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Group A: [img]http://jazzjackrabbit.net/_country/5...
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Group A: [img]http://jazzjackrabbit.net/_country/5...

JDC season 182009-12-13 15:52 | Vegito

So people, I hope you're ready for a bit more excitement at JJ2. There's another tournament starting up again, as everyone probably knows by now.

JDC (Jazz Duelist('s) Challenge) is going to start on the 20th of December, which is in exactly one week from now. Hopefully it's going to be a great and active season. It's is likely going to run for 6 weeks or something similar, depending on activity.

Almost everything is ready and the opening event should be announced in the upcoming days.
The opening event is (likely) going to be played on saturday the 19th and if it's a success (which usually is (KeEs The) case), there's going to be an encore the day after, on the 20th itself. The opening event will, as always, be CTF.

If you haven't registered at JDC, please do so (either click the picture or here.) If you're not registered there, you won't be able to play any matches for JDC.

You could make your matches a bit more interesting/exciting by playing for both the ladder and JDC :).

On another note, we're going to host a second duel server for the first few weeks of JDC. That should make dueling/2v2ing easier.
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JJ2TV: TM vs (SACA)2009-11-15 13:29 | DanZeal
The CW match between TM and (SACA) will be broadcasted live!

CW ended: TM won after a tiebreaker.

JJ2TV live broadcast
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Multiclanning is forbidden2009-11-11 11:44 | Grytolle
This was always the case, but now it's been made more obvious in the rules.

Please note that you are allowed to be a member of one or several inactive clans, but only one active. This way you can for example see who used to be in iR when you look back at it in a year.
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Inactive clans2009-10-27 01:39 | DanZeal
Due to that some clans are inactive and without members, we have removed them from the ranking. That means that we have a new clan on the first spot. Congratulations RA!
You can still see all the teams, inactive ones included, in the "Teams stats" and "Teams".

Many thanks to Djazz and sshow for helping out with PHP coding.

Edit: If you click on the "Ladder" tabel, you can now see the inactive clans. (Thanks Djazz)
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Squad edit2009-10-25 11:01 | DanZeal
The "squad edit" are now almost fully functional.
You can change member functions, add/remove players from your team etc...
But there are one small glitch. You can´t change the user who are able to create/accept CW challenges. Even if you change or create more team leaders, the new ones still can´t do any challenges. You still need to ask an admin to change that user for you (and there can only be one user with that function).

Edit: If you are adding members using "squad edit", read the FAQ first.
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TF (Tokugawa Forces) and xR2009-10-19 20:45 | DanZeal
Clan Tokugawa Forces are now searching for new members.
Send a message to Crazy Rabbit if you are interested.

Edit: xtreme Rabbits are also searching for members.
Rapid is the guy you should talk to if interested.
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Zeal Duels2009-10-17 13:55 | DanZeal
Due to that some players has missused their admin privilege on Zeal Duels, and that everyone seems to be sharing the admin pass. So have we now blocked some admin commands like /ban, /servername etc. This has been successfully done because some hard work from Cryomancer. He has also helped us with some proofreading here on JJ.net. Many thanks to him!

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No show2009-10-15 16:26 | DanZeal
Changes in the rules:

"Points awarded for a played clanwar
§1 Should a team not show up within 30 minutes from the set starting time, without having officially postponed or called off the clanwar, the other team will be awarded 2 points for a no-show."
(changed from 5 to 2)
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Third Stage [Tournament]2009-10-02 17:19 | Vivando
Some players have already reached stage 3. Since Warrior and Anubis are even ready to play, it is time to announce the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker map for stage 3 is Rainbow Hills.

Due to FireSworD's request, the deadline has been postponed to October 25th. The WB Stage 2 matches and LB stage 1 matches need to be finished until then. It is the absolute deadline.
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About Tiebreakers [Tournament]2009-09-15 18:38 | Vivando
For those who have already finished their first match and have their next opponent confirmed, may proceed on dueling each other before the next stage officially begins. The tiebreaker level for the second matches is now Security Breach v2. For the Losers Bracket the tiebreaker is always the same as in the respective stage in Winners Bracket. So for example stage 1 tiebreaker in LB would be Jungle's Edge, as in stage 1 in WB, and stage 2 tiebreaker in LB would be Security Breach v2.

Anyway, this tournament has started well, since 5 duels have been already played since it began 2 days ago. Keep it up! :)

Also, two replacements have been made. The first one was Shaker replacing Napoleon, so Impossibler should contact him instead. Another change was made a moment ago, when Ragnarok agreed to give his place to Czech, who apparently has more time. So the new match-up is Czech vs ARcHeR.
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