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No show2009-10-15 16:26 | DanZeal
Changes in the rules:

"Points awarded for a played clanwar
§1 Should a team not show up within 30 minutes from the set starting time, without having officially postponed or called off the clanwar, the other team will be awarded 2 points for a no-show."
(changed from 5 to 2)
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Third Stage [Tournament]2009-10-02 17:19 | Vivando
Some players have already reached stage 3. Since Warrior and Anubis are even ready to play, it is time to announce the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker map for stage 3 is Rainbow Hills.

Due to FireSworD's request, the deadline has been postponed to October 25th. The WB Stage 2 matches and LB stage 1 matches need to be finished until then. It is the absolute deadline.
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About Tiebreakers [Tournament]2009-09-15 18:38 | Vivando
For those who have already finished their first match and have their next opponent confirmed, may proceed on dueling each other before the next stage officially begins. The tiebreaker level for the second matches is now Security Breach v2. For the Losers Bracket the tiebreaker is always the same as in the respective stage in Winners Bracket. So for example stage 1 tiebreaker in LB would be Jungle's Edge, as in stage 1 in WB, and stage 2 tiebreaker in LB would be Security Breach v2.

Anyway, this tournament has started well, since 5 duels have been already played since it began 2 days ago. Keep it up! :)

Also, two replacements have been made. The first one was Shaker replacing Napoleon, so Impossibler should contact him instead. Another change was made a moment ago, when Ragnarok agreed to give his place to Czech, who apparently has more time. So the new match-up is Czech vs ARcHeR.
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The first tournament match!2009-09-13 21:45 | Vivando
JJnet Duel Tournament 1.0 has begun a few hours ago, although there was no public note about that. I shall now officially claim it opened.

The deadline for one stage is 2 weeks by default, but for the first stage it has been already extended, and so the absolute deadline is now 3 weeks. So:

Deadline: October 4th

The tiebreaker map for all matches in first stage is: Jungle's Edge

Remember, that though JE would be your veto-map, you have to still play there in a tiebreaker.
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Duel Tournament 1.0!2009-09-11 00:25 | DanZeal

JazzJackrabbit.net and "the crew" is organizing a CTF duel-tourney.
There will be prices for the top 3 players (specially designed T-shirts). If the player belongs to a clan, that clan will be awarded under "awards" here on jjnet.
You need to be fast signing up for this tourney, because there is a 32 player limit!
So hurry up and SIGN UP HERE!

Click on "Duel tourney" to find the mappool, rules and stuff for this tournament!

Edit: The player list is now FULL!

Also about your Veto-maps, you can start posting them as a comment to this post now (or in the JCForum thread). It will be added to your
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Rules and challenge system2009-08-25 16:49 | DanZeal
We have some clans who have the bad habit to play a match and then challenge each other, claming that it was a CW match. According to the rules, this is just a match for one point. We will continue adding those matches as "normal" matches.

There are also some clans who submit matches using both the "submit a match!" and "my matches".
Please only use one.

And dont spam admins on MSN or IRC saying that they must add your match now, now, NOW!

Please learn the ladder system and the rules!
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100th match!!2009-07-08 21:08 | Vegito
Hey all,

it's been a while since theres a post but as it seems it now is celibration time ;).
The 100th clan ladder match has just been finished. The ladder has been up since 01 november 2008. This means there's been a match like every 2 days which is a good avarage. Keep it up :).

For more information about the 100th match click HERE
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JJ2TV: TM vs [si]2009-05-06 23:31 | DanZeal
The CW match between TM and [si] will be broadcasted live!
Starting 2009-05-09 19:30

CW ended: TM won, congratulations!

JJ2TV live broadcast
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Domination and CW points.2009-05-04 14:22 | DanZeal
We are now allowing the gamemode Domination!
Nearly the same rules as for team battle, but there are no need for a timelimit.

And we also have increased the points for CW matches. So all CW matches played after this day will gain more points.
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<iR> vs [VS]2009-04-18 17:18 | DanZeal
The CW match between <iR> and [VS] will be broadcasted live!
Starting 18:00

CW ended: iR won, congratulations!

JJ2TV live broadcast

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