real need for a backup player at the very last moment, I guess I could join in to help out. It's okay if you skip me in favor of someone else, though...I highly doubt my *ahem* 'skill level' at the moment.
Go to2016-06-25[NT 2016] Sign Ups Gry is hanging out there, playing ping pong emo
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups emo emo
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups zobaczymy jaka bedziesz miala mine jak dawid pl was zniszczy w czasie gry ;p
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups gry is dead D:
looking forward to facing dawid pl x
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups Nice to see jj2 community is still existing and fare well emo Attendance is high so it seems it will be tough and exciting event. I am waiting forward to tournament starts ! Good job for organizers ! By the way where is Gry?

Go Poland ! emo
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups No afaik
Go to2016-06-24[NT 2016] Sign Ups Niceeee, 8 countries!
Hope we get at least 2 more teams.

Also, are some of ya planning fantasy teams?
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups HERE WE ARE!!!oneone!!1 emo emo

Team Poland:
Captain: Krzysiek
Players: Warrior, Dragon, Owen, Dawid pl

Listed only warteam, don't be suprised to face Sue or Kii emo
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups Team Germany
Captain: Plumbe
Players: Gucky, Anubis, Kev
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups
Reni wrote:
Captain: Kenny
Players: Kryt, Kenny, Iustyn, Lahm, Naps, Reni (do we have anyone else?)

P.S. thanks sven for contacting us!!!!!

nu,e ok nu mai sunt altii cred emo

Kenny and me are in so far
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups
Jelly Jam wrote:

Where's Poland?

Signing up soon.
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups Yeah, I'm kidding. He's more of a forumer.
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups
Jelly Jam wrote:
Reni wrote:

Players: Kryt, Kenny, Iustyn, Lahm, Naps, Reni (do we have anyone else?)

Where's Primpy? =(

And omg like 7 countries already!
Where's Poland?

Primpy? I have no idea who that is
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups It's amazing to see so many teams signing up emo

Imo there should be at least one fantasy team (EU team) so that all players from countries that are not signed up have a chance to play.
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups I have a question: lets say that one country already signed up, and that some fantasy team signed up. Can that fantasy team have players that are from the earlier mentioned country (not players that play for that country, but players that are from that country) and players from other countries (that dont have players for a national team)?
Go to2016-06-23[NT 2016] Sign Ups
Reni wrote:

Players: Kryt, Kenny, Iustyn, Lahm, Naps, Reni (do we have anyone else?)

Where's Primpy? =(

And omg like 7 countries already!
Where's Poland?
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups [img]http://www.jazzjackrabbit.net/_avatars/47.jpg[/img]
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups You forgot Levin[E], EmperorRR, RavenCC, StlCC, MatvhichukCC, Celianne[E], Abdullah[E], TheRealEmperor, TheTrueEmperor, TheOneAndOnlyEmperor, TheUltimateEmperor, TheUndeniableEmperor, theEmperorIsOverflowing, Emperor2, Emperor3, TheUnlimitedEmperor, SuperEmperor, HyperEmperor, UltraEmperor, Emperor4, MagicEmperor, OmegaEmperor, Emp, Empster, Empinizer, Empinator, etc.
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups Team Finland
Captain CJ
Players Sucer, Cankerworm and Raven
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups They don't have to be in the list to play if you forgot anyone
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups Romania:
Captain: Kenny
Players: Kryt, Kenny, Iustyn, Lahm, Naps, Reni (do we have anyone else?)

P.S. thanks sven for contacting us!!!!!
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups looks like I've become famous while I was gone, so many posts about me emo
Go to2016-06-22[NT 2016] Sign Ups and I confirm that.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Kyro says that Anubis is in.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Hurray! That's already 4 guaranteed countries!
I really hope we get at least 8 teams.That would be interesting to watch! emo
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Ill be gone from 26th june till 4th july. after that i can play the tournament.
Plumbe is in too.
Anubis does not respond on skype. at least he has not done so yet, after i asked him on saturday.
dunno about gucky. i guess he'd be in too.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Yeah, we decided to take back the rule about team restriction. After all we want to increase activity and a game like this shouldn't be spoiled by too much rules. emo
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups XD
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups thank you very much guys, as artegor said, the more rules you put, the more fun you ruin. and as i mentioned in the other thread, its making something happen finally omg guys lets play XD
i find myself being fine as a part of uk team, thinking that there is no many polish players playing anymore (sorry krzy xxx) and tbh i last time i played with polish team, the lack of communication was driving me mad (as far as i remember). im trying to not be picky, i think its fair enough for me to play this little competition on the uk side. indeed, i live here quite long enough =( it would be cool though if pol team appeared as well (without me tho)
i wanna play with jdc official rag with this kind of understanding just as i understand this as a i dunno hotel receptionist LOL
letsz play emo would be cool for some new maps as well
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Serbia:
Captain: Toni
Players: Toni, Hordy, Artegor, Lithium, Rose, Emina, Stefko, Jelly Jam
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Sign up as Engscotland or something.
Ej, Srbi! Ako cete praviti ekipu, mozete l' da stavite i moje ime? Ja naravno necu igrati jer nemam kompjuter, ali sam prethodne tri godine dok sam ga imao priželjkivao ovo takmicenje i bar bih da se osecam kao clan ekipe, ako nista drugo. emo
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups That rule was only suggested and not implemented yet. I even opposed it after being notified of moti's case.
Moti seems to have lived in the UK for quite a long time, so I have no problems with her playing for UK.
Also you could perhaps add PJ's brother to your squad.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups You shouldn't add more rules/conditions if you want this to work... emo
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups
cooba wrote:
Solution for UK: Sign up as a fantasy team named "England". Poof! The same approach worked just fine for this Euro. emo

