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need to get rid of rule #1; too vague and open,
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I don't support the idea of uneven numbers of team...
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Or even maybe a league system with playoffs or fin...
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No fantasy teams, I prefer 1 group with 3 teams an...

Plus update2013-10-31 13:54 | Grytolle

You need the latest version to join Camel servers, so don't forget to upgrade!
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Elimination [DT v4.0]2013-10-29 01:31 | Vivando
The draw for brackets has been done. The groups facing each other are:

A vs B
F vs D
E vs G
C vs H

The brackets in detail and everything related to the rest of the tournament can be found here. "Duel Tourney" is also a link to the page from the Tables, on the panel to the left.

The draw was broadcast live spontaneously, once the last duel of Group Stage was completed. For those who are interested in seeing how the draw was done, you can view a record of it here.

That having been said, there are a few important changes to the match rules and match settings from now on:

-The matches are best of 3 rounds. Player to win 2 rounds progresses.
-The rounds cannot end in a tie. If the score is tied after 15 minutes in a round, the first player to score in overtime wins the round.
-The player with lower seed (higher number in front of name) picks a map first by default, unless players agree otherwise.
-The players may try agree on a tiebreaker map if needed, but otherwise the players take turns in a "veto-race", vetoing maps one by one (other than players' veto-maps.) The player with higher seed (lower number in front of name) is allowed to have the last veto (when only two maps are left.) The veto-order should be corresponding to that, depending on how many maps are not vetoed by any player yet, e.g. In cases where there are 6 or 8 maps not vetoed by any player, then the player with the last veto-right will start the veto-race. In cases where there are 5, 7 or 9 maps not vetoed by any player, then the other player will start the veto-race.

New match settings:

/timelimit 15
/overtime on
/otlimit 30 (maximum is 30, reset if needed. If the overtime continues past 15 minutes (half), you(or a neutral referee) are suggested to turn on insta gib with /instagib on.)

Finally, you need to play your first duels by Wednesday, November 6th. If you are running out of time before playing, please ask for deadline extension before the deadline, otherwise you risk forfeiting your match. Extensions may be given out only once for each player(1 week).

Also remember to keep an eye on the maps you have used so far. You can find what you used from Group Stage>Played Matches. I will list maps used on player names in the brackets as well, eventually. If you won a match by forfeit, that means no map was picked of course, even if you played the match before and won it by forfeit afterwards. Also tiebreakers don't count as a map picked by either player.

Once again, good luck!
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JJNet All-Star Game2013-10-26 19:53 | Vivando
...is over! Stats here.
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Quick News Bit2013-10-23 12:17 | Vivando
All Camel servers now have their JJ2+ versions shown in the server name. Servers using the previous JJ2+ version have their names marked as (4.1), while servers using the latest one are marked as (4.2).

Servers using (4.2) have their "latestversiononly" feature enabled again, so you can only join them with the latest JJ2+ version. Those who can't/don't want to play with the latest JJ2+ version may play on servers using (4.1).

Ladder & DT Rules Clarification: The use of mouse-aim is to be set off by default, but both teams can agree on it of course. Command: /allowmouseaim off.
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Last Chapter [DT v4.0]2013-10-21 02:04 | Vivando
So, here starts the last stint for completing all of your duels, for those who didn't manage to do so yet. However also some players haven't yet played their second duels either. The exception is Group E, where Iustyn was replaced by a player from reserve; Dragon, on last friday. The players in that group are all given time to have at least 2 duels done each by the end of this Thursday, the 24th October.

Now there are 5 players who have got their deadline extended due to them having not managed to do their duels in time. The process is the same: If they do not have 2 duels done by October 24th, or miss a deadline later in the group stage, they resign automatically. In case the players are available for dueling but their opponents are not, then I will try to solve match-ups case by case. Players concerned are: Owen, CS, Naruto, Foly, RiKo.

Then, ideally, everyone should have all of their duels completed by October 27th.

Good luck, once again!
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New JJ2+ Release2013-10-20 14:24 | Vivando
Source: Jazz2Online

Once again we’ve seen many teasers, here and on the ModDB page, and we’ve missed more than a few planned release dates along the way, but the new JJ2+ is on shelves now! And by shelves I mean J2O.


Some assorted changes:

1.23+ can run TSF levels and tilesets
New textured background modes, new tile types, vertically flipped tiles
Objects are better synchronized among clients
New splash screens
AngelScript got a lot more powerful
Be sure to check out the readme, as usual!

- Violet CLM
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Just for Fun Meetings2013-10-19 15:45 | RabidRabb
Since JJ2 has a really great amount of gamemodes, and as JDC events show, we just miss the chance to have fun!
Therefore how about a weekly set time, when those who are interested gather together to play?
My suggestion would be Saturday 7pm, but for me actually it'd flexible.

EDIT: The first event is delayed! I will be held on Sunday 20-10-2013, 19:00 CET (GMT+1)
The gamemode needs decision though, or we might just decide it at the begining, it can be multiple, in fact i like every gamemode.
Other EDIT: The gamemode will be Multiple and will consist from these (bc for now i only made a battle levels pack.): LRS, Pest, Battle, TB, TLRS. If you have a suggestion, please write it here!
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JJNet All-Star Game(Season 8)2013-10-19 00:51 | Vivando
I would hereby like to announce that there will be an All-Star Game for this season also. This time however, the game will be based on the All Stars of the National Tournament 2013. I have invited players whom I consider to have been the carrying powers of their national teams. The players were of course mainly invited from the top-4 teams of the tournament. This game will be refereed by me (and broadcast by me, unless somebody else wishes to do so.)

The game will be played the same way as last time; Normal JJNet CW rules will apply to the game. Players in both teams should contact each other as soon as possible to decide which map they pick, tactics etc. They should agree on making one player the captain of the team, who will announce their official decisions, and represent the team in general. The teams must pick their map from the current JJNet Ladder mappool, and tell it to the referee of the match (CJ/Vivando) by the end of Thursday 24th October. The maps are to be announced in public either as soon as both teams have done their choices, or at the very latest on Friday 25th October. Should a team not pick their map in time, the referee will assign a map for the team.

The teams are suggested to pick custom names themselves as well as abbreviations (clanlike), for others to distinguish between the teams.

Date and time of the game: Saturday, October 26th at 20 CET.

The players confirmed and teams:

Team A


Team B

Kenny (Krzysiek)

Still pending for invitations of reserve players.


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Mappool set2013-10-14 13:26 | Grytolle
Stronghold NO: CC, CDF
Stronghold YES: t3, GpW, CX
Canyon grove NO: CC, t3, CDF, CX
Canyon grove YES: GpW
Trepidation NO: CC, t3, CDF, GpW, CX
Trepidation YES:

So Stronghold remains, the others are gone
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Next Step[DT v4.0]2013-10-14 01:19 | Vivando
So far so good, the tournament seems to be running fine. 21 duels were played already on the first week. Also a few players already completed all of their duels. Nice initiative.

However, as expected there are also players who didn't manage to play their first duel yet. For those players the deadline has been extended. However, they won't be able to receive any additional deadline extensions in the group stage anymore. Which means that all deadlines will be absolute for them. The players concerned are: Zerg, Berkan, Iustyn and SpeedyNINJA. They have to complete at least 1 duel by October 17th. Otherwise they will resign automatically.

Then, all players should have at least 2 duels completed by October 20th.

Also, I would request players to have the player HUD visible(press F9) when taking screenshots. The roast/fall is also counted for statistics and thus it would ease our work. Thank you!

Good luck!
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