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Season 8 started!2013-09-17 02:34 | Kyro
-Added season #7 awards.
-Removed inactive clans
-Updated the mappool.
-No other rule changes
-Personal awards level making contest

/ladders on
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New mappool levels!2013-09-16 23:34 | FawFuL
Some time ago cooba, Firesword and me decided on the new mappool levels. The levels were from a level contest this august from those who participated.
Pariticipants are Ron, Superjazz, Purplejazz, Master sven, Plumbe, foly, Rabidrabb, Kyro & Thunder, Darksonic, Loon and Ragnarok.

We've chosen the following winning entries in no particular order.

~Stronghold By Superjazz~

-Very solid layout
-Memorable level, Very simple usage of layout and eyecandy but still to a degree where people like what they see and memorize it.

- Risk of the bottom area being too much of a death hole. As there is only 3 area's in the map to climb up (quite campy & important area's aswell). We would have liked an easier way to get to base from below.
- Very open bases, Good chance of airhits and lag issues getting involved.

~Canyon grove by PJ~

- Again a very memorable level, usage of tileset and look of a level that has never been done before. The tileset allows PJ to work with cool layouts aswell because of it's mask.
- Balanced, Good thought went into pickup placement
- Base area's are very good in this level, it deals with the same advantages on both sides, not really campy and yet much timing involved. People with ammo get advantage. Basically everything what an enjoyable CTF base needs.
- Very pleasing eyecandy

- Sometimes a bit cramped
- Thin masks work with this level visually, but it doesn't change the fact that on the gameplay side it can get very quirky and chaotic to play with.
- To catch spring next to base after using the bottom spring you have to rejump from the platform

~Trepidation by Plumbe~

- Open minded layout, thought went into placement of ammo.
- Many ways to play the level right
- Fairly balanced in therms of options the player has, there is a good balance of offense and defense in this level.

- Arguably not that enjoyable bases, Double vines, 1 side more camp option (+bouncer ammo) than the other
- Lots of double vines with bouncer powerup. (airhit issue)
- Not so memorable and original in therms of looks, not so memorable Layout. It might not stick with the player very well.

I want to thank JJnet and all people who participated in the contest and made this tournament happen.
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GER vs. POL2013-09-15 14:24 | Vivando
LIVE very soon!
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Camel Duels IRC2013-09-14 22:14 | zepect
Hello there,
Recently I was working on an IRC project for Camel Duels: an IRC server with in-game chat integration. You can connect to Camel Duels' IRC server and chat with players from any of Camel Duels, and the JJ2 players can write to you as well. In other words, you don't have to open JJ2 to chat to players in CDs, you can chat with them using IRC.

IRC Server IP: n.zepect.com
IRC Channels : #cd1, #cd2, #cd3, #cd4 #camelduels (For IRC users chat)

UPDATE 2: #cd1 and #cd2 are now private channels. You have to put the password in "Server password" in the options to join these channels. Ask CD Staff for password if you don't know it. (in mIRC, press Alt+E, select the CD server you added, click Edit, and enter the password in the password field, click OK, double click the channel and click Connect.)

If you don't know anything about IRC, I recommend you using mIRC IRC client. You can download it for free at http://www.mirc.co.uk/. After downloading, install it on your system. When you open mIRC for first time, a "mIRC Options" window should appear. Put your Nickname inside "Nickname" (can contain numbers (0-9), latin alphabet (a-z), underscore (_) and dash (-) only). In the "Category:" at left, select "Servers" which is inside the "Connect" section. Click "Add" button. In description you can put anything (like "Camel Duels IRC"), in IRC Server put "jr10.com", Ports: 6667, and click Add. The added server will appear in "IRC Servers:" list. Double click on it. Now click "Connect" button. Your mIRC should connect to the server. You will see a message about available channels. For example, in the box at the bottom, you can type "/join #cd2" to join Camel Duels 2 server with IRC. A new window will appear, at the right side you will see all the players that are in the server/channel at the moment, and the chat itself. That's pretty much it.

If text explanation is too hard, here's a video tutorial I made.

IRC Commands

UPDATE: To chat to JJ2 in-game players, use !say [message] instead of writing the message itself. If you don't use !say, the message will be sent to IRC users only.

/login [password] [channel]
[password] -> your admin password
[channel] (optional) -> channel where you want to log in
if no channel is specified, you log in at every channel you are in

/banip [ip] [channel]
[ip] -> ip to ban
[channel] -> channel where to ban the ip. if channel is not specified the command will fail

/unbanip [ip] [channel]
the same as /banip except it unbans the ip

/join [channel]
join channel [channel]

leave the current channel

/kick [name] [reason]
kick irc client [name] with [reason] (won't work with jj2 players, use !kick instead)

/checkip [name] [channel]

/mode [channel] [mode] [user]
set mode of [user] on [channel] to [mode]
[mode] can be +o (add admin), -o (remove admin), +h (add moderator) or -h (remove moderator)

If you're a Camel Duels moderator/admin, you can use JJ2 commands from IRC, but using "!" instead of "/" when typing a command.
The moderator/admin passwords of IRC are the same as JJ2 passwords.

For people who don't like seeing messages from IRC in JJ2: You can mute IRC by muting the bot.
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Camel Duels rules have been added to the "Articles" section. We suggest you familiarize yourselves with them.
- WarrioR
Mappool deletions2013-09-09 15:10 | Grytolle
The tally is in! The following maps received one vote: Gauntlet, SILWI, DOS, AYB, Triglet. In order to bring extra attention to the upcoming map editions, we decided to remove all of those maps from the mappool (the other alternative was to keep all of the, since we always promise to treat maps with the same amount of votes in the same way).
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NT 2013 Grand Final2013-09-08 18:59 | Vivando
...is LIVE!
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Searching judges2013-09-06 19:51 | Grytolle
I could use some help judging the level contest entries. Please post here if you're interested.

* Naturally, you can't be a judge if you have submitted an entry.
* You should be either an experienced level maker or an experienced player with a good eye for tactics, but preferably both.

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The deadline is in 22 minutes! - Grytolle
SRB vs. POL2013-09-05 20:08 | Grytolle
Streaming now

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