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     ezdos eztrig | [q] 2016-06-17 01:54
JJnet user

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Hi guys,

I'm aware I'm not allowed to change mappool levels - so I haven't - but I have released some updated versions of two of my mappool levels that are on CD under separate filenames. I would highly appreciate if people could check the updated versions of:

The new eztrig2 (Trigelateral) under the name of eztrig (the original, eztrig2 still exists)
The new ezdos (Dusk v3) under the filename of ezdos4 (the original, ezdos also still exists - you may need to !c ezdos4 for this one)

Changes applied in eztrig:
Ceiling made higher at 8,16, giving more space to maneuver at red base.
RFs at 7,29 moved from right hand side to left hand side, to add ease of sneaking bouncer PU with gun9 without auto ammo swap.
Blue springs at 8,39 moved down slightly to allow better flow to the red base from below.
Slopes added at 13,41 to prevent the need for the jump to the old blue springs.
Green spring at 13,32 (Bouncer PU) changed to an orange spring that lands you directly on base for ease of use and increased flow to red base.
Wall added at 14,35 for ease of climbing.
Slopes removed from 24,43 for ease of climbing.
Seeker ammo rearranged slightly at 20,37 to prevent accidentally taking it when using spring.
Green spring added at 26,44 for balance purposes.
Slopes added at 28,25 for ease of use and consistency when climbing up.
Suckertube at 35,20 now shoots you directly onto spring.
Electro Blaster ammo rearranged slightly at 34,40 for prevention of taking ammo unintentionally if jumping to avoid new spring.
Ceiling made higher at 46,8, making it less cramped and reducing the power of the high-ground slightly.
Slope added at 47,14, hopefully making it easier to single jump up from the right.
Ceiling made higher at 46,41, making it less cramped.
Blue spring at 64,52 moved down slightly, for increased flow to the springs at 58,50.
Springs below carrots raised 0.25 tiles for increased flow and ease of use for carrot tricks.
Slopes modified slightly at 71,52 for increased flow.
Walls modified slightly at 75,33 for no real reason.
Red spring at 73,55 changed into a green spring just because...
Bouncer ammo rearranged at 79,27, for ease of access.
Platform removed from 83,33, making it more open around the carrot area.
Ceiling made lower at 91,17 to make the red base a bit easier to defend.
Masks changed on ceiling at 103,81, allowing easier RF climbing on the left hand side if necessary.
Electro Blaster ammo moved from 121,32 to 115,20 to encourage more movement.
Removed annoying shooting snowflakes in the background.
Darkened the background slightly.
Various tilebug fixes throughout the map.

Changes applied in ezdos4:
Fixed the background that was broken by the new 800x640 resolution.
Added oneways to walls above slopes at 10,30 and 54,16 to prevent getting stuck in walls.
Removed a 2-tile platform at 120,38 and 121,38, hopefully balancing the team biases.

Then I would appreciate some feedback if anyone has the time to do so. The main changes revolve around balance and making the levels slightly more user-friendly.

Thank you!
JJnet user
Posts: 123
#1 | [q]2016-06-23 03:12
This has been updated significantly since the time of the original post, therefore bump!!!
JJnet user
Posts: 321
#2 | [q]2016-07-03 14:37
These are really good. I actually like trig now!

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