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Happy birthday, Hope xd

Plus Update2015-04-07 09:47 | Kyro
Plus 5.0

You need the latest version to join Camel servers.
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JJnet is back up2015-04-05 16:09 | Grytolle
JJnet is back up - it probably got broken by a php update. If you have troubles logging in, make sure that you don't check the checkbox "remember". It causes a error 500 for some reason.
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Happy April2015-04-02 15:19 | Vivando
The JJnet staff wishes you a happy April's fools day and a happy Easter in advance.

Unlike in our little prank, in reality we are looking forward to any future JDC seasons just like you, and for your assurance we aren't going to hand out any bans for that. The next season might actually come sooner than you think!
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Seasonal Greetings2015-04-01 17:32 | JJBynny
Hello to you all!

Most of you people probably remember me, but to those who dont, I am an ex-admin of JJnet, also the former leader of the clan -t3>. I just had to come here to express myself about how nice its to see that this scene is still alive and kicking, just like 3 years ago when I was still an active player. I have been looking at the competetive scene every now and then, and I must say I am really satisfied about how the ladder has evolved.

But really, fuck JDC! This abominition should rest in peace and should not be reincarneted anymore. I am sick of watching people still playing games for JDC, and thus have discussed with JJnet staff about the situation. After some talk we all agreed that JJnet should no longer respect players playing for both the ladder and JDC. So a new rule was made:

§12: Regarding JDC
§12.1 Fuck JDC Forever
§12.2 Any active JJnet player, who plays any game related to JDC in the future will be permanantly banned from JJnet and the ladder.
§12.3 In addition, any player participating in JDC as an admin or official will be cause for a 10 point punishment for their clan.

I hope this clarifies it to everyone who in future desires to play any JDC game. Thats pretty much all I wanted to say.

Finally, good luck to everyone in the ladder season! Maybe we will see in game anytime soon, if I can just find a little spare time.

P.S. Im very proud of my clan -t3> and how they have won 3 seasons already. Im sure theyll be back in full shape shortly, despite the little lousy start of the season.

Thank you.
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Website updates2015-03-15 01:53 | Grytolle
I've added some functionality to the games in progress script on the front page and hacked the template a bit so that the website (in general) looks OK on mobile devices. Now you can read ladder match reports at school! o/
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New Season2015-03-07 22:33 | Kyro
Congratulations to Cx for winning the season and All Stars Game

/ladders on
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JJNet All Stars Game2015-03-07 19:54 | Vivando
...is going LIVE on Twitch.
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JDC Returns!2015-01-31 11:03 | Vivando
It has been a while since the latest duel tournament in the game. JDC has been on a break for around 1 ½ years, but here it comes at last. JJNet Duel Tournament v4.0 finished just a little over a year ago as well, but also JDCE (JDC Elimination) is making it's comeback alongside JDC. The opening event is aimed to take place in the evening today, at 18:00 GDT. The season starts officially after the event.

So, if you wish to participate go log in the JDC site and find more info about the rules, events, and JDCE.
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Mappool changes2015-01-31 02:46 | Grytolle
Hi everyone!

Please welcome Daybreak, Distopia and Happy Semiconductor CTF (back) to the mappool!

Waterfall Caves will be temporarily removed until the nocap bug has been fixed.

Wicked Wood and Epitome will be removed for the duration of the next season, as they were statistically determined to be "overplayed".


(Cx tried to change one of their votes after the deadline, so I counted it half)
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Mappool votes and All-Stars2015-01-26 21:39 | Vivando
Here we go!

The clans who reached at least 1 point during the last season are allowed to vote for 3 maps to be added to the mappool.

Just like previously, all maps that receive the same amount of votes will be treated equally, but the actual amount of votes required for a map to be added will be decided by us later.

As for the removals, we have come up with a different method, which we will announce later.

Clanleaders must send their clan's votes to mappool@jazzjackrabbit.net by January 31st.

Another subject is the All-Stars game which is going to take place soon. This time it will be CX(the season winner) vs World(a team formed of the other top-4 clans).

The other clans should select their most valuable player from the play-offs to participate in the All-Stars game. (The player should also be someone who is going to be likely available for the game as well). Clan leaders please contact me with your decision by January 31st as well.
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