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By: Slaz, in: What JJ2 level title best describes your sex life?JJ2 related 2019-08-20 14:13
By: PurpleJazz, in: What JJ2 level title best describes your sex life?JJ2 related 2019-08-19 06:44
15 Second Rush
By: Laro24, in: What JJ2 level title best describes your sex life?JJ2 related 2019-08-10 19:15
Nuclear Afterblast :whistling:
By: Plumbe, in: What JJ2 level title best describes your sex life?JJ2 related 2019-08-10 16:50
Wicked Wood :flex:
By: [GpW]Urbs, in: What JJ2 level title best describes your sex life?JJ2 related 2019-08-10 15:59
Jungles Edge :D

Camel: Account system 2018-08-17 01:54 | Kyro

We have reverted back to the old account system. All accounts have been deleted so you have to register new accounts, preferably with different passwords than your old ones.

This will hopefully improve security and clear some of the old mess.

Certain rules are back:

§4.1 Using someone else’s account with your name is not allowed.
§4.2 Sharing your admin password with others is forbidden and will result in your admin group deactivation.
§4.3 Multi-Accounting is forbidden and will result in your admin group removal or deactivation.
§4.4 You're not allowed to guess other players passwords.

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JJNet presents: The JJNet Season 13 CTF Level Making Contest! 2018-08-14 20:01 | Vivando
JJNet ladder season 13 is about to begin shortly after the remaining 2 CWs have been played. We are here to present you a level (map) contest for the ladder mappool for the first time since 5 years!

The contest is here to breathe new life into the current ladder mappool, to allow good, brand new levels to make it into the pool. The best three maps (supposing there are three that meet our quality-standards) as selected by the admins will be added to the mappool for the next season. That also means that some of the current maps will be removed to make room for the new maps.

What are we looking for especially? Mostly the same things as in most level making contests.

These are the rules:
-We are looking for CTF levels
-Only new levels will be accepted. Edits of existing levels will not. If a level was started/finished before this contest began, it can however be entered if it was never officially published before.
-Only one entry per person. Collaborations are allowed, but they will count as a whole entry for each collaborator. This is meant to encourage people to focus all their effort on one level, rather than rush many. Quality over quantity.
-As long as the contest stays open, you are allowed to edit/fix/remake your entry as much as you want even after you have submitted it.
-Upload your level to Jazz2Online once you are finished, in order to make it easily available to everyone. Be sure to announce that its your entry for this contest either here, in the title or description.
-If there are minor improvements that you wish to make to the level after the contest has ended, you may do so upon the JJnet crew's approval. The applied changes need to be reported clearly.

Aside from the rules, there are some additional guidelines (if you don’t follow them you’re not likely to get very far):
-The level should be playable in both 2on2 and 3on3 (It may be also accepted as a 3v3 only level if it is decent otherwise)
-The main focus should be on the gameplay, but the visual side shouldn't be ignored. Most importantly the level should look nice to the eye and there should be no distracting visual decorations.
-The level should be balanced. You do not need to make the level 100% symmetrical, but try to keep no team significantly advantaged over the other.
-All characters should be playable in the level (Lori too.) Flow differences between characters do not matter, but all characters should be able to reach all objects and areas without the need to use tricks like walljumps.
-Try to make the level spacious enough so that there is room for players to dodge bullets, but not too open, as that will increase the "lag-factor", e.g. lots of long linear paths where players usually get "airhit" from afar (especially if the level contains a lot of seekers, thus avoid the use of Seeker Powerup.)
-Try to balance the amount of open and closed areas. Don't make it too easy to camp in the level. Try to design base areas with care.
-Originality is a nice bonus, but we are not looking for full gimmick-levels. Use of AngelScript is allowed, but again, try to not draw the gameplay too far from classic CTF.

You have until September 7th 17:00 UTC to finish and upload your entry. A team of judges will be selected to pick the winning maps shortly after the contest finishes. The maps will be added to the ladder mappool immediately after.

Uploaded entries:
Nidavellir by Toni
Painted Garden by PurpleJazz
Butrinti by Smoke & Loon
Red Rose by Blckrosz
Sparkling Illusions by ThunDerDraGon
Orbital IV by FawFul
The Crackdown by cooba
Cleanse by Sir Ementaler
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[NT 2018] News 2018-08-10 14:41 | Toni
The longest game ever in the National Tournament history - the final game between The Netherlands and Egypt 12:13 (1:2, 0:4, 3:0, 2:0, 5:4, 1:2, 0:1) is finally over! After 4 rounds and 1 tiebreaker map, they had to play the overtime. Egypt won the game and is now the NT 2018 champion!

