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Article: Points awarded for clanwars
Based on the point difference between the two clans facing each other you can win or lose up to 20 points for winning or losing the CW. Additionally, you can win or lose up to 5 bonus points for the score difference by which you beat or lost to the other clan in the CW. So in total, you can win or lose 25 points maximum by playing a clan war. Numbers are rounded down.


Winning team: ((LP+DAMP)/(WP+DAMP)) ^ 1.8 * (LP/PLAYOFF) * SCALE
Losing team: (-1/2) * ((LP+DAMP)/(WP+DAMP)) ^ 1.8 * (LP/PLAYOFF) * SCALE


WP = Points of winning clan
LP = Points of losing clan
WS = Score of winning clan
LS = Score of losing clan
MAXSCORE = Combined maximum score excluding tie breakers


DAMP, SCALE = Mathematical values
PLAYOFF = Number of ladder points at which the play-offs begin
MAXBONUS = Maximum points distributed for score difference

Here are some examples to explain what the fields mean: (here, max score 40)

Scenario 1) team A has 160 points, team B 190 points and the win score is 16, the lose score 7
in case team A wins, A gets +38, B -19
in case team B wins, A gets -10, B +19

Scenario 2) team A 140, B 90, win score 35, lose score 10
in case team A wins, A +10, B -6
in case team B wins, A -22, B +42

Scenario 3) team A 40, team B 15, win score 1, lose score 0
in case team A wins, A +1, B 0
in case team B wins, A -6, B +13
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