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     Stops during ladders | [q]2011-05-13 17:55
JJnet user

Posts: 376
Stops in game can be pretty annoying, yet there can be no arguing about the fact that they are necessary.

So what to do?

Stops of the category: WTF why don't you die!?!? should in my opinion be punished (-1 point).

Other stops should be allowed and tolerated as long as the team who wishes to stop the game asks before making the stop (whereby I would say just saying stop in public chat and then stoping the game would not constitute any breach of conduct because at least there was fair warning and lets face it sometimes abrupt stops do happen for various reasons).

What's your take on all of this?

Should the ladder have an explicit rule on this subject or are things ok as they are now?
JJnet user
Posts: 99
#1 | [q]2011-05-13 18:28
I think that a stop could be used without warning, if for a proper reason. But, if the stop causes a major gameplay problem (for example, flagcarrier falls down from the carrot in distopia with 1h to next to two f's with seeks and rf's) then it should be returned to the state it was before the stop (flagcarrier goes up to the c).
But, for those WTF WHY YOU DON'T DIE should be punished...

Tactics and such are of course permitted.
JJnet user
Posts: 1758
#2 | [q]2011-05-13 19:32
I agree with both.

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JJnet user
Posts: 376
#3 | [q]2011-05-13 21:20
ya fair point Jake. Still the problem with "returning to the state of affairs before the stop" can be complicated if the game is very heated...

JJnet user
Posts: 295
#4 | [q]2011-05-13 22:30
Ha, I don't get the point of stopping just for asking why someone didn't die. Yes I sometimes say unhittable, but stopping the game for just saying it is ridiculous. Shit like this happens. Stopping the game probably won't make a difference to making someone anymore hittable. Sometimes it can be the own player's connections fault too, I know this because sometimes when I get unhittable others tend to more likely be for me too. Legit reasons for stopping would probably be toilet breaks and phonecalls (there's probably more legit reasons but that's all I can think of for now).

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JJnet user
Posts: 11
#5 | [q]2011-07-02 10:56
agreed with treya
JJnet user
Posts: 373
#6 | [q]2011-07-03 10:32
we all know this but no1 from jj2 stuff makes any changes

JJnet admin
Posts: 846
#7 | [q]2011-07-03 19:44
so make a good suggestion then, iustyn :p
JJnet user
Posts: 376
#8 | [q]2011-07-03 19:57
There could be a rule that would say: You can make N stops during a 20 minute ladder without getting minus points, otherwise type stop b4 typing /stop.

JJnet admin
Posts: 846
#9 | [q]2011-07-03 20:04
5 stops, otherwise a replacement is needed or walk-over?
JJnet user
Posts: 376
#10 | [q]2011-07-03 21:43
ya something like that could work i suppose.
I mean, the problem for you admins is probably coming up with rules that are effective yet simple, and I think yours goes in that direction.
Ofc we already have a rule against that, its just not as explicit, because as I'm sure you know, there is a rule against doing stuff deemed inappropriate by the community. A larger amount of stops would definitely be it. And I'm not pointing that out to say that we don't need any other rules, but a gentlemanly code of conduct does help in a game where a lot is based on behavior as the rules are a bit lax due to Epic not being a big part of the community.
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