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No fantasy teams, I prefer 1 group with 3 teams an...

Settling the mappool2013-10-09 16:40 | Grytolle
Hi everyone!

CX hit 50 points, so it's time to decide whether we will keep the new maps in the mappool or not.

The maps in question are:

Canyon grove

The clans that are eligible to vote are: CX, -t3>, CC, CDF, GpW, Pre and aEs (more than 0 points).

Clanleaders, please send an e-mail to mappool@jazzjackrabbit.net by Sunday (October 13) before midnight with your vote.

In your e-mail you need only write the following (for example):

Stronghold YES
Canyon grove NO
Trepidation NO

YES means the map should remain in the mappool. NO means it should be removed.

Thank you!
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Duel Tournament Starts!2013-10-07 22:00 | Vivando
The JJNet Duel Tournament v4.0 has just started. The tournament works the same as in the previous one. For new players in short: The tournament begins with a group stage with all 32 players divided along 8 groups, with 4 players in each. The players in the same group will play against each other once, and the top 2 players with most points from each group will pass onto the next stage. The Groups can be viewed here.

Now, there are some important rules, briefly:

The next 3 games each player plays are to be played with these settings:

/autostop on
/timelimit 10
/maxscore 5
/overtime off

The next 3 games each player plays do NOT have tiebreakers.

You can pick maps only from the MapPool, and you can pick 1 map only max. 3 times in the whole tournament, except if you reach Grand Finals. This is to avoid players sticking to only one map in the whole tournament. It does not matter in which order you pick the maps, and where, once you have picked a map 3 times in total, you cannot pick it again, so pick carefully. In Elimination Stage, tiebreakers do not count as a map picked by any player. To old players in short: You don't need to care about picking the same map as in previous game, but there are no resets for map picking.

Also, any player can pick a map first if they wish to and are quicker with it than their opponent. However if both players refuse to pick first, then the player that is lower in his group's ranking than the opponent, will be forced to pick/play his/her map first.

You are able to veto 2 maps that you do not want your opponents to pick against yourself. Keep in mind that after you have set your vetoes and played any match with them, you can't change them anymore. However, you can also set the vetoes later if you don't do so now, or don't need to do it at all. Players can also pick their own veto maps. Submit your vetoes by contacting me or by posting a comment after this news post. The vetoes will be visible in brackets after player names in standings.

The rules in full can be viewed here.

Once you are done with a match, save screenshots and use this from the menu on the left and follow the instructions.

Check the Signup list for contacting other players that you need to play with.

You should play your first duel until October 13th. After that, you have 1 week for each following duel, but of course you can play your matches as fast as you can/want to(which is suggested.)

Finally, good luck to everyone!
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The default length of ladder matches is now 10 min - Grytolle
Round length in ladder matches2013-09-29 17:54 | bot
This is a vote to determine whether the default length of rounds in ladder matches should be changed to 10 minutes or be kept at 15 minutes. This vote is held because it is quite obvious that most people prefer the shorter games and it becomes an increasingly important issue as school takes up more of everyone's time this autumn.

Only the votes of clanleaders of active clans (in this season, or clans that were allowed to participate in the last mappool vote*) will be counted when the results of this poll are tallied (1 clan, 1 vote)

* Obviously CC/aEs do not get to vote an extra half time each as RDS

Edit: You need to go to the forum to see the poll.
Edit2: This poll closes Thursday evening.
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Duel Tournament v4.02013-09-26 23:17 | Kyro
After a long break, the JJNet Duel Tournament returns, in it's 4th edition!

As everyone who's played in the previous editions remembers, it is a big round-based, 1on1 CTF, double elimination tournament with best of 3 rounds matches. This one will follow the same tradition.

The tournament is also free for everyone to play in, and the fastest players to sign up will play. The tournament structure will vary on the amount of players signed up until the deadline, which means that there may be a group stage like last time, or a smaller tournament tree in case there are less sign ups than expected. The very maximum amount of players who can sign up is 48.

In case you know that you will not have enough time/motivation to play at least one match a week for sure, please do not sign up. We know that accidents happen, but we want to avoid matches being forfeited pointlessly.

