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lunch included btw?
Did you play any games for JDC Season 20?
Yes, a few
bb vote bb bb
31 (37%)
Yes, many
bb vote bb bb
18 (22%)
No, not even one
bb vote bb bb
14 (17%)
What is JDC?
bb vote bb bb
13 (16%)
Yes, many, but please increase the frequency of seasons
bb vote bb bb
7 (8%)
Votes: 83

Poll started 2011-07-18 00:13.
2013-08-25 20:03 
emo idk huh emo hmm
2011-08-08 21:03 
If you play and win 30 games there is no way you are going to win, therefore you need to play a lot to win the JDC.
2011-08-07 08:56 
ofc there is an optimal amount of games that you would want to play, but in JDC, as opposed to say the JJ2wc or the duel tournament, you need to play more games.
It's not about winning 1 duel or 2v2 or 3v3, it's about doing more (a lot) of them.
2011-08-06 22:58 
[quote=[GpW]Urbs]you need to play a lot, which is what one usually needs to win in every competition[/quote]

Not true. Read 11th comment again. I could win this JDC season if I played 2 main events what I missed; if I played small events (3v3s - counted in calculating) in the last round; if I had more wins emo; and if I played one more match in 1st round... ofc I am kidding. Maybe I would win, but nerd would play differently so he maybe could win even in this way... nvm emo.

The point is that you DON'T have to play much to win JDC season. Just play smart, and as veg said, learn how the scoring works, and it's gonna be easy. I still think that JDC is a tournament for fun, and to make JJ2 still active. But also, why not to try to win it?

Edited: 2011-08-06 22:59 by Toni
2011-08-06 22:16 
true, still I say that if you don't take it seriously there's nothing wrong with it.
and by winning it you do show some cunning, coupled with devotion (you need to play a lot), which is what one usually needs to win in every competition.
it is true, however, that winning JDC doesn't translate into what people consider to be skills of a good JJ2 player.
Winning JDC doesnt make you the best, but lets be honest, mainly pretty good players won. Sure there have been a lot of Nerd haters lately - and yes, to be sure he made full use of the JDC scoring system - yet I would dare anybody to say that Nerd is a bad player.
He is a good all-round player, who, however, doesn't excell in ctf like some other players (SJ, Veg, War, Hordy, Kenny, Afi, Moti, Gry etc). But that doesnt make Nerd a noob.
JDC winners are generally good players (one need only look at the names of the people who have won it, and you will see that the best players of their time usually won it, with Nerd's victory being the exception to the rule). And I would say that it is in a way almost good somebody else other than the "top duelists" can win a JJ2 competition. I dunno, it's sort of like, when you look at football, and you see a lil kid like Messi PWNING everybody's base - it's inspiring. Cuz you see how many different playing styles, philosophies and aproaches there are. Whereas one need only look at basketball and we already see more limiting factors: one needs to be taller. With golf one needs to be richer etc.

And like I've always said, the communal effect of JDC is pretty nice as well. More people play jj2 at that time of year. For some of us it's nice to see some oldies return. And like I said, if you treat JDC games like any other game, then the only "problem" with JDC is, that you have to login every once in a while and validate matches. And that isn't such a big problem IMO.

People seem to hate the fact that the amount of matches played plays such a vital role in winning JDC, but you need to understand why this is: jdc isnt so much about competition, it's about being active on JJ2. And jdc awards this activity. Ok ofc, if ur aiming for top spots, then you need to exactly calculate how many games you will play - I'm generalising here.

Still nothing wrong with hating JDC either I guess, I myself have never taken it seriously and therefore have no problems with it.
2011-08-06 21:22 
JDC is about knowing the scoring system, much less about skill emo. It can be abused easily and has been done in every season so far as far as I know.
2011-08-06 21:17 
What is JDC?
2011-08-03 15:10 
Who dont know what is JDC?w_a t _f_c_
2011-07-24 14:32 
ehh jdc isn't about skill as much as it is about socializing.

Big events can be fun, to see old friends and stuff.
As for 2v2's and 3v3's I think people should realize that JDC games are basically normal games.
Unless you aim to win.

2011-07-24 13:17 
[quote]and it seems its a fight bewtween the 3 nf-ers that played 24/7 jj2 since jdc[/quote]

1st It's not fight. We're friendly players. We even played a lot of 2v2s together (what means there is no fight between us)

2nd I didn't play JJ2 24/7. I just played some games as usual, and submitted it to JDC. Let's calculate. I played 68 matches for JDC for approximately 45 days.

68/45 = 1.5 match per day.

I played 89 events (will be 90 tonight) for 45 days

90/45= 2 events per day.

So, 1.5 match and 2 events per day isn't much. On the contrary, I spent less time in JJ2 than most of you I bet. And let's talk about competition in JJ2. There are a lot of tournaments, like ladder, Duel Tournament, WCs, KiMO's bonaza race or w/e it's called, and JDC. Why not to play for points and for winning if you already have a chance to win, and want to stop someone winning it 4th time in a row (read: nothing personal against SJ tbh. I just wanted to stop him winning it, he got enough wins emo).

Also, JJ2 would die if there were not tournaments like this one, ladder etc. If you don't like it, don't play. Leave the others play it if they like. Maybe they find it good to have some competition. All other tournaments, based on scoring like JDC are clan based or team based, and it's boring for most of players because there are not many players who play CWs. Only a few in clans plays, so JDC is a chance to show your skills in events, and your activity in other matches and small events. It can help your teamplay improve a lot.

Again, who told that we're the best duellers and teamplayers Iustin? Please tell me. I guess most of you got point in this post.
2011-07-24 13:10 
Agreed with Iustyn.
2011-07-24 13:06 
2011-07-24 12:54 
but jdc dont prove anything anyway.
just cuz the nf-ers are first 3 it doesnt mean that they are best players of jj2(in team or duels),not even close.
2011-07-24 12:51 
i played many,i still do sometimes but just cuz some players plays only if the mtach is JDC
idc anymore about jdc now and it seems its a fight bewtween the 3 nf-ers that played 24/7 jj2 since jdc
2011-07-24 07:29 
I never cared about points. Not even when I was active in JDC. emo
2011-07-23 07:23 
2011-07-22 22:11 
I knew I'd have to stop playing after round 5, that is exactly what happened too emo
2011-07-18 21:46 
The events are mostly awesome but I don't care about points, which is probably why about 2/5 of my points is obtained in events.
2011-07-18 11:32 
Woow, I didn't want to waste my time.
2011-07-18 08:24 
played many matches but I realized i can't win so i quit on round 3-4 if i remember
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