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Mail spamming!2010-04-28 17:54 | DanZeal
You probably noticed how this site stoped loading when doing a challenge, recruting a new member to your clan and stuff like that.
The problem was that everyone had the "Send mail when you get PM" function enabled (was by default). This caused the the daily limit Gmail has for sending mail to be reached. We was actually sending out a lot of mails. This made us to disable the new PM mail function for everyone. You can enable it your self. But please only do so if you really need it!
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Poland plane crash2010-04-10 23:22 | Boone
You all heard about it - Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in a plane crash in western Russia, which claims the lives of 97 people including his wife and senior government officials.

RA clan decided to use a special tag (['] or [*]) instead of the RA tag. It would be nice if people from other countries could use it too for one week as to connect with us in our grief. We also added black ribbon.

Take care, people, at this difficult time.
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The new mappool2010-04-08 13:49 | Grytolle
-Happy Semiconductor (lvl, tileset)
-Jungle's Edge (lvl, tileset)
-BloodBunny's Lair (lvl, tileset)
-Swingin Jazz (fixed) (lvl, tileset)
-Galactic Warfare (lvl, tileset)
-Epitome (lvl, tileset)
-Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit](lvl, tileset)
-Distopia (lvl, tileset)

The jj.net Edition of Diamondus Warzone is just like the normal level, except that the start positions have been made fairer. In order to help you know if you host the right version, we have also changed the tileset and made some eye candy alterations.

Hope you like the choices! (if you don't, we don't care img)

The mappool will be hosted on Zeal Alpha for a while, to help you get familiarized with the "new" levels.
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New plus!2010-04-08 11:11 | DanZeal
BlurredD has released a new JJ2+ update.
It has A LOT of new stuff.
One of which is that it can handle 32 players for real!

Go download it now!
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Give us your map suggestions2010-04-04 16:47 | DanZeal
We are going to change the mappool for real this time, but we need some suggestions from you.
We have decided that every clan may suggest three maps. So talk to the leader of your clan.
Each clan leader then sends his clan's map suggestions to: mappool@jazzjackrabbit.net

Deadline: April 6th. (we want this to go fast).
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2v2 tournament2010-04-03 23:05 | Grytolle

Tropicco, PurpleJazz and Anubis are organizing a 2v2 tournament. Looks like a serious effort, so consider signing up!
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Happy April's 1st Day!2010-04-01 20:25 | Vivando
I and the JJnet Crew wish you a happy and humorous April's 1st, dear April Fools. ;)

Just noting you that some news that were posted during the last 24 hours might not be that serious.
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New mappool!2010-03-31 22:02 | Vegito
As some players requested, the mappool should be changed. We didn't change really change it for a long time, and therefore people got bored of the levels. So here we go, we decided to change the mappool.

We are proud to announce: The new levels!

KnightMare Castle (lvl, tileset)
All Your Base CTF (lvl, tileset)
Nightfall in Noobland (lvl, tileset)
Superconductor CTF (lvl, tileset)

We honestly hope you enjoy the new mappool. It should create some interesting matches ;-). Have fun!
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Zeal Duels2010-03-27 13:58 | Grytolle
A friendly reminder: if you log in as admin at Zeal Duels or Zeal Duels II without having the rights for it on the site, you risk getting banned.
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Duel Tournament Was Finished2010-03-14 00:26 | Vivando
The JJNet Duel Tournament v1.0 was finished only a moment ago, as the very last duel of the tournament was played.

I have to admit it was a very exciting and close game, definitely worth the title of the Grand Final. The match could have gone either way, however Vegito took a 2-0 victory by winning 2 rounds with results 2-1, and 2-1.

This means the tournament results are now:

Winner: Vegito flag
Second: FawFuL flag
Third: Warrior flag

So, congratulations for the top three. If you want to receive your prizes, contact DanZeal flag.

I am glad the tournament is finally over, since it took an exceptionally long time to finish (not a record though.) The tournament began in September 2009, and lasted about 6 months, although it was supposed to end before the year 2010 already. It didn't happen. This edition was still a bit of an experiment, as it was the first edition, but after all it seemed to work very well in overall.

The tournament popularity was something that surprised me. The 32 spots filled up by sign ups in under 24 hours, which is amazing. Due to this, I'm planning to organize an even bigger tournament next time. You may expect a Duel Tournament v2.0 to begin in next August/September. I'm expecting next JDC season to be running next Summer as well, so we might probably start it during it, or a bit after. Expect some changes, like the mappool obviously.

Also, here's a brief match report about the Final Duel of the Tournament:

Round 1: FawFuL picked TCS as his map, since both players were allowed to pick anything from the mappool again(except VETOes of course.) Vegito picked Red Team. This round was slightly less exciting probably because of very careful play. However after approx. 2 minutes of playing, FawFuL roasts Vegito, and makes the first score. He holds his only score until the very last minute of the main timelimit, until Vegito roasts him, and ties the game up. Overtime awaits, and it lasts for about 2 minutes, until Vegito scores again and wins the round.

Round 2: Vegito picked BBSwing. FawFuL picked Red Team. This round was a real thriller. Vegito scored already in the first minute, and anything could have happened after that. FawFuL managed to keep Vegito on low score and often on low health as well. Vegito pretty much lost the control, once Faw scored after Vegito's 3hk around halfway. After that, there were a lot of close situations where the match could have ended, especially during overtime, which came in again. They even managed to double kill each other. However, after about 3 minutes of overtime, Vegito finishes the round, and the whole tournament.

You can look at the match details here.
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