In addition, we have decided on a mappool for the tournament, so you might want to take a look at it before you sign up. Take note that all matches must be played on maps from the mappool, and there are special rules about map picking which we will remind you about later.

-Employee of the Month
-Frontier Falls
-Happy Semiconductor CTF
-Minimal Duel
-Superconductor CTF
-Swingin' Jazz
-Technodus Cargo Station
-Wicked Wood

We decided to put in maps that we considered to be the most essential and best fitting from all maps that were previously used in duel tournaments. Alike in the previous tournaments, players will be allowed to veto 2 maps for the tournament.

As a prize for the tournament, the best three players receive awards for their clan(or personal if clanless.)

Finally, click HERE TO SIGN UP!! You may of course fill in any other contact address/username(Skype etc.) on the E-mail field alternatively. In case you signed up too late, we may count you as a reserve player to replace players in case they resign from the tournament before having played any matches.

The deadline for signing up is October 6th.

UPDATE: Signups closed!
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Black cat2013-09-26 11:49 | FawFuL
fcrpgngbef pna frr nzzb pbhagf bs bguref.

JJ2+ information
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New Servers!2013-09-21 04:01 | Kyro
- Moved Camel Duels to another host.
- Moved Camel Alpha to a better host.
- Added Camel Beta server for ground force maps.
- Added Camel Clan Trainings server for clan trainings.
- Added 2 admin groups for each clan.
- If you want your clan to get access to CCT, post a reply right here.
- Added Camel Help Server with help links for new players.
- Lags/mini ctos are fixed (If you noticed any cto please inform us!)

- Added Camel Clan Trainings (CCT) Rules

- Don't give out the server password to people who are not allowed to join.
- Don't give out the admin password of your clan to people from another clan or without a clan.
- Clan leaders are not allowed to give the "Clan" Admin password to their members.
- Doing anything unrelated to clan training is forbidden.
- Clan leaders are not allowed to abuse their power in this server.
- You're not allowed to take the server whole day, let other clans train too.

Camel Admin Team!
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RO vs. EGY bronze game2013-09-19 20:14 | Grytolle
broadcasted now/soon
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Season 8 started!2013-09-17 02:34 | Kyro
-Added season #7 awards.
-Removed inactive clans
-Updated the mappool.
-No other rule changes
-Personal awards level making contest

/ladders on
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New mappool levels!2013-09-16 23:34 | FawFuL
Some time ago cooba, Firesword and me decided on the new mappool levels. The levels were from a level contest this august from those who participated.
Pariticipants are Ron, Superjazz, Purplejazz, Master sven, Plumbe, foly, Rabidrabb, Kyro & Thunder, Darksonic, Loon and Ragnarok.

We've chosen the following winning entries in no particular order.

~Stronghold By Superjazz~

-Very solid layout
-Memorable level, Very simple usage of layout and eyecandy but still to a degree where people like what they see and memorize it.

- Risk of the bottom area being too much of a death hole. As there is only 3 area's in the map to climb up (quite campy & important area's aswell). We would have liked an easier way to get to base from below.
- Very open bases, Good chance of airhits and lag issues getting involved.

~Canyon grove by PJ~

- Again a very memorable level, usage of tileset and look of a level that has never been done before. The tileset allows PJ to work with cool layouts aswell because of it's mask.
- Balanced, Good thought went into pickup placement
- Base area's are very good in this level, it deals with the same advantages on both sides, not really campy and yet much timing involved. People with ammo get advantage. Basically everything what an enjoyable CTF base needs.
- Very pleasing eyecandy

- Sometimes a bit cramped
- Thin masks work with this level visually, but it doesn't change the fact that on the gameplay side it can get very quirky and chaotic to play with.
- To catch spring next to base after using the bottom spring you have to rejump from the platform

~Trepidation by Plumbe~

- Open minded layout, thought went into placement of ammo.
- Many ways to play the level right
- Fairly balanced in therms of options the player has, there is a good balance of offense and defense in this level.

- Arguably not that enjoyable bases, Double vines, 1 side more camp option (+bouncer ammo) than the other
- Lots of double vines with bouncer powerup. (airhit issue)
- Not so memorable and original in therms of looks, not so memorable Layout. It might not stick with the player very well.

I want to thank JJnet and all people who participated in the contest and made this tournament happen.
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