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By: Jelly Jam, in: Flamin' Bunnies is now part of Gurus of Proactive Warfare « Clan talk2018-02-15 17:24
By: KRSplatinum, in: Flamin' Bunnies is now part of Gurus of Proactive Warfare « Clan talk2018-02-15 03:56
[quote="MasterSven"]How can it remind you of CDF/C...
By: MasterSven, in: Flamin' Bunnies is now part of Gurus of Proactive Warfare « Clan talk2018-02-11 19:30
I agree that sucks too
By: Jelly Jam, in: Flamin' Bunnies is now part of Gurus of Proactive Warfare « Clan talk2018-02-11 19:06
First we get some players and see how it goes. Eas...

Camel Servers Forum, Click here - Kyro
You have to use /forcespectate <ID> [On/Off]instead of /spectate [On/Off] - Kyro
You are not allowed to guess any of the other players' login passwords in Camel Duels - Kyro
Regarding Game Interference2014-01-29 09:51 | Vivando
Due to increasing amount of interruptions in Camel Duels servers, Camel Staff would like to remind everyone that deliberately breaking an ongoing match in any CD (by command abuse, or by repeatedly unspectating despite other players' denial) will result in a 1 week ban. Further breaking will obviously result in longer bans.
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ZStats is back2014-01-14 23:23 | Kyro
ZStats has been down for some time now. Thanks to Danzeal for giving us access and to Zepect for making the necessary scripts, Camel alpha is now running ZStats. It's now back on at

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The End [DT v4.0]2014-01-06 16:52 | Vivando
The fourth edition of the JJNet Duel Tournament has come to it's end, with probably the fastest progression yet in it's history. Precisely 3 months ago the signups for the tournament closed in, and one day later the it was on air. Thanks to all the players who played till the end, and thanks to the crew who assisted me with handling things(Kyro & Grytolle.)

The top-3 players of the tournament were:

Winner: flag Polak
2nd place: flag Hordy
3rd place: flag ElectroN

The top-3 players receive a personal award in their JJNet profile, and in addition an award for their current clan, if any. Congratulations!

The videos of the Grand Finals will be uploaded fairly soon.

EDIT: Videos!
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LIVE Grand Finals [DT v4.0]2014-01-06 14:20 | Vivando
UPDATE: The very final match of the tournament: Hordy vs Polak v2 is LIVE now!
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Merry Christmas2013-12-24 20:05 | Grytolle
The JJnet crew wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new jazz year!

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Vote for JJ2+2013-12-02 00:12 | cooba
Go vote for JJ2+ as ModDB's Mod Of The Year! It certainly has been the mod of the year in our community, so why not!

emo emo
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Progress [DT v4.0]2013-11-21 12:27 | Vivando
The brackets have been updated. The next set of duels is to be completed by November 27th. I decided to equalize UB progress since otherwise some players will have to wait for their opponents to be formalized a long time anyway.

Rules clarification: The player who scored more points in total in the first 2 rounds gets to pick team color in the tiebreaker-map in the first place. If they are tied in points, then the player with higher seed(lower number) also gets to pick team color.
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12. flag eko>0p
12. flag GX0p
12. flag [JRT]0p
12. flag -nK>0p
12. flag [ZHX]0p
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