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New JJ2+ Release2016-04-21 20:07 | Vivando
Source: Jazz2Online

It’s been a while, but with Anniversary Bash 18 fresh behind us what’s better to keep the community occupied than a new release of JJ2+? Version 5.2 mainly focuses on fixing numerous glitches, though it contains a few new features you’ll certainly like as well.

Some assorted highlights from the changelog:

The AngelScript API now allows for the creation of new layers and the drawing of layers in arbitrary orders
There is now an .ini setting for changing the text size of in-game announcements
More precise control over the privileges of remote admins for multiplayer servers
Tons of bugs were fixed, including some particularly infamous ones such as crashing on the Next Episode screen and a few anti-radar glitches.

Click here to download the latest JJ2+!

As always, you can check the full changelog in the readme. Discussion and bug reports are welcome in the JCF thread.
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Anniversary Bash 182016-04-14 18:27 | Vivando
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is turning adult this year, that's right!

To celebrate the 18th birthday of JJ2, the Anniversary Bash server has just been launched and is scheduled to run through the coming weekend. So, join the Anniversary Bash server for the greatest jj2 party!

Thanks to TreyLina for compiling the bash level lists and ShakerNL for hosting the AB server.

For those who don't know what the Anniversary Bash is:

The Anniversary Bash is celebrated every year in April for the release date of JJ2. For one weekend the community comes to play battle & ctf game modes in a server dedicated for the event itself to have fun and bring back memories. There are commonly 20 battle and 20 ctf maps selected from both old classics and newer decent maps for the bash level lists.

More info at: Jazz2Online
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JCS Awards 2015 - Voting2016-01-03 15:11 | Vivando
Source: JCF

This the moment all you JCSers and JCS enthusiasts have been waiting for - your chance to vote for your favourite uploads from the past year!

You must read the rules before voting. They are as follows:

1) You are allowed to vote for one level/person for each category, no more. You can abstain from voting in particular categories if you wish.
2) You are not limited to voting within the nominations, but you are advised to at least check these levels if you haven't already, in order to make your vote fair. Also, please provide a download link to these levels - unreleased/unfinished levels cannot be voted for.
3) Votes are to be kept private. This is to raise the tension, and also to prevent bandwagoning. In order to vote, post your votes here and then delete the post after you have posted it, and a moderator will undelete it after the deadline. Alternatively, if you prefer, you are allowed to PM them to Stijn, but bare in mind that your choices will be announced in public once the voting stage is over.
4) Anyone who does not follow rules 1 and 3; your votes will be null and void.

Voting will end on 17th January at 23:59 GMT+1. If you post after this time, your vote will be invalid.

To see the nominees and to vote go to the JCF Thread!
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Banned from the Puke Nuk3m servers?2015-08-25 17:03 | ShakerNL
If you are banned from one of more Puke Nuk3m servers, you can fill in the form on the Puke Nukem website to request an unban.
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There's a new JJ2+ version2015-08-25 10:45 | Grytolle
Go download!
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The JDC awards have been poste2015-08-02 14:22 | Grytolle
Click Here.
EDITED BY KYRO (lazy grytolle)

Also no less worth mentioning is that the new JDC season has been officially announced to begin on August 15th, 2015. As usual, there's an ongoing logo contest and staff recruitment, and you can expect details about the opening event to appear on the JDC website in the near future. ~SE
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Your favorite JJ2+ 5.0 changes2015-05-14 16:33 | Vivando
Source: JCF Thread

I recall there was a J2O poll for 4.0 but tons changed since then and as a JJ2+ developer myself, 5.0 being the first version I had major input in, I'm fairly interested in feedback. We certainly know what you dislike about the newest release because we can always count on hearing back about that, but positive opinions are useful for self-esteem, so I'd like to find out what your favorite features and bug fixes are as well. The poll allows multiple choices because I thought it may be hard to decide on only one, but preferably try to select less than half of the available options (up to 5) or your vote will not be very useful.

Go vote for your favorite changes here!

2on2 tournament reminder: All the teams should be having 2 matches completed by Sunday the 17th.
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2on2 Tournament Group Stage2015-05-09 19:05 | Ragnarok
Okay, we finally have 10 (+1) teams signed up for the tournament.

Groups are now announced. You're free to start playing.

More rules and information is available to view here: http://jazzjackrabbit.net/index.php?op=2v2tourney&page=1

Many thanks for your cooperation!
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2on2 Tournament Mappool/Vetos2015-05-04 11:56 | Ragnarok
Hi there!

Since it's nearing the deadline for tournament sign-ups, I thought I would announce the mappool and tell everyone that they have the opportunity to veto 2 levels (per team) out of the 12. Choose wisely, as you will not be allowed to change these vetos through the tournament. You can either veto by posting here or do it in private by sending them to my Skype (habib.alhasheed.akhmed) or Hordy's/Krzysiek's, where they will be announced afterwards.

Mappool is as follows:
All Your Base CTF (olcallurbase.j2l)
Bloodbunny's Lair (bblair.j2l)
Daybreak (ezdaybreak.j2l)
Distopia (distopia.j2l)
Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l)
Happy Semiconductor CTF (semi.j2l)
Gauntlet (gauntlet.j2l)
Jungle's Edge (olcjunge.j2l)
Stronghold (xlmstronghold.j2l)
Superconductor CTF (elmsuper.j2l)
Swingin' Jazz (bbswing.j2l)
The Astrolabe (ezastro.j2l)

Please note, this post might be editted in order to introduce a deadline for vetoing. Fixtures can not be announced until vetos are announced (unless you want no vetos). More information to follow after the deadline for signups has passed.

EDIT: Deadline for announcing vetos is Saturday 9th May 23:59 GMT. Any team who hasn't sent me anything will be considered to have no vetos. Tournament start date is provisionally on Monday 11th May.
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New 2on2 Tournament2015-04-21 21:28 | Ragnarok
Hi guys!

You may have already heard about this idea from some of us before as we were trying to gauge interest levels before we committed to anything, but now we're proud to announce we want to open up sign-ups for this 2v2 tournament!

So, what's different about this 2v2 tournament?
We plan to accommodate a tournament with a twist; you can't partner up with anyone from your own clan. It's a simple idea but we feel it can really develop into something fun.

So, what are the rules like?
We will probably announce a full set of rules once we know how many people are participating and what sort of tournament we need to hold, but the plan as it stands is some form of double elimination tournament. I will draw out seedings from a hat and I will stream it when it comes to it, just to ensure that it is done in a fair manner!

So, what do you need to do?
For now, just make a post stating your interest here; you can also start finding your partners too if you like, and announce them here in a post as well! Please note that you will only officially be counted as signed-up if you have a partner. Also, just for fun, please give us a team-name for your team! emo

And what if you want a random partner instead of finding one?
That's fine too, just let me know so I can keep track of who needs partners etc!

Good luck and have fun. Deadline for signing up is Sunday 3rd May 23:59 GMT, first come first served.
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