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Rules last edited on 2019-02-16 by Vivando

Table of contents
Revision history
General rules with regard to the ladder site
General CTF rules
- Vetoes
- The current mappool
- JJnet level edits in JCS and Angelscriptb
Clanwar rules
Points awarded for a played clanwar
Rules for normal matches
Points awarded for a played normal match

Revision history
2019-02-16: Added previously disabled maps Distopia, Galactic Warfare and Gauntlet into the mappool //Vivando
2019-02-16: Removed maps Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] and Fauztinville from mappool //Vivando
2018-09-10: Added maps Butrinti, Orbital IV (3v3 only) and Sparkling Illusions into the mappool //Vivando
2018-09-02: Added maps Fauztinville and The Dragon Eyrie into the 3v3 mappool //Vivando
2018-08-31: Updated rules §2, §5, §6 and updated mappool for Season 13 //Vivando
2018-06-06: Fixed rule regarding overtime in tiebreaker //Vivando
2018-05-24: Update Rules //Vivando
2017-08-19: Update mappool //Vivando
2016-08-13: Mappool finished & uppercut mutator//Grytolle
2016-08-13: Change max points from 200 to 100. //Vivando
2015-04-15: - BloodBunny's Lair (jjnetbblair.j2l): restored ammo piles, removed bad start positions, made gun9 PU strong, fireball pickups, cosmetic changes //Grytolle
2015-04-15: Box restoration, see JJnet level edits in JCS and Angelscript //Grytolle
2015-04-12: Cosmetic changes //Grytolle
2015-04-11: Lots of minor revisions, removed obsolete content, updated server settings, wholly rewritten section about ending games (�13). Edited �2: Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-shows. Please also note section �1.2 regarding mutators, scripts and level edits. Clanwars now last 2x2x10 min by default and numerous other changes were made to the clanwar rules. No special /stop procedures for clanwars. Similar minor revisions were made to ladder matches, but nothing major. Please read the rules through in case I forgot to mention anything //Grytolle
2015-04-09: Clarifications and updates to �11-13 regarding general rules, mappool updates, server settings //Vivando
2015-02-02: Slight tweaks to the layout //Vivando
2015-01-12: Updated play-off rules �5.1. Vetoes are frozen //Grytolle
2014-05-23: Updated rules and mappool //Vivando
2013-09-17: Updated mappool //Kyro
2013-09-09: Mappool edited (deletions) //Grytolle
2013-08-06: Rules for missing players in clanwars (�12) //Grytolle
2013-02-09: Pepper/fireball rules //Grytolle
2013-02-09: New /cstop rules //Grytolle
2013-02-09: Replaced the season win section so moti can start laddering. //Grytolle
2013-02-01: Mappool updated. //Grytolle
2012-06-16: �5.1 off-season described. //Grytolle
2012-06-16: �4: For details on what happens if a cheater is caught, see the article section. //Grytolle
2012-05-08: General rules �9.4.1: /cstop mandatory. //Grytolle
2012-05-07: Clarified the section "Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-show". //Grytolle
2012-05-07: Points awarded for a played clanwar �1: Link to the points calculator //JJBynny
2012-05-07: Rules for normal matches �1: New rules regarding the amount of rounds and their length in ladder matches //Grytolle
2012-04-23: General rules �2.1.1: Point buffer for challenges //Grytolle

General rules with regard to the ladder site
§1: Abuse
Clans abusing the ladder system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance may be banned from playing. Further punishment may include making inaccessible the accounts of the persons responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances. For example, someone who has made fake accounts for fake wars may lose access to all of accounts and be banned.

§2: Refusing clanwars, arranging clanwars and no-shows
§2.1 Clans with 20% or more of the maximum ranking points may not refuse clanwars (not ladder matches) against lower-ranked clans who have got at least 50% or more of the challenged clan's ranking points.
§2.1.1 It does not matter if the challenging clan falls below 50% of challenged clan's ranking points after the challenge has been sent, as long as they had the amount at the point the challenge was sent.
§2.1.2 Clanwar challenges should be sent on the site, but once the challenge has been received, the receiver should initiate negotiations about the details, most importantly: when the clanwar is to be played. After receiving a challenge, recruiting players that will participate in the clanwar is prohibited.
§ Once an agreement has been reached, accept the clanwar and make sure that an admin updates the clanwar accordingly to the agreements reached (time, and any deviations from the standard clanwar format - make sure to provide evidence in the case of disputes).
§2.1.3 In order to make it less of a problem that clans could fall behind on purpose in order to refuse a challenge, a minor alteration to §2.1 was decided on: clans may not refuse challenges from clans that only have 15 points more than them or less.
§2.1.4 If they do refuse a clanwar against a clan that they wouldn't be allowed to refuse against by the aforementioned rules, they will lose the amount of points they would have lost if the clanwar were lost 40-0. The other clan gets no points.

