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     last thread continues | [q] 2013-03-14 00:46
JJnet user

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Due to the fact you guys mentioned me here in this forum I decided to write something by myself. Maybe for some people who liked me give a sign that I am still alive and for those who hate me to hate me less. Well, since some time I am not playing as you already noticed. Of course I am for gonna write here things like I am leaving jj2 or something like that or... I will xd well I know playing jj2 for me is pointless since some time, you can say I deserved that to be treat like that and I would agree, if you will say I didn't deserved I will kinda agree too. People will have their own opinions and it is not worthwhile to talk about it anymore. Since years in jj2 I was making problems I know about it, while playing jj2 I was mostly leading clans, only clanleaders know is how to be first to get hurt and first to defend our own members, it is not a excuse. I know I was a good leader, I could train people well and I was doing it. That was really good feeling for me I can help someone and that our clan means something. Like it was with iR, with people like Robee, Napo, Czech, Sliver or Stl. These times when We were young clan and hungry for victories I remember very well. After that there was RA with Fenriz and Riper inside, I really liked playing 242525th duel with Riper and let him score some to make him more confident player and Fenriz with his 10scores duels xd He was funny too. Of course I think making 2nd or 3rd clan was a stupid idea, but just for now I can say it wasnt always because of me, people were arguing and not always with me but with themselfs in clan so it happen just like you see. what was the next one? RL? Ye I copied that name from Anubis team Rising Legends xd I always liked that tag. In iR/RA/ib[besides sliver's one round of spectating] We always were playing fair and We won a lot of clanwars in fair way but I can't say it about RL times when I cheated for a month just like Robee and DL. Sliver still keeps cheating even in single player xd j/k. I can say just sorry for that, I know that I didn't need cheating to win something in jj2 but I did that, to be honest it was because of boring and not caring about punishment. I think there was a time when I found a reason for people to treat me like they do since that time but I don't mind.

I would like to thank some people who were playing with me since 2006august and I will focus on people who are still playing, I think it is pointless to mention people who are not playing since years and won't read it. Especially Robee to be my favorite friend in jj2 since 2008, I have no contact with him now, what a pity. Sliver for always following me and insults people who I told you to insult xd j/k. I liked Fox and his brother Aycox too, both played against me 52525226547343 duels xd and they both won once xd. Also I would like to thank serbian crew, people like Archer, Riper, Lith, Horny[;d] or Sulfur for a lot of games with me and a lot of patience for me. From Cx thx for moti for being good fella I know you lubisz mnie i tak. CJ for playing with me most hardest games for me I mean CWs in TM/id/t3 and a lot of random 3v3s. For CC for showing me in 2007 or 2008 how to pwn me in jj2, especially for Veg, He was always the best player for me, even when a lot of times I wasn't nice for him He was nice and patient for me. For Gry and his 3v3/2v2 on time [I always liked when He was making time 10minutes and when He was losing He kept adding time, and when score was good for him after 10minutes He wasn't adding the time xddd hehe] Anubis for being always fair and nice for me even when I didnt deserve it. Thanks for Mav because I alwayd thought He is arrogant and He won't talk to me, when He finally did I think We started like ourselfs, what a pity I couldn't do the same for example with cooba. VS clan for giving me helping hand and for a lot of talking and playing with people like Warrior, Banshe, Majorek, Aycox, Spr or Sasik. For Urbs for being most liked and most peaceful person in jj2, For Reni for helping me with last clan, for Hakum, I always liked him even If we were arguing with ourselfs. For iustyn and lahm for showing me how it is like playing jj2 for golden pens. Thanks for some polish people like DL, Sue, Gjenka,Angie, Owen, Polak, Pizdon xd, Maximus, Lejdi, Mati, Esteban, Galana, Andrzej, Ktos for these years of playing and talking in some cases friendships. Also for some strong players who I liked to play against them and I did a lot of times, people like King, Rag, BR, Kenny, Toni, Fawfull and others, If I forgot anyone then sorry. I wanted to mention not just people who I like the most. People who were playing with me really 32662626262 3vs3's/2v2's/duels are worth to mention too I think and thank you guys for time what we spend together.
I see you guys now fighting in forum, even without me xdddd, I just want you to say that what I think. It is bad it you take this game too serious, I know what Im talking because I was doing it. And If you still fights here and this game makes you nervous, do something interesting in your life, We all grew up, maaan I remember when I first played jj2 in 2006, I was 16 and It was like yersterday when Kamil my cousin (rest in peace) showed me jj2 online, I saw servers and after one day I already got a hotel room in hotel of napoleon xd. I hope you guys will have a happy life, even if with jj2 to 30 or 40 years old of your living in earth but make sure jj2 is not everything for you, make it a thing for fun, not to argue. Well I spend a lot of time for writing it, if you wanna know what Im doing now, Im working, usually 8 or 9 hours per day, and still studing turistic and italian, I keep watching champions league and gale boksu xd. Since you guys fight here on forum.
I hope my post will be good idea and you guys will care less about little bs things, I know what about Im talking here, I used to be a troublemaker here xd. Thanks for reading my bs, take care.
(This post has been helpful to 5 of the forumers.)

JJnet admin
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#1 | [q]2013-03-14 01:02
Excellent self-insight, SR, it corresponds perfectly with my opinion of you!!! emo

(However, I almost always refuse adding time if I am losing too!)

JJnet user
Posts: 137
#2 | [q]2013-03-14 01:08
Slayer, if you had been a candidate for becoming the new pope, you would win with this speech ;')

ps. trzymaj się stary ;D
JJnet user
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#3 | [q]2013-03-14 06:26
JaxTeller wrote:
hate me less.

Bit dramatic, but consider it done. You take care as well, I hope others will be as willing to let bygones be bygones.

*insert inane collection of quotes here*
JJnet user
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#4 | [q]2013-03-14 08:22
Very nice post, SR!

RA was a nice idea emo

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder.
JJnet user
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#5 | [q]2013-03-14 14:19
well this comment was certainly the last thing i expected. It takes 2 people to have an argument so we had our share of "wrong" with you too. Ti's a shame things worked out that way.

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Air: ?
JJnet user
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#6 | [q]2013-03-14 16:25
hf gala boxu hehe emo
JJnet user
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#7 | [q]2013-03-14 16:41
I have only read the last paragraph to be honest, but nevertheless does this post make you appear in a much brighter light than most of the jj2's community members would have expected. Just in case this post was intended to fool us (don't misunderstand, I am just making possibilities sure), it still is great.