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Camel Duels2014-08-25 17:27 | Kyro
Hosted Camel Duels (US) for US players.
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/register in camel duels server for an admin account and stop spamming us! - Kyro
Season 92014-05-24 22:09 | Kyro
Season 9 has started! There will be playoffs at the end of the season involving the top 4 clans. We wish you an exciting full of fun season.
Mappool list is updated, be sure to check it out. Also, t3 has been awarded for winning season 8.
Btw we need moderators for Camel Duels to help with managing the servers, if you're interested don't hesitate to apply.

Vivando adds: Take note of the new play-off system, that is much like the NT play-off concept, where teams play 4x10 min rounds. Clans that achieve high ranks at the end of the season will be given advantages for the matches.

6: Play-off rules
6.1 Regular clanwar rules are applicable in play-off matches, except for exceptions mentioned in this section
6.2 A play-off match consists of 2 maps picked by the clans in the beginning of the match.
6.3 Each map is played for 2 rounds, 10 minutes each. Teams swap colors between rounds.
6.4 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map and a tiebreaker map (if needed) during play-off matches.
6.5 If a tiebreaker needs to be played, overtime will be enabled on the second tiebreaker round. In case that the game is still tied at the end of that round, the clan that makes the next score wins the match.
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Mappool removals2014-05-23 13:15 | Grytolle
1 valid vote: DW, BBswing, TCS, SBv2 (stay)
2 valid votes: BBlair, Distopia, Semi (gone)
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Mappool vote v22014-05-19 00:41 | Grytolle
Please resubmit your removal votes with motivations by Wednesday to give us more info to work with. Thanks!

Meanwhile, here are the new additions:
- 5 votes: Gauntlet
- 4 votes: Trigelateral v2
- 3 votes: Waterfall Caves
- 2 votes: Dusk (of Serenity) v3

These maps got 1 vote and will not be added:
Ancient Museum, Medieval Skyscrapers, All Your Base, Minimal Duel, Atom Heart, This Level is Untitled, Darker Science.

(Edit: You can still alter change your removal votes when resubmitting, but the addition changes are final)
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Mappool Voting2014-05-10 23:37 | Vivando
It is that time of the season break again.

The JJnet crew has decided to allow all clans who gained at least 1 point during the last season to vote for mappool changes. Clans may:

-Vote for 5 new maps to be added to the mappool.
-Vote for 3 maps to be removed from the current mappool.

As previous times, the actual amount of votes needed for a map to be added or removed is up to us to decide at the end, but as always we treat maps that have got the same amount of votes equally.

Clanleaders must send their clan's votes to mappool@jazzjackrabbit.net by May 18th.
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CDF vs. -t3> LIVE2014-05-03 19:53 | Grytolle
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Ladder frozen2014-04-18 22:37 | Kyro
t3 hits 200 points, so no more ladders can be submitted!

Just wait for the clan war between CDF and t3
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Done moving2014-03-09 18:13 | Grytolle
If you can read this, it means you are visiting JJNet on its new server! o/
blankcomments | 4
We're moving to a better server, so don't get sad if you lose a post or two past this point! - Grytolle
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2. flag CX Awards91p
3. flag CC Awards45p
4. flag [GpW] Awards43p
5. flag [VS]0p
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8. flag [CDF]0p
9. flag aEs Awards0p
10. flag [Pre] Awards0p
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