That would actually disclude me.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups Solution for UK: Sign up as a fantasy team named "England". Poof! The same approach worked just fine for this Euro. emo

Toni wrote:
As a JDC official you should understand things like this.

Ragnarok is an administrator, not an official.
Go to2016-06-21[NT 2016] Sign Ups
Jelly Jam wrote:

Oh and Egypt, whai no SN, CS, Naruto and Mohamad :{

They can still play even if they're not in the list
Go to2016-06-20[NT 2016] Sign Ups Sven made that rule because he doesn't like that I am basically able to play for NL if I want to. xD

I'm sorry.
Go to2016-06-20[NT 2016] Sign Ups UK
Cpt. Rag
Team. Moti PJ & Treylina
Go to2016-06-19[NT 2016] Sign Ups Egypt:

Captain: Anna

Other players: AhMo, Damar, Kyro, Riko, ThunderDragon
Go to2016-06-19[NT 2016] Sign Ups Netherlands:

Captain: MasterSven

Other players: Blackeye, FawFuL, Foly, Laro, Slaz, Loon, Shaney, Darksonic, Quickz, Vegito, Borgia, ThunderWalker, WKtK, Baja, Blackwct, Cell, Chiyu

After Shaney its not that serious, but u never know emo
Go to2016-06-19[NT 2016] Sign Ups Inspired by the public demand, the 5th edition of the legendary National Tournament safely returns!

The tournament structure will be somewhat similar to the previous editions, traditionally. However, it will depend a bit on the amount of countries that sign up at the end.

First, there will be a group stage, which will most likely include 2 groups with 3-5 teams. But in case we receive for example less than 6 countries, there could be some kind of a round robin-system.

Naturally, if we get 6+ teams, then there will be also play-offs: semi-finals, grand final and a bronze match.

The map pool will consist out of a good mix of old classics, less-played maps and newer maps.

Every team will have 1 captain, who will be in charge of the team. This person will also be responsible for scheduling the matches with other captains and officials and will be responsible for their team to show up at the scheduled matches.

For a player to be eligible to participate in a country's team, he/she must be known to live in that country currently or have lived there for at least 4 months.

To make things fair, we are going to do the signups with 2 phases. In the first phase, only real countries are accepted as teams. However, a country may have multiple teams sign up. A team should have at least 4 players (one for backup). If there is any dispute about team names, the crew will help settling with them.

In the second phase (if there are still spots left), "fantasy teams" may also be accepted (mixed nationalities), but real country teams are still favoured. To determine whether a fantasy team is "legit" to enter the tournament is up to the crew to decide. The crew will try to stay fair and consistent in it's decisions.

When signing up please add:
-Your team's captain
-Your team's roster

If you cannot agree on one captain, the crew will select one for you and provide you with a motivation for the choice.

The tournament will start in early July.

Real country teams may now sign up until June 26th, 23:59 CEST (GMT +2).


Rules and the mappool will follow when ready.

EDIT: Removed rule restriction: 'However, a player cannot represent a "new" country if the player has already played for another country in the previous national tournaments. This rule is not applied with non-real countries though.'
Go to2013-03-20JJNet All-Star Game[Official] I for that matter am not playing this cause of my inactivity and lack of motivation to train/perform well in any match. Sure that might be true and all but imo the current shape matters a lot too. I'd probably play like a noob and I doubt anyone would be waiting to see that - even if I used to be good and all.
Go to2013-03-20JJNet All-Star Game[Official] i pretty much thought you meant it like that,but the comment looked like it was a bit short of words for its full meaning. Also owen is probably better than veg and kenny atm due to their inactivity(might be wrong), but im pretty sure you mean their performance when they were at their tops, and indeed they are quite legendary.
Go to2013-03-20JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Lol but I didn't mean to insult him or his gameplay at all.I just expressed my opinion.There are players which are capable to offer good matches without so much trainings ex:kenny or veg.I played against Owen (RO vs PL) he did very well.He also assumed yesterday,he is not in shape and have to train,so gl for him.How I said ,I just want to see an exciting match,that's all.emo
Go to2013-03-19JJNet All-Star Game[Official] "Just a opinion.First 6 players deserve to play the match ,exception owen,imo"

