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End Draws Near [Tournament]2010-11-22 17:07 | Vivando
December 5th
Mati vs FawFuL (Timeout for Mati)

Good Luck!
blankcomments | 22
A shameless edit2010-11-13 16:20 | Grytolle
The masse tournament the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 World Championship returns after a long time away. After nearly six years, this will become the third season of JJ2WC – and also the third attempt at a third season.

The registration stage has started, so you may sign your clan up in the JCF thread!
blankcomments | 37
Back On Track! [Tournament]2010-11-08 19:30 | Vivando
There has been progress in the tournament recently, although not much. Since there aren't a lot of matches left to be played, and to make things clear, I decided to give each match it's own deadline according to the situation and the level:


I'll post more when the time is right. For now, good luck to the remaining 'Amazing Racers'. ;)

(Updated 2010-11-21)
blankcomments | 9
Finland vs Poland2010-10-31 22:35 | Sasik
Broadcasted on JJ2TV NOW!

The final match of the JJ2 World Cup 2010 has ended. flag Poland won the game against flag Finland with the overwhelming 12-6 on Distopia (their choice) and 8-3 on Happy Semiconductor CTF (Finland´s choice). This means flag Poland wins the tournament and flag Finland ends up second. flag The Netherlands and flag Romania can feel free to play a third-place play-off if they like to. Special thanks to flag DanZeal for broadcasting (unfortunately the video didn´t get saved due to a bug). Thanks goes also to flag FawFul and flag GlaDos for hosting the match. And of course thanks to everyone else for making the tourney successful.
blankcomments | 16
Quarter-Finals!2010-10-25 16:48 | Vivando
The tournament has already reached the Quarter-Finals on most sectors. Two Quarter-Finals actually got played right away, thus now we have the first Semi-Finalist pair.

The deadline for third duels is: October 31st.

However there are two second duels remaining:

FawFuL vs Warrior
Andrzej vs TheWho

I have given these players 7 days more time to finish their duels due to their time-out request. I would like to state whenever any player is in a definite need of extra time for a duel, he may request it for 7 days, but only once during the rest of the tournament, discounting the already used time-outs.

Of course since the new deadline is shorter, the deadline is automatically set 1 week forward for players waiting for their 3rd opponent(TheSlaYer, Aycox, and Toni.)

Once again, good luck to everyone!
blankcomments | 4
New ladder leader2010-10-13 18:51 | DanZeal
Since Y refused more than three challenges in a row, they lost 20 points.
That gives CC the first spot.
blankcomments | 44
First Step Behind [Tournament]2010-10-11 22:00 | Vivando
The first duels of the Elimination Stage have been nearly played. Only DragoN vs Banshee remains for now which should be played until the next Sunday(October 17th.)

So, for the rest who have already played their first duels, the new deadline for their second duels(either UB or LB) is October 24th, Sunday. I set it specially longer for this round since some people seem to be currently busy with studying/drafting/etc. However afterwards, the deadlines are going to be only 1 week long.

Also, a couple of players resigned after the Elimination had started, one of them was automatically knocked out, since I haven't seen a sign of him for weeks. Because all games count towards the tournament-ranking(which affects your seeding in future tournaments like I mentioned earlier), resigning and taking forfeit losses weakens your position. However I don't force anyone to play, even if you feel like I'd be forcing when I happen to ask about your progress. Just reminding you that there are also prizes for top-3 in the end.

Once again, good luck survivors!
blankcomments | 0
JJ2 World Cup - The Final2010-10-09 18:23 | Sasik
The semi-finals of the JJ2 World Cup 2010 has ended.

flag Finland eliminated flag The Netherlands by winning 11-4 on Distopia (NL's choice) and 10-1 on BBlair (Finland's choice). The Netherlands gave up on the second level after 6 minutes.
Check the details here:z7.invisionfree.com/JJ2_World_Cup/index.php?showtopic=20
Screenshots: Distopia and BloodBunny's Lair

In the final match flag Poland will face flag Finland and in the third-place play-off flag The Netherlands will face flag Romania.