Final ranking:
1. Egypt
2. The Netherlands
3. Serbia
4. United Kingdom
5. Finland
6. Poland

It was an exciting tournament overall with a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated on one way or another! Many thanks to all the referees, all the broadcasters, the whole crew and all players who represented their countries! In case you missed any game, you can watch all the replays on game pages. All information about the NT can be found in the menu to the left under 'Tournaments', when you click on National tournament.

Stats & Awards are coming soon! - stay tuned!

See you next season!


11. August: The Netherlands vs Egypt 12:13 (1:2, 0:4, 3:0, 2:0, 5:4, 1:2, 0:1)

3rd Place game
2. August: Serbia vs United Kingdom 19:9 (3:3, 4:0, 8:1, 4:4)

1. August: Egypt vs United Kingdom 15:6 (4:2, 1:3, 4:0, 6:1)
26. July: The Netherlands vs Serbia 9:6 (3:2, 0:2, 3:1, 3:1)

5th Place game
24. July: Finland vs Poland 10:6 (5:2, 2:0, 3:2, 0:2)

Group A:
06. July: Finland vs Egypt 1:2 (7:10 - 1:4; 4:3; 2:2; 0:1)
14. July: Egypt vs Serbia 3:1 (14:10 - 1:2, 6:5, 3:1, 4:2)
19. July: Serbia vs Finland 4:0 (17:8 - 5:1, 5:4, 3:1, 4:2)

Group B:
26. June: United Kingdom vs The Netherlands 0:4 (4:28 - 2:5; 1:4; 1:10; 0:9)
05. July: The Netherlands vs Poland 4:0 (16:2 - 2:1; 8:0; 3:0; 3:1)
12. July: Poland vs United Kingdom 1:3 (17:14 - 3:4; 3:5; 1:2; 10:3)

You can check the final GROUP STAGE STANDINGS

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GpW vs CC 2018-08-05 20:07 | Vivando
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Referees can request access 2018-06-26 19:42 | Kyro
Referees for the first upcoming match can contact camel administrators for moderator access before the match starts.
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JDC Season 29 Approaches 2018-06-17 12:49 | Vivando
The 29th season of JDC is about to start on June 30th.

Prior to the new season the JDC crew have also announced a logo contest for the artistful people! More details can be found in the JCF thread.

The JDC crew are also looking for new officials to join the team. If you're interested you may either contact PurpleJazz or post a comment in the JDC news.
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[NT 2018] National Tournament Starts 2018-06-14 21:58 | Toni
Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the National Tournament 2018 opening. You can now play your games! Here are the deadlines:

Group Stage: June, 15th to July, 15th

Semi finals and 5th place: July, 15th to July, 31st (unless teams can be played earlier because all the group stage matches have been finished)

Finals and 3rd place: August, 1st to August, 15th

You can read the RULES and check the GROUPS.

if you want to help out by being a referee (experience needed) or a broadcaster/expert feel free to ask some of the supervisors from the CREW page.

Good luck! emo
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Semi-Finals 2018-06-10 18:13 | Vivando
Please plan in these semi-finals at your earliest convience:

-t3> vs. CX
[GpW] vs. CC

...and refer to the rules.
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Play-offs and Rule Fixes 2018-06-06 22:37 | Vivando
The following clans are invited to the play-offs: -t3>, [GpW], CC and CX. Should one of them not accept the invitation, the clan ranked fifth will be invited, and so on.

Clanleaders, please confirm in a comment here whether your clan will be participating. Please do so by June 10th, at GDT 21:00.

In addition, the rules regarding overtime in a tiebreaker round has been fixed, since it previously wouldn't work in case a clanwar was tied but the round not:

§ In case that the clanwar is still tied at the end of the last tiebreaker round, a new round will be started with a maxscore of 1 and no timelimit. The winner of that round wins the match. The referee flips a coin in order to determine which clan may choose team colors.

For play-offs:

§6.2 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map (can choose team colors on overtime round as well) and a tiebreaker map (if necessary).
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CC vs GpW Live 2018-06-03 19:57 | Vivando
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Archive: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | ... | 47
1. flag [GpW] Awards 56p
2. flag -t3> Awards 37p
3. flag CX Awards 23p
4. flag CC Awards 4p
5. flag [CDF] 4p
6. flag [VS] 0p
7. flag #PP! 0p
8. flag aEs Awards 0p
9. flag [Pre] Awards 0p
10. flag TUX 0p
10. flag -AB| 0p
10. flag BRUT 0p
10. flag xNCx 0p
10. flag win 0p
10. flag win 0p
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