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Jazz jackrabbit 2 TV

Finland vs. Poland [group - JJ2NT 2011]

category: NT2011

Finland picked Wicked Wood. Poland picked Distopia.

Round one starts at 20:46.
Round two starts at 03:20.

An exciting game. Too bad that Poland got laggy in round 2, whereas Raven did the match of his career. GG!

In round two, Ubbe joins me to comment. At the end of the second clip, you get excessive interviews with Finland. To all the viewers that got bored because we didn't know when to stop: We're sorry!!!
[[Friday, August 19, 2011 at 19:58:30]]
**Current level: "Wicked Wood" - xlmww.j2l
**Next level: xlmww
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[19:58:30] >>> Game Start
*** Game End Stats [[Friday, August 19, 2011 at 20:30:21]] ***
>> Winner: Blue Team
Blue Score: 9
Red Score: 2
ID  IP Address          Player Name             Team    Points  Roasts  Deaths  SDs     Caps    Scores  Drops   
3      [PL] WarrioR            Blue    34      34      12      0       11      5       5       
5      [PL]TheRock             Blue    19      19      23      0       13      2       11      
8       Lucker fi               Red     19      19      27      0       15      1       14      
9        [PL]moti                Blue    22      22      20      0       15      2       13      
11      SJ. fi                  Red     19      19      25      0       8       0       8       
14       $nooze. fi              Red     17      17      23      0       15      1       13      
[20:33:59] >>> Game End

[[Friday, August 19, 2011 at 20:34:03]]
**Current level: "Distopia" - distopia.j2l
**Next level: EvilMike211
**Game Mode: CTF
**Custom Mode: OFF
[20:34:03] >>> Game Start
*** Game End Stats [[Friday, August 19, 2011 at 21:08:16]] ***
>> Winner: Blue Team
Blue Score: 10
Red Score: 0
ID  IP Address          Player Name             Team    Points  Roasts  Deaths  SDs     Caps    Scores  Drops   
2        Raven. fi               Blue    26      26      27      0       13      1       11      
3      [PL] WarrioR            Red     18      18      26      0       18      0       17      
5      [PL]TheRock             Red     22      22      29      0       12      0       11      
9        [PL]moti                Red     21      21      27      0       17      0       17      
11      SJ. fi                  Blue    26      26      21      0       16      2       14      
14       $nooze. fi              Blue    30      30      13      0       15      7       8       
[21:36:49] >>> Mode: CTF
[21:36:53] >>> Game End

Video by Grytolle
2011-08-20 09:21 
Well, if I think about it now, it all makes sense, ofc such legendary players like Raven (ok and snz and sj) would pwn...
but b4 the start of the game I was rather sure POL would win.

Looking back I'd also say, that if FIN had not picked WW, I think the 1st game would have been much tighter. And if that had happened maybe poland would start game 2 differently and who knowsemo
2011-08-20 02:08 
ww zajebiście
distopia chujowo
one thing what i can say is that there is a justice in the world anyway! really, on ww fin team had lags as fck, on second round we, poland, had lags as fck as well, so - balanced bussiness. anyway gg, gj finland and gj my Dream Team emo emo
(had to go get drunk after the game tbh, i really got frustrated and pissed off XD long time no get involved like that to any game)

Edited: 2011-08-20 02:11 by i:m
2011-08-20 00:45 
No idea what happened to SD at the second round. Everyone was warping most of the time and we got way too many airhits. Of course Finland has great players so our defeat isn't a shame at all, but if it hadn't been so laggy, I really doubt we would have lost so high. GG emo
2011-08-20 00:17 
Round 1: couldve been better. we were all quite bad especially with being r/timing our scores. it was a mistake to choose this as our map. I think sucer was also lagged, and me/sj were also experiencing some problems from it. anyhow gg.

Round 2: wont say anything else but ****ing well done team emo

u not mess with suomi emo

Edited: 2011-08-20 00:20 by snzspeed
2011-08-20 00:05 
Haha, I was so used to spamming finnish or sth that my english accent was off.

Oh yeah, and that wasn't my best game... one of the better ones, though.

I might also (once again) want to add that stats give a very meager idea of who 'pwned' and who didn't... Basically SJ and Snz were exchanging between sniper and playmaker in hockey terms while I was the designated grinder.

In the end, that was a team-effort, and one of the better ones ever.
You'll have a hard time finding a better example about the importance of having momentum.

Edited: 2011-08-20 00:20 by Raven
2011-08-19 23:42 
At 08:xy I do indeed see a Polish player warping... weird that the server would stop being good for them like that.

Edit: *makes mental note to record pings all game next time*

Edited: 2011-08-20 00:07 by Grytolle
2011-08-19 23:17 
great match!

I predicted POL FTW, show's what I knowemo
2011-08-19 22:51 
I was hoping to be able to beat Finland to claim the second spot in the play-offs.... Damn it. Poland will be too hard too emo

It was a really exciting game to watch. Gj guys (and moti)!

Edited: 2011-08-19 22:52 by Grytolle
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