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     Mappool suggestions for season 12 | [q]2017-06-18 23:58
Jelly Jam
JJnet user

Posts: 284
Well the previous mappool suggestions thread was closed so might as well start a new one.

Okay so JE, Distopia and GW should return and Epitome and WW are out. Might as well consider adding some new maps like Fauztinville (w/e the spelling) and Toilet Town. Those two were the first to pop into my head. I also think Cooba's map "The price of admission" is good enough. And I'm making a 3vs3 map too!

Alright so those are my suggestions for now. emo

Ideas, anyone? And please don't talk about the clan inactivity here. The whole point of this thread is to keep it all going!

EDIT: And maybe remove Scrapyard considering it was the 3rd most played map last season, and bring it back in the next one. Maybe we can raise the JCS activity by organizing one of those mappool contests?

The Rabbits' history book
JJnet user
Posts: 186
#1 | [q]2017-06-19 00:29
What about some sort of contest for new mappool levels?
Jelly Jam
JJnet user
Posts: 284
#2 | [q]2017-06-29 23:31
Here's that level of mine in case someone's wondering, maybe it's good enough. emo

The Rabbits' history book