Both games are expected to be played soon!
blankcomments | 5
Elimination!2010-10-01 00:00 | Vivando
Yes! The Group Stage of JJnet Duel Tournament v2.0 has come to an end, and the next step is to open the Elimination Stage itself officially. The Group Stage progressed generally quite smoothly, though of course the most active period was in the very begin when only few duels had been played so far. In the end the action calmed down a bit, but that's logical due to some less inactive players having their last duel(s) remaining.

Firstly, if you qualified, you should go take a look at the BRACKETS, and contact your next opponent! And secondly...

ATTENTION TO EACH PLAYER: There are important changes in MATCH SETTINGS:

/timelimit 15
/overtime on
/otlimit 30 (maximum is 30, reset if needed. If a round continues past 15 minutes(half), you are suggested to turn on insta gib with /instagib on.)

+A match is best of 3. You need to win 2 rounds to progress. No ties can occur. A tiebreaker has to be played if necessary. The tiebreaker map is up to the players to decide themselves. An admin will decide the map as the last resort.

+ALSO, all map-choices have been reset for everyone now, so you can now pick anything you want again. But remember that the rule about not picking the same map twice in a row stays. You can use 1 map up to 2 times as well, so be wise.

[Everything else stays the same]

Deadline for the first duels: October 10th(Sunday)

About the Group Stage itself I would like to note a few things:

-I decided to give each player a forfeit victory over resigned players. I also turned the previously played matches into forfeits, since it would have otherwise been unfair towards players whom lost points against resigned players. After doing this I however noticed that it didn't after all have much effect on the group standings except for group E. It however made the situation in group D very interesting and extremely close though. Andrzej and DarkLight ended up with the same points, score-difference, and EVEN the same Roast/Fall-diff. So the part to determine their order was the mutual score-difference, because they also won 1 round against each other. Andrzej scored 1 point more against DarkLight, so he went ahead in the standings. Dramatic.

-I noticed that some players clearly delayed their games to the final moments or weren't really willing to play their last duel or two. I understand that some people lack time, but I suggest to play immediately whenever there is a chance, because later on there might be no more moments when both players would be simultaneously online, which happened with one duel-pair.

-Taking forfeit losses by purpose isn't only unrespectful, but it also weakens your situation in possible future tournaments that are based on the same concept, because the Group Stage performance affects the "post-seeding."

-I had a hard time with finding out the more active player out of a few pairs. Especially Mati vs TreyLina-case was far too unclear for me, and so I decided to give them a forfeit tie, since both were about equally inactive. I considered that to be the fairest solution due to them both being online at different times, so they couldn't ever see each other.

Since the deadline is already on October 10th for the first duels, I would suggest players to duel each other immediately when they've got the chance. Everyone has got two weekends until the deadline, so it should fit as some players are busy on weekdays. If somebody needs more time, I can give it sparingly a few days or a week at maximum when asked. However from now on each duel floor will only have the minimal duel-time, so it is obviously allowed to play the next opponent as soon as he/she has been confirmed.

At last: Good luck to everyone!
blankcomments | 7
Back!2010-09-27 19:16 | Vivando
Hello friends. I am sorry I have been unable to handle the tournament during the past week. I was unable to get online due to a motherboard failure in my newer PC, which also had the main internet access in our house. I am now on my older PC(which seems to be running surprisingly well), but as it is quite sluggish, I will probably handle things on my brand new laptop from now on. :)

So, as the deadline has passed, I have decided to give all the players who still have got duels remaining 3 more days to finish their duels. The new absolute deadline is September 30th, meaning that the Elimination Stage would officially start on October 1st.

I'm doing the deadline extension because I haven't been available myself to assist in arranging some certain duels. However, I will now do all I can to get the remaining duels played. If there remain unplayed matches still after the new deadline, I will handle technical wins to the more active players. Now if there are some matches that have been played, but not submitted yet, now would be a good time to submit them.
blankcomments | 12
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