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Rule clarification2010-08-13 10:11 | DanZeal
It seems like there was some missunderstanding about the first section in the rules.
So we made a quick clarification of it.

Has been changed to:

General rules with regard to the ladder site
Clans abusing the ladder system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance will be deleted. Further punishment may include deletion of the accounts of the person responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. For example, someone who has made fake accounts for fake wars may lose all of his/her accounts and banned.
The ladder leader is not allowed to refuse playing a CW against other top 5 clans without a good reason. And may not refuse a CW against any clan more then 3 times (It's 3 times in total. It still counts if it's different clans who sent the challenges). But they may refuse to play normal matches and to reschedule the CW challenges by refusing them and directly send a new challenge to the same opponent. Repeatedly rescheduling CW to senseless dates or only playing lower ranked clans in order to be able to decline challenges will be considered abusing the ladder system and the clan will risk being removed from the first spot, and suspended.
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Backup2010-08-03 23:45 | DanZeal
Digiex (our host) was having some kind of problem.
So we had to use a database backup that was 2 days old. That means that the new forum is completely empty! :(
But ateast all the matches is back.
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Public forum2010-08-03 23:44 | DanZeal
We are proud to announce that we now have a public forum (as people requested for us to have).
Grytolle has coded it himself! Moderators for this forum is Robee and Warrior.
So please move your discussion from match comments there.
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JDC season 19!2010-06-26 22:33 | DanZeal
JDC (Jazz Duelist('s) Challenge) season 19 is going to start on the 2nd of July.

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New season!2010-06-24 17:39 | DanZeal
Scores have now been reset.

Congratulations to RA for winning this first season. It was a good season although a lot of things happened. As requested by the audience we'll change a few things to make the ladder more competetive perhaps even.

First some news about this ladders winner...

RA has been given a penalty for changing RF's site here on JJ.net. SR/Boone may not play matches for this site for two weeks.

The only change in the rules is that the leader may not refuse CW matches more then 3 times, and expect some site changes and gamemode adding soon.
This new season will end after one clan reaches 100 points.

Good luck to you all!
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JJ2 World Cup 20102010-06-19 17:58 | Vivando
Andrei and Anubis are organizing sort of a second edition of the National Tournament on this site. The idea came up since there has been recently new active countries with several newer players to take part in a similar tournament.

Take a closer look on the official forum.

Talk with your countrymen, and sign up your team if you happen to live in any of the countries listed on the forum. This time there is space for a total of 8 countries instead of 4, which should make a small, but decent tournament.
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Scores reset2010-06-12 18:24 | Grytolle
Anyone who looks at the scores can see that RA has a huge lead. In order to make things a bit more interesting again, we have decided to within short reset all the scores and declare the leader the winner of the very first jj.net season. So if you're planning to make one last attempt to pass them in the rankings, now would be a good time.

Before that however, we would like to ask you users if you have any ideas to improve the rules and/or the site. Just pointing out problems is almost as helpful. Hopefully we can start the next season just in time for the summer holidays with a revised set of rules, making "laddering" even more fun than it already is.

Ideas so far:
site related
-make clanwars more obvious on the site img
-give RA an award-star (different from Vegito's duel award) img
-there should be option like "view all posts written by user" img
-assassination and national tournament should be finished or removed completely img

clanwars/ladder matches points and rules
-only let the ladder leader decline a clanwar 3 times instead of 5 times like it is now

-make ladder matches worth a little bit more (for example one point per score)
-or, if that's too much, give in ladder the winning team 2 points and the losing team 1 point
-a similar point system for normal ladder matches as for CW. Rank based.

game modes
-CW/ladder match mappool for teambattle, dom, jailbreak, teamLRS img
-if both clans agree to play - flag run, dom, and tlrs should be allowed img

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High res jj22010-06-04 07:57 | Grytolle

To avoid crashes, use:
-lowest quality settings
-no full-screen

Neobeo said I could leak this if I wanted to, and I've always been pro-release.

If it should be allowed in ladder matches/cws, is something we'll have to discuss

Both of the Zeal Duels servers will temporary only allow 1.24 due to this high res release.
(Means that you can't use this high res thing or 1.23 on Zeal Duels) ~DZ
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Map making contest!2010-06-03 20:42 | DanZeal
Vivando has started a map making contest!
The winning maps will be added to the mappool for the upcoming JJnet Duel Tournament V2.0!

Read the thread on JCF and ask your questions there.
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Just plain spamming2010-05-20 23:08 | Grytolle
Riper has been blocked from commenting, due to massive spam in the newspost below. Good going, nublet.
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