§2.2 If a clan has a clanwar scheduled within the next 30 days, this rule does not apply and they may refuse all challenges sent to them.

§2.3 The first challenge has priority over other challenges: Quickly accepting a second challenge and refusing the first is not allowed and will be considered abuse.

§2.4 In case of a no-show, the missing clan loses points as if it had lost the clanwar 40-0. The other clan gets half of the points it would have received if it had won 40-0.
In essence: After reaching 20% of the maximum ranking points, you can never refuse a clanwar against a lower ranked clan with 50% or more of your ranking points (or a clan with a lead of 15 points or less), so you should start discussing a suitable date with your opponent as soon as possible via your favourite instant messaging service.

§3: JJnet's timezone
Jazzjackrabbit.net uses GDT+1 (which is GMT+1 or GMT+2 depending on whether daylight saving time is applicable).

§4: Multi-clanning
A player may only be a member of one active clan at a time.

§5: Winning a season and the final rankings
§5.1 When a clan reaches 100 points, the ladder ranking will be frozen, meaning that no more ladder matches may be played. Players may only play CW matches for the clan they are a member of at that point until the final matches have finished. Clanwars or challenges made before the moment when 100 points was reached still have to be played, mutually cancelled or rejected (with the appropriate punishments) off-season, however.
§5.1.1 Once all off-season clanwars have been dealt with, the two highest ranked clans will be invited to participate in the season final, and the 3rd and 4th clan will be invited to the bronze final. They shall start as soon as possible.
§5.1.2 It does not matter if there is no clan with 100 points anymore when the off-season period ends (this might be the case after an off-season clanwar), as long as there is a clear top four.
§5.1.3 If one of the clans is not interested in participating, the clan ranked fifth will be invited, and so on.
§5.1.4 1 If no other clans sign up, the clan that reached the most points wins the season.

§5.2 The clans participating in the final matches will be given the first ranks in the final ranking.

§5.3 The remaining clans will be given the remaining ranks according to the points obtained during the regular season and (as the ladder is frozen) obviously cannot continue to play ladder matches either.

§6: Final/Bronze match rules
§6.1 Regular clanwar rules are applicable in the final matches, except for exceptions mentioned in this section

§6.2 A clan that has reached a higher ranking during the season than its opponent, has the privilege of picking map order, team color order on every map (can choose team colors on overtime round as well) and is allowed to choose two (2) veto levels for the final/bronze match instead of one.
§6.2.1 All clans will be allowed to change their previous veto level for the final matches.
§6.2.2 In order to let clans prepare for this, the clans have to set their new veto level(s) at least 24 hours before the match is scheduled to start or immediately, if the match is scheduled to start in less than 24 hours.
§6.2.3 The previous rule about the higher ranked clan being able to pick the tiebreaker map does not apply anymore, and the clans will have to follow the normal clanwar procedure on picking the tiebreaker.

§7: Clanwars and normal matches
There are two kinds of matches that can be submitted: clanwars, and normal matches.

§7.1 We define a clanwar as a match for which the teams are well prepared, and are supposed to play with their best team. The match is planned ahead of time, which gives both clans a chance to prepare properly for it.
§7.1.1 The challenge system on JJNet must be used if the match shall be counted as a CW.

§7.2 We define a normal match as a game less serious than a clanwar. A normal match is worth significantly less points than a clanwar. Consider this kind of game about as serious as a 2on2 or 3on3 for JDC.

§8: Game modes
§8.1 Only Capture the Flag is played on the CTF ladder.
§8.2 All other game modes can be played on the Multi ladder. Other game modes than those defined on the Multi ladder's rules page may be played, if the teams agree.

§9: So-called "fake nicks"
If the other team demands so, you have to play with your real nickname.

