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Tournament Reminder2010-09-10 17:59 | Vivando
Just reminding everyone, that there are still approximately 30 matches out of 120 left in the Group Stage of the duel tournament. Those groups where some players haven't yet even played their second duel, should boost their activity with contacting opponents themselves.

There is a deadline, which is September 26th(Sunday.) Until then all the Group Stage matches should be played. I can give a bit more time for groups that contain reserve players though(A, E, F.)

However, the sooner the Group Stage completes, the sooner I can start the Elimination Stage. I suggest everyone who has got any matches left still, should play at least one match this weekend.
blankcomments | 19
Zeal servers upgraded!2010-09-09 11:44 | DanZeal
The Zeal server has now a better connection.

100/100Mbit with 5 IP's.
At start we will only be using 3 or 4 IP's.
All local network wiring has been done with shielded CAT 6 cabels.

The amount of bandwidth gives us possibility to do so much more.
We start out with hosting four Zeal Duels servers.
Other new servers are Domination (dOmega) and some sort of hotel/test/minigames server (relaxer).
The relaxer is hosting Naopleons Hotel, but a new map is in progress.
A few more servers might be hosted.

A new service is that clans or players can, by being a sponsor, rent a private 24/7 server for a longer period for their own use.
How much this will cost will at start be discussed for each case.
But if there will be any interest in renting servers, the money will go to new JJ2 projects or to expand current ones.
blankcomments | 21
JJ2 World Cup - Semi-finals2010-09-02 00:01 | Sasik
The group stage of the JJ2 World Cup 2010 has already ended.

flag The Netherlands and flag Romania reached the semi-finals from group A, leaving flag Germany and flag Czech Republic out of the tournament (flag Romania vs flag Germany was never played, flag Anubis used a coinflip to determine the winner).

flag Poland and flag Finland qualified from group B, leaving flag Serbia out. flag Poland eliminated flag Romania from the semi-finals after a very short game, for which Romania had to find a player that wasn't even in their squad, but he left a few minutes later, leaving the result 5-2 in DW (flag Poland's choice). Even with this squad flag Romania had managed to keep the result at 2-2 for a while. The outcome could have been quite interesting if their third player had actually shown up. The other match, flag Netherlands vs flag Finland is expected to be played soon.

The betting competition was won by flag TheWho, flag William and flag AfIIkO. They may spectate the second semi-final match, and the final match aswell, unless someone passes them in the ranking.

You can check the website for updates: http://z7.invisionfree.com/JJ2_World_Cup, and watch played matches in the JJ2 TV section of jj.net. Don't forget to vote in the new poll!
blankcomments | 10
JJ2TV: [CDF] vs (Y)2010-08-28 19:17 | DanZeal
The CW match between [CDF] and (Y) will be broadcasted live!

Starting 20:00 GDT+1

CW ended: Y won!

JJ2TV live broadcast

Edit: During the broadcast, the Zeal Duels servers will be down or atleast limited.
blankcomments | 3
Submit-verify system!2010-08-21 11:30 | Nerd
Hello, fellow ladderists...

As you might be able to work out from the title, we now have a similar system to that of the JDC's... a system that allows you to really submit matches, instead of just posting comments under an article and waiting for some admin to add the matches. Regular clan members can submit normal matches using this page and the members of the opposing clan can verify them here. Have fun!

The submit-verify system only works for (and is meant for) normal matches. CWs still need to be submitted through "Submit CW matches".
Your ranking in the clan must be at least "Member". If you are a "Recruit" or your rank is empty, you cannot use the submit-verify system.
The screen files must be one of the following file formats: PNG, GIF or JPEG (PNG recommended). Their sizes also must not exceed 512 KB (per screen).

Often screen upload errors are not thrown (the invalid files aren't uploaded for some reason, so the submit is processed).
Some people cannot access the submit-verify system, even though they have a rank of at least "Member" in their active clan. The cause is unknown.
blankcomments | 30
Tournament Group Draws2010-08-18 22:20 | Vivando
JJnet Duel Tournament v2.0 Group Stage Draw is now complete! You can see your position HERE!

You can start arranging duels with your groupmates now. You should play the duels in the order most convenient for each player(whenever a player is available, duel him/her as soon as possible.) Everyone must have at least one match arranged and played until August 29th(Sunday.) After that you have one week of time for each following duel. Meaning four weeks total, but you can ask for extra time, if you require any.

During Group Stage, a round is either till 5 points or 10 minutes, without overtime. Also, you can pick one map max. twice during the Group Stage. You also must pick another map than in your previous match each time. You should read the full rules HERE!

