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Armageddon! (JJ2WC)2011-01-22 12:52 | Vivando
Logo by spaceboy.

The JJ2WC Grand Final is here tonight. The game will be broadcasted LIVE in JJ2 TV.
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GpW vs. RL (JJ2WC)2011-01-10 21:01 | Grytolle

Watch that replay if you missed the game :)

RL did not cheat in this game, by the way.
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All In! [Tournament]2011-01-09 03:35 | Vivando
FawFuL has been given a walkover of Robee and JJBynny(resigned due to lack of time.) Congratulations for JJBynny for 3rd place in the tournament! The very last Grand Final matchup is:

Kenny vs FawFuL (As Soon As Possible.)

All maps in the mappool are available for both players except opponent vetos. Same thing if there must be a rematch.

EDIT: In addition, the Grand Finals have a great chance of getting broadcasted LIVE, so stay tuned!

Good luck to the Final Duo!

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RL caught cheating2011-01-08 16:39 | DanZeal
Some members of RL have been caught cheating for a longer period.

After a period of suspicious gameplay and reports from several players we got hold of proof. The cheat they used was actually a spyware and a big security hole, leaving their computers wide open.

A funny thing is that they did not use this cheat during the last JJ2WC match against GpW which they lost.

RL has been given a penalty (-200) for this behaviour. Also, the members of RL which we know to have been cheating (SlaYer, Sliver, Darklight and Robee) will be banned from ZD and from playing any kind of ladder matches. Sliver, Darklight and Robee are banned for 2 months. SlaYer is banned for a year since this was far from his first offence.

EDIT: If someone shares/gives you Radar, it is SPYWARE. And we can detect it, no matter what version they claim!
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LIVE! [JJ2WC]2011-01-07 19:56 | Vivando
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On behalf of the staff..2011-01-01 01:57 | Vegito
I wish everyone a very good 2011! Hope life treats you well in the upcoming year :)! And get some good results at jj2 too of course... ;-)
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The jj2wc group stage2010-12-19 18:36 | Grytolle
...is now over! All matches were played. Who would have thought that 5 years ago?

[VS] vs. Cpt. wasn't exactly even, but it was still cool to watch. Just check out what happened at the end of round one:

click here.

Round 1: JE (VS' choice) 14-4
Round 2: DW (Cpt.'s choice) 9-2

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JJ2WC2010-12-11 18:52 | Grytolle
[CDF] vs. [GpW] will be streamed 19.30 CET (in about 40 minutes)

CC vs. NF from last night is being added to JJ2TV, you can already watch round 1 there.

-t3> vs. [VS] takes place 20.30 and will be recorded and/or broadcasted.
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Triangle! [Tournament]2010-12-06 12:01 | Vivando
3 of nearly final matches are currently on schedule on the duel tournament. FawFuL was given a walkover from Mati, since the player hasn't been available once for over a week.

UPDATE: After 2 weeks Warrior and FawFuL didn't manage to play their second duel, so I had no other choice but give another(more active player) a technical win. I certainly would have wished them to play for the sake of the stage, but I couldn't let this tournament drag on infinitely.

Then onto the second Semi-Final of the LB:

January 9th (Time-out for Robee)
Robee vs FawFuL
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Match streamings [JJ2WC]2010-12-03 19:00 | Vivando
CDF vs CC, and [VS] and RL have been played. More information and statistics at JJ2WC-site.

Cpt. vs. -t3 was shown live at the stream as well! Good job to -t3 for this impressive win!
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