§10: Who may play
§10.1 Only players who are registered for their team on jazzjackrabbit.net may play in clanwars.
§10.1.1 The player has to be a registered member of the clan before the game starts.

§10.2 Because of the more spontaneous nature of normal matches, it is acceptable for a player to sign up after the match has been played.
§10.2.1 This applies only if the player is a known member of the clan (i.e.: he is listed in the clan§s official members list).
§10.2.2 The scores of the game might not be added until all players have signed up.

§11: Starting a game
§11.1 All players must be standing on their own team's base for a game to start. Use /ready-command to clarify that you are ready to start the game, which confirms that you are on base.

§11.2 No movement must remain on for the duration of the game, and it must be turned ON before the game starts. This is to ensure fairness at the event of a stop, where the game freezes at the point and no players can fall to a worse position.

§12: Stopping a game
§12.1 This section describes how to stop games. See specific rules to know if and when games may be stopped.

§12.2 Since the /stop function is no longer harmful in the latest JJ2+, players are allowed to stop the game using either /stop, /cstop or a custom !cstop-command such as the one in Camel Duels.
§12.2.1 To ensure the fairness, nomovement must be turned ON in every game at the start.

§13: Ending a game
§13.1 Make sure to gather proof of the game result. Admissible proof is constituted by a screenshot, playlog, chatlog or video recording. A screenshot is preferable, as that is what you can submit on the website without the help of an admin.
§13.1.1 In the case of a last-second score or one team hitting the round's scoring limit, /nomovement on may prevent the last score from being displayed, even if it has been counted by JJ2. In such cases, please do /nomovement off before taking the screenshot. This score will reflect the one in the playlog serverside which will be used to settle any disputes.

General CTF rules
§1: The CTF mappool
§1.1 The levels in the mappool cannot be refused unless a clan has made a veto against the map.
§1.1.2 A level marked as 2v2 only cannot be refused in a 2v2 game, but it can be refused in 3v3 games or bigger (except in the case of a veto).
§1.1.3 A level marked as 3v3 only cannot be refused in 3v3 games or bigger, but it can be refused in a 2v2 game (except in the case of a veto).
§1.1.4 If a game is played with uneven teams (which is only possible to a limited extent; see other rules for details) the size of the larger team counts: a 2v3/1v3 is regarded as a 3v3.
§1.1.5 Clarification: nothing prevents a clan from picking its own veto level.

§1.2 The JJnet crew reserves the right to add any scripts or mutators to associated servers. In the same way we reserve the right to edit mappool maps as we see fit (but we will seek the cooperation of the level makers if they are active).
§1.2.1 Such changes will however be listed on this rules page.
§1.2.2 In the near future, some mappool maps will be modified so that their ammo boxes and barrels turn into infinite ammo sources. This will be done in order to emulate the "ammo piles" that used to be present in most of these cases before JJ2+ provided a "bug fix" for them which made the ammo despawn after a number of seconds.
§1.2.3 In a similar fashion, some barrels will be modified in some mappool maps to only give out bouncer ammo (this was the case before JJ2+).

§1.3 Other levels may be played, but only if both clans agree.

§1.4 Vetoes
§1.4.1 When a clan has reached 10 points, they will get a chance to veto a level. At intervals of 50 (50, 100, 150, etc.) points they will have opportunities to change their veto, up until but not including the scoring limit for the season.

§1.5 The current mappool:

-Butrinti (xlmbut.j2l) (Google Drive)
-Daybreak (ezdaybreak.j2l) (j2o)
-Distopia (lvl, tileset)
-Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l) (lvl, tileset)
-Galactic Warfare (lvl, tileset)
-Gauntlet (gauntlet.j2l) (lvl, tileset)
-Jungle's Edge (lvl, tileset)
-Happy Semiconductor (elmhsemi.j2l / semi.j2l) (lvl, tileset)
-Scrapyard (xlmscrapyard.j2l) (j2o)
-Sparkling Illusions (ezspark.j2l) (j2o)
-Superconductor (elmsuper.j2l) (lvl, tileset)
-Stronghold (xlmstronghold.j2l) (j2o)
-Swingin Jazz (fixed) (bbswing.j2l) (lvl, tileset)
-The Astrolabe (ezastro.j2l) (zip)
-Wicked Wood (xlmww.j2l) (lvl, tileset)

