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Jazz jackrabbit 2 TV

Poland B vs. Germany [group - JJ2NT 2011]

category: NT2011

video round 1:

open playlist on youtube

stream round 1:

video round 2:

open playlist on youtube

stream round 2:

[[Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 19:50:11]]
**Current level: "Jungle's Edge" - je.j2l
**Next level: MS
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[19:50:11] >>> Game Start
[20:04:34] ID: 2  IP Address:  Name: [POL-B]Suè      Team: Blue   Points: 0   Roasts: 0   Deaths: 2   SDs: 0   Caps: 1   Scores: 0   Drops: 1  
*** Game End Stats [[Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 20:27:39]] ***
>> 2-way tie
Blue Score: 5
Red Score: 5
ID  IP Address          Player Name             Team    Points  Roasts  Deaths  SDs     Caps    Scores  Drops   
2       [POL-B]ÐL               Blue    23      23      15      0       12      1       10      
3       KeV[GER]                Red     25      25      26      0       13      1       12      
6        [POL-B]suprem           Blue    24      24      22      0       12      1       11      
7      [POL-B]DragoN           Blue    15      15      24      0       14      3       11      
8      Tiramisu-GER-           Red     9       9       22      0       10      3       6       
9      Anubis-GER-             Red     29      29      14      0       13      1       12      
[20:28:53] >>> Game End

[[Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 20:28:57]]
**Current level: "Superconductor CTF" - elmsuper.j2l
**Next level: elmsuper.j2l
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[20:28:57] >>> Game Start
[21:02:31] ID: 8  IP Address:  Name: Tiramisu-GER-   Team: Red    Points: 9   Roasts: 9   Deaths: 12  SDs: 0   Caps: 4   Scores: 0   Drops: 4  
*** Game End Stats [[Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 21:12:01]] ***
>> 2-way tie
Blue Score: 4
Red Score: 4
ID  IP Address          Player Name             Team    Points  Roasts  Deaths  SDs     Caps    Scores  Drops   
2       [POL-B]ÐL               Blue    20      20      16      0       12      3       8       
3       KeV[GER]                Red     12      12      26      0       13      1       12      
6         [POL-B]Robee            Blue    27      27      19      0       7       0       7       
7        [POL-B]GaLana           Blue    23      23      15      0       8       1       7 
9      Anubis-GER-             Red     24      24      20      0       12      2       9       
10      -t3>JJB                 Red     5       5       12      0       4       1       3       
[21:16:26] >>> Server Close

Video by Grytolle
2011-08-16 19:26 
Can someone add stats to this pls?
2011-08-15 15:29 
GJ urbs for mocking gry for the 1st time in his jj2 career. I am avenged!
2011-08-15 12:47 
Sven's vids have been added, but something is up with youtube's embedding of playlists, so I placed links to view them on youtbe for now

edit: sry again about the burp ana emo

Edited: 2011-08-15 12:51 by Grytolle
2011-08-15 12:31 
sry lith forgot you!!!
well ok tbh, forgot lotsa peopleemo

anyway, I am inspired by such an inspiring community of *****'s, emperor's, kruk's, kenny's etcemo
2011-08-15 12:28 
Round 1 4:50 hahahaha emo
2011-08-15 12:26 
How do you make up such comments, Commander? emo
2011-08-15 12:15 
btw it should be noted this was the first ever match that was not only broadcasted live, but we also had the courtesy of Gry's incredible (voice!!) commentary.

What insight!

What sparkling language (circular movement!)!

And to top it all of: the burping!

I take some pride in having been there to point out to Gry that we all hear him and that he could make use of that fact and give us a live commentary. (yes I am almost as visionary as Anakin!)

But trully, Gry's performance was par excellence and one can only hope to see more of his poor Polish pronounciation and jests about how certain viewers can't even get imaginary girlfriends, in the future.

T'was a small step for our Gry - so used to making large leaps! - but t'was a giant stride forward for our small community, which has now joined the likes of Korean PRO E-Sport leagues and such famous games like the legendary RTS behemoth, Starcraft.

We are indeed lucky - nay blessed! - to have amongst us, such a first class patrician elite, which guides and governs these hallowed halls so that all might prosper and that joy may reign!

Congratulations also to both the competing teams, as they made JJ2 history.

The Poles showed the world that they are indeed a proud nation, worthy of not one, but two (!!) teams in this grand NC tourney, taking place as we speak.

Germany showed great poise and resilience, and particularly at the end, they proved that good old fashioned determination coupled with a bit of the ol' blitzkrieg, still gets the job done. Why I would dare wager, that had the might, which is JJB (for t'is not a he, nor she, t'is simply, the one and only - JJB) deigned to grace us with its presence sooner in the game, that the Germans might well have come out on top in this clash of giants, alas for our sub-nordic friends, that was not to be.

They can, however, take great comfort (as I'm sure they do) in their comeback and I am also sure they are already looking forward to their next bout vs team EU where they are no doubt out to prove to the whole of Europe, that they - and not the petty bureaucrats of Brussels - are the main powerhouse of this continent, not only in business, industry and football, but in JJ2 as well. With the entity which is emo JJB entering the fray, they might well do just that.

But lest we forget, this group is by no means one where any team could be considered to be a pushover.

Why, we have yet to see the greatest warriors of them all - the poetic Serbs, these nouveax Scotsmen, slavic descendants of William Wallace - joining in the battle, thirsting for rabbid blood, the same way one thirsts for beer under the azure sky of warmest summer. Hordinho, half man, half Serb, half Brazilian (yes, you've got it right he's more than an ordinary man!) is looking to prove a point to all who would doubt his hoarding skills. Toni, a simple soul, is endowed with the power of the mighty Crvena Zvezda FC and will no doubt shine like a beacon of hope during times of great turmoil and despair, which every team must face when itself facing such stark opposition.
One should not, however, forget Afiiko, who might well be the most brilliant Serb ever to have lived, if we count Nikola Tesla as Croatian (although there is no reason to do so! we just do it to make Afiiko look better). Why I would dare say, I've never seen such a player enter the sacred battlegrounds of JJ2, as our very own Afiiko. He is as ruthless to his foes as he is compassionate and caring to his friends, he has the ferociousness of a Spartan and the cunning of a Jew (yet nowhere close to Spaceboy! There's only one slim shady - the bodenmaedchenemo lol I made funny).

Yet perhaps no team has the capacity, support of the fans all across this great continent, as the team which proudly bares the name of Asia's finest peninsula - Team Europe.
We will march onwards with our gold and blue banner of War leaving behind us fields of scarlet Peace.

Make way for...

Pax Europeana!

Building peace on corpses all around the world ever since 1492!

2011-08-15 12:01 
Lol, nice come back at round 2. Then again, JJB only played the last 4 minutes of the entire match.
2011-08-15 11:41 
Ana, ur cool and all....

but girl...
ur evil emo emo emo
2011-08-15 11:38 
The rec vids are done, I can put them here as soon as Gry teaches me how to double-embed.
2011-08-15 11:17 
Don`t lecture Anubis,I already did last night! He`ll pwn next game! OH,ISN`T NEXT GAME VS EU? hihi
2011-08-15 09:04 
wow can't believe POL-B managed to do so well vs Ger in round 1!

Nubis, shame on u!
2011-08-14 22:17 
Screens and maybe comments later can be found here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/JJ2_Nations_Cup/index.php?showtopic=34

Edited: 2011-08-14 22:17 by MasterSven
2011-08-14 22:07 
GG! It was a fun game to watch (and burp to too)
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