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Jazz jackrabbit 2 TV

Grand Finale EUR vs. PLB

category: NT2013

[the match]

Referee: Urbs Broadcaster: Superjazz Commentators: Superjazz, Grytolle, Urbs

Video by Vivando
2013-09-16 09:54 
2013-09-15 12:01 
When will this be released on DVD? Let's revisit the 2013 National Tournament grand finale between Poland B and Europe. This was a close match with an epic end.

First map, Cloud Connected, "a vertical camp-fest," was unfamiliar to me before this NT. I don't know how to cap with 3, but regaining health is a breeze with team-specific +1 carrots. EU starts with the first 4 scores this round. Despite Ragnarok insisting this level has no flow, he made some key kills in round 1. I thought PL could have been more S with 3, ammo and e-low. Instead, EU turned the tide for an eventual score, and a solo for Riri. While OweN and WarrioR camped +1 with flag, Rosz and EU controlled the vital seek PU.

Round 2, Dragon replaces Owen for PL. EU starts with a score by BlckRosZ again. WarrioR gets the fkag afterward, He seemed focused on keeping 3 and preventing enemy a chance to score. (Hotspot shield is in the real world an encryption for Internet traffic to prevent spying. I learned this from Task Manager and CNET. Maybe this is a counter-measure to NSA online spying.) At this point, carrots are respawned by command while Krzysiek CTOed. Quickly after play resumes, all of EU dies, War scores and then PL rushes another. War gets a rampage, dies with flag but Krzysiek recaps with 3. Later, another spree by War, leading to a 3rd PL score. Nearly a 2nd EU score, but the round ends 4-1 for PL.

Third round is TLIU, a modernist nameless map. For the 3rd straight round, BR makes the first score. Later, EU misses a chance to kill War camping C with flag while Rag was 3 with flag; meanwhile Rosz gets a spree. Then, Riri gots camelkicked for BRB; "hilarity ensued." At this time, EU holds a 6-4 lead overall. Reni and Krzysiek hold flags for a while and in the last 15 seconds, Dragon ends up scoring to make 1-1.

Round 4, War makes first score with most of the action at carrots. Match tied 6-6. Halfway through, Rosz caps with 3 and solos with a triple kill, killing spree, recaps and almost solos again. Instead, she dies and Dragon has flag with 3. He gets hit, but camps C successfully, then scores on a kill by Krzysiek: 7-7. War gets flag and seek PU, Dragon kills and PL takes lead 8-7. Less than 2 minutes left and EU goes to S immediately, resulting in loss of flag while PL flagholder camps C with 3 and a killing spree. The match ends as Warrior defends flag with seek PU, an 8-7 overall win for PL.

Poland wins their 2nd NT since 2010; Europe places 2nd.
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