While i kinda agree with you, please dont say it like he's some sorta irrelevant noob, he's actually quite good and gave us a hustle more than once in ladders. You probably said that since you're inactive and didnt actually play a game against him. But yeah he does have a long way to go before facing people like cj and such. I am not sure if you really meant it like that so sorry if i misunderstood.
Go to2013-03-19JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Just a opinion.First 6 players deserve to play the match ,exception owen,imo.I don't have anything with this guy but also with the outsiders,if one of the main 6 players might not play,we should look about the performances or the skills of the player who is gonna replace,not choosing randomly.Anyway I'm going to school nowemo
Go to2013-03-18JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Cool, hope it's after 25th emo
Go to2013-03-14JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Yes they will once there are 6 confirmed players. Looking for those players and a date fitting them all is still in progress though. After that I will invite the reserve players as well. The game will be played between March 18th and April 7th.
Go to2013-03-14JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Will the players and the reserves be announced before the game?
Go to2013-03-11JJNet All-Star Game[Official] ^cool emo
Go to2013-03-10JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Votes:

CJ(10 votes)







Master Sven(1)

Total voters: 19

Thanks to everyone who voted. The top-6 players with the most votes will be contacted shortly. In addition, a few runner-ups outside the top-6 will be invited as reserve players, who may replace players who accepted their invitations, but unexpectedly became unable to play. Players tied in votes will be invited by random.
Go to2013-03-10JJNet All-Star Game[Official] 1 hour left to vote.
Go to2013-02-28JJNet All-Star Game[Official]
Lithium wrote:

There seems to be a bug, sent messasges do not appear in the folder anymore. I think it was delivered, though.

I'll try to look into this next weekend.
Go to2013-02-27JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Yes it's here.
Go to2013-02-27JJNet All-Star Game[Official]
Jett wrote:
Did my ballot get through? It didn't show up in the sent messages folder, but did say it was delivered.

There seems to be a bug, sent messasges do not appear in the folder anymore. I think it was delivered, though.
Go to2013-02-27JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Did my ballot get through? It didn't show up in the sent messages folder, but did say it was delivered.
Go to2013-02-26JJNet All-Star Game[Official] As you want. The teams won't be clan-based at least.
Go to2013-02-26JJNet All-Star Game[Official] ye sure so lets all start to vote for ourself and for the clan teammates emo))
Go to2013-02-25JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Done.
Go to2013-02-25JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Wow, we're actually doing this? Great idea! emo

Maybe have the account post here to make it easier for people to find it?
Go to2013-02-25JJNet All-Star Game[Official] Hello everyone!

I am hereby announcing that KRSplat's idea of a JJNet all-star game will be carried out. The goal would be to have an official clanwar-like CTF 3on3 game some weekend next month, with players chosen by the people on JJNet. The players who received the most votes, will be invited to play in the game itself. If a player declines the invitation, the next player with most votes will be invited, etc.

Everyone can vote up to 6 players who they would like to see playing in an All-Star game(enough for one 3on3 game.) Some rules about voting:
-You must send your votes by a PM to account: JJNetManager
-Only votes that are cast as mentioned above will be considered valid. Votes will be published anonymously.
-You may vote for less than 6 players, but not more, and only once. No changing of votes. All votes will weigh equal, and if you vote for more than 6, only the first 6 will count, and the rest will be ignored.
-You are allowed to vote for yourself.
-The players you vote for must be identifiable. Using alternative nicknames is allowed but you should keep it clear, if people seem to be unfamiliar with him/her. They should also be registered on JJNet, thus be players who can at least be contacted by PM, if in no other way.
-Creating fake JJNet accounts to cast votes is not allowed.
-You may vote for players who are banned from competitive play, but they will not be invited to the game itself.

Otherwise you can vote for basically anyone, but you are encouraged to vote by the following criteria:
-The player is considered skilled in some way, e.g. strong teamplayer, strong combat skills, strong survival ability, etc.
-The player has either been recently active, or is at least in some kind of contact with the community. Try to be realistic. Votes for players who are practically impossible to contact with will become useless.

Voting ends on March 10th.
Go to2013-02-17Poll About BBSwing [img]http://i.imgur.com/pDM8fNb.gif[/img]
Go to2013-02-17Poll About BBSwing Poll closed. Sorry for late reply. The winning options are tied, so I will make the final decision. Considering that 4 more people wanted the level to be modified, I will choose the option 2. Fair enough.
Go to2013-02-17Poll About BBSwing Anyone noticed my comment about the TB ladder? emo
Go to2013-02-17Poll About BBSwing So what's gonna happen? The voters are clearly in favor of editing the level.
Go to2013-02-14Poll About BBSwing My opinion is create anew version of the level, leaving the older file in tact as a backup. Then try each way you had an idea for, and then choose the overall favorite, or keep multiple versions.
Go to2013-02-13Poll About BBSwing However the latest version of JJ2+ has got this feature fixed up. It creates a small "cloud of light" around the flag. Whenever a player captures the flag, the cloud passes on to the player, technically making him/her unhitable about 1 tile further to all other players like this: emo

Cloud hax! emo
Go to2013-02-13Poll About BBSwing wat? i was is wont not sarcustic.
Go to2013-02-13Poll About BBSwing It's an Illuminati conspiracy imo.