The top-4 players in each group advance to the elimination stage. Each player gets to play against each other once=5 matches(10 rounds.) Remember, you gain points for the round-outcomes, not match-outcomes. Your performance(position in group) also affects directly to your position in the Elimination-tree.

Also, I have so far received VETOs only from (14) players so far. Keep posting them. As you can see, I am adding everyone's VETO-maps to their names to make them visible for everyone.
blankcomments | 4
Signups closed + VETO-maps2010-08-17 16:48 | Vivando
The Sign Ups for the Duel Tournament have now officially closed. Last time 32 players signed up in about 24 hours. This time the same amount took only 14 hours, which is mighty impressive. To reach a total of 48 signed up players, the time needed was about 60 hours. No more players can directly enter anymore, but I will still accept a few reserve-requests in case some player resigns before playing the first match.

So far I've got only a few VETO-messages. Just reminding that every player participating has a chance to VETO (2) maps out of the MapPool. So be this newspost's comments-section the official place to report your VETO-maps.

Those who don't know/remember what are VETO-maps, I'll explain in short: VETO-maps are maps that you don't want your opponents to pick against yourself in matches you play. You may still, however, pick your own VETO-maps against your opponent if you really want to. Basically you can just VETO the 2 maps you dislike the most in the MapPool for example. Remember that your VETO-maps are going to stay the same through the whole tournament. After playing your first match, you can no longer change your VETOes. However, if you didn't pick any VETO-maps before, you can still add them later, or add another, if you picked only one. You are not forced to, but recommended to VETO.

Also, the tournament is going to start off HERE. 48 players will be drawn into 8 groups of 6 players with balance. You can expect a draw tomorrow Evening. Once the draw is made and I have given everyone their first opponents, you can start contacting each other. I will give further information later.
blankcomments | 32
Duel Tournament 2.0!2010-08-14 20:59 | Vivando
JazzJackrabbit.net and "the crew" is organizing a sequel to the CTF duel-tourney held last year. There will be prices for the top 3 players (specially designed T-shirts), like last time. If the player belongs to a clan, that clan will be awarded under "awards" here on jjnet. This tournament has space for a total of 48 players, and is FREE FOR ALL!

However there are a few requirements for players signing up:
-Player must be able to understand and talk English to at least be able to read and understand the common rules, and be able to arrange matches with foreign players.
-Player should be either European/African/American, since Asian players will most probably have problems arranging matches and also have the most lags in matches.

The previous tournament was a direct elimination-tournament, thus the draw wasn't probably as balanced as it could be. Version 2.0 starts off with a Group Stage where players will be drawn into different groups to play versus others in the same group. Each player will get to play (x) matches minimum, and that way all players have about equal starting points. In addition the performance in the Group determines your position in the Elimination Stage.

Since Putty Bracket System supports only the Elimination Stage, the Group Stage was put on another page(Old NT which seemed to fit quite well.)

So go ahead and SIGN UP HERE!

Also in addition, you can start giving me your VETO-maps either by commenting or by PMing me. Remember that you cannot change your VETOes after your first game anymore.
blankcomments | 22
Multiclanning2010-08-14 18:32 | DanZeal
The CW between SR and KT was deleted. And the reason was multiclanning and not having the player(s) in the squad here on JJ.net.

So lets have a reminder about what the rules says:

"A player may only be a member of one active clan at a time."

"Only players who are registered for a team on jazzjackrabbit.net may play in clanwars. The player has to be a registered member of the clan before the game starts."

blankcomments | 5
Rule clarification2010-08-13 10:11 | DanZeal
It seems like there was some missunderstanding about the first section in the rules.
So we made a quick clarification of it.

Has been changed to:

General rules with regard to the ladder site
Clans abusing the ladder system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance will be deleted. Further punishment may include deletion of the accounts of the person responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. For example, someone who has made fake accounts for fake wars may lose all of his/her accounts and banned.
The ladder leader is not allowed to refuse playing a CW against other top 5 clans without a good reason. And may not refuse a CW against any clan more then 3 times (It's 3 times in total. It still counts if it's different clans who sent the challenges). But they may refuse to play normal matches and to reschedule the CW challenges by refusing them and directly send a new challenge to the same opponent. Repeatedly rescheduling CW to senseless dates or only playing lower ranked clans in order to be able to decline challenges will be considered abusing the ladder system and the clan will risk being removed from the first spot, and suspended.
blankcomments | 6
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