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15 Second Rush

Final Matches And Vetoes! 2019-09-15 21:48 | Vivando
All the off-season clanwars have now been played. Like previous seasons, the top 2 clans ([GpW] and -t3>) are invited to participate in the Grand Final, meanwhile [CDF] and CX are invited to participate in the bronze final. Should one of the clans not accept the invitation, e.g. from top 2 clans, the clan ranked 3rd will be invited to the Grand Final and so on.

Should the current top 4 clans sign up, CX and -t3> are entitled to pick 1 extra veto (5 total) against their opponents, due to having reached a higher ranking. All clans are allowed to change two (2) of their previous vetoes. This time all vetoes can be set on any maps of any size (e.g. 5 vetoes on 2v2+ maps)

Clan leaders (or clan delegates approved by their clan leaders), please confirm in a comment here whether your clan will be participating. Please do so by September 18th, 22:00 GMT. Also ANNOUNCE YOUR VETOES HERE BEFORE THE SIGN UPS CLOSE (if you have an extra veto and/or wish to change your previous ones). Do not try to use the Edit veto-tab on your clan's page, because it does not yet support veto changing for final matches. If you do not announce vetoes here, your current vetoes apply for you.
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CX vs. -t3> 2019-09-14 20:04 | Vivando
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[CDF] vs. CC 2019-09-07 23:19 | Vivando
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Ladder Fro$en! 2019-09-06 17:00 | Vivando
[GpW] has crossed the magical limit of 100 ladder points, thus no more ladder matches can be submitted. The clanwars CX vs -t3> and -t3> vs. [GpW] still need to be played before the season finals may commence.

Additionally, CDF has challenged CC for a clanwar, which is waiting to be accepted or refused.

Stay tuned!
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Rule Update 2019-08-11 11:20 | Vivando
The JJnet Council has decided the following rule update regarding rules for the final matches:

§6.2.1 All clans will be allowed to change TWO (2) of their previous veto levels without restrictions for the final matches. Without restrictions meaning that the new vetoes may be issued on maps of any size, so the clan may have e.g. 4 vetoes on 2v2+ maps or 4 vetoes on 3v3+ maps, etc. Please note that this opportunity does not stack with the opportunities gained during the season (which must be used before the ladder is frozen). Any unused vetoes may still be issued for the final matches.

Also, no new maps will be added to the mappool this season anymore.
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Ladder Season 15 Begins! 2019-07-27 17:00 | Vivando
Since the rules, mappool and a few site features have been updated, we are now ready to start the new season! Take note, that up to 2 3v3+ maps may still be added into the mappool in the near future and some tweakings might be made to the rules regarding final matches.

Like last season, this season lasts until a clan hits 100 ladder points. With that said, it is now time to issue:

/ladders on
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New Mappool And Rule Changes 2019-07-26 19:13 | Vivando
The new season for ladder is almost ready to start. But hang on, the new JJnet council consisting of one representative from each active clan (CC, CDF, CX, GpW and -t3>) has come to its conclusion of new mappool and rules for the upcoming season.

This time the mappool's size grows majorly, since the new mappool adds a total of 10-12 new or previously included maps, while no maps are removed. This is due to wide demand of adding more variety into the mappool, especially for 2v2 ladder matches. There are still 2 (3v3+ only) maps whose fate is still pending from the council and they will be added shortly after the season begins if they are to be approved.

Meanwhile, here is the initial mappool that will be most likely applied when the season starts. Please note that there are also two existing levels which received updates as a new version and their newest version is now the default version to use in ladder (Hall of The Mountain King v2 and Trigelateral v4).

Of course the new larger mappool means adjustments need to be made to the available vetoes per clan to keep it balanced. Here are some changes to the rules regarding vetoes and other "rules" which required formalizing:

§6: Final/Bronze match rules

§6.2 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map (can choose team colors on overtime round as well) and is entitled to issue 1 extra veto which may be used on a map of any size.

§6.2.1 All clans will be allowed to change ALL of their previous veto levels for the final matches.

§1.4 Vetoes

§1.4.1 Every clan may veto up to 2 2v2/3v3+ maps and up to 2 3v3+ only maps since the beginning of the season (up to 4 maps in total). When a veto has been cast, it is permanent until the start of the next season or until the clan changes it after reaching a milestone in ladder points. At milestones of 25%, 50% and 75% of the max ladder points a clan receives 1 opportunity to change ONE (1) of their vetos, these opportunities can be used at any time during the season until the playoffs have been announced.

§1.4.2 Clans may only gain each opportunity once, so if e.g. a clan falls back in points after reaching 50% max points and after already using its opportunity, it cannot reuse the opportunity.

§1.4.3 If a clan uses only a part of its allowed vetoes from the start and wishes to add unused vetoes later, they'll have to contact an admin to change their veto field.

§1.4.4 The vetoed level names may be shortened (e.g. Happy Semiconductor CTF as Semi), but they must be distinguishable as real levels.

§1.4.5 Any illegal vetoes (e.g. too many maps, too many maps of the same size or bad level names) will be modified by the admins as they see fit.

§4: The amount of rounds, map choices and colour choices (clanwar rules)

§ The previously vetoed maps by both clans are applied to the procedure from the start.

§ The challenging clan casts the first veto (or the lower ranked clan in case of a bronze/final match).

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Ladder Season 14 Finishes! 2019-07-15 17:24 | Vivando
Congratulations to CX for its 6th season victory of the ladder and the 4th consecutive one. Will there be anyone to stop this dominance? We'll find out in the next chapter...

We will introduce that next chapter to you shortly. The next season will introduce some major changes to the ladder mappool, mostly (if not only) new additions. The size of the mappool is expected to grow drastically. This means that clans are also allowed more vetoes to compensate.

Finally, here are the final standings:


...and some statistics regarding the base season statistics (not counting off-season clanwars and final matches):


Stay tuned for more information about season 15!
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-t3> vs. CX 2019-07-14 21:11 | Vivando
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[CDF] vs. [GpW] 2019-07-13 20:13 | Vivando
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