-Ancient Museum (AM.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-City of the Sn00zE v1 (xlmcots.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Dusk v4 (ezdos.j2l) (zip) (3v3+ only)
-Nightwalker (xlmnight.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Orbital IV (ezorb.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-The Dragon Eyrie (xlmdragon.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)

Previously included maps:
-Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] (jjnetctfdw.j2l)(lvl, tileset) (3v3+ only)
-Fauztinville (tdctf06.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-BloodBunny's Lair (lvl, tileset)
-Hall of The Mountain King (xlmhmk.j2l) (j2o)
-Trigelateral v3 (eztrig.j2l) (zip)
-Facing Worlds (face.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Frontier Falls (xlmff.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-This Level Is Untitled (EvilMike212.j2l) (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Los Pollos Hermanos (ezHermanos.j2l) (j2o)
-Starlit CTF (pluctf02.j2l) (j2o)
-Technodus Cargo Station (eztcs.j2l) (zip)
-All Your Base (lvl, tileset) (2v2 only)
-Atom Heart (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Canyon grove (j2o)
-Medieval Skyscrapers (lvl, tileset) (3v3+ only)
-Nuclear Afterblast (old version) (lvl, tileset, music) (3v3+ only)
-Security Breach v2 (lvl, tileset) (3v3+ only)
-Space Island Level with Islands (lvl, tileset) (3v3+ only)
-Trepidation (j2o)
-Unconventional Coffee (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Waterfall Caves (j2o) (3v3+ only)
-Zaitox Station 67 (j2o) (3v3+ only)

JJnet level edits in JCS and Angelscript
The following maps have been altered in JCS or with Angelscripts (all scripts available here).

- Diamondus Warzone[JJnet Edit] (jjnetctfdw.j2l): no shield, altered start positions, different tileset for recognisability, restored ammo piles
- Happy Semiconductor (semi.j2l): restored ammo piles
- Swingin Jazz (fixed) (bbswing.j2l): restored ammo piles
- Technodus Cargo Station (eztcs.j2l): restored ammo piles (ice)
- Frontier Falls (xlmff.j2l): restored ammo piles

- Wicked Wood (xlmww.j2l): restored ammo piles
- Epitome (mlynepitome.j2l): restored ammo piles
- BloodBunny's Lair (jjnetbblair.j2l): restored ammo piles, removed bad start positions, made gun9 PU strong, fireball pickups, cosmetic changes

§1: Server settings
§1.1 The most important settings for CTF (by default) are:
/maxscore 10
/timelimit 10
/pregame off
/passing off
/capturewait on
/allowmouseaim off
/strongpowerups off
/fireball on
§1.2 Mutators
/mutators uppercut on

§1.2 Checking the server settings is both teams' responsibility.
§1.2.1 Matches will not be replayed or restarted because of a faulty setting that could have been prevented if the teams had reminded the server before the game started, unless the teams agree to restart.

§2: Other programs and patches
§1: Mandatory patches
The latest version of JJ2+ must be used by all players and the server.
§2: Cheating
§2.1 Any program which you use to modify JJ2 to give you an unfair advantage, is considered a cheating tool. The unfair advantage, not the program as such, is the problem.
§2.1.1 This means for example that using the "Always run" function in c00l HaX 4 U is allowed, but "Unlimited doublejumps" is not.
§2.1.2 Conversely, if you join the server with a second JJ2 window in order to spectate the enemy flag, this is just as major an offence as using "radar" software is.
§3: For details on what happens if a cheater is caught, see the articles section.

Clanwar rules
This section outlines JJNet's standard clanwar format. Any deviations must be agreed upon beforehand by the clans. Remember to save proof of agreements in case of disputes.

§1: Clanwar agreements and proof
Clanwar agreements must be formalised via the site's challenge system. Make sure to save chatlogs and such in order to prove your claim in case of a dispute. This is especially important regarding details that cannot be easily expressed in the clanwar challenge on the site.
§2: The length of rounds
§2.1 Each clanwar round lasts 10 min or to 10 points by default.
§3: Player amount
§3.1 Clanwars are played 3on3 by default.
§3.2 Clanwars made up exclusively of duels will not be accepted.
§4: The amount of rounds, map choices and colour choices
§4.1 By default, clans choose one map each and each map is played twice, so that both teams have played all maps as both red and blue. Clans choose the colour order on their away map.
§4.2 Before the game starts, clans tell their level choices to the referee in private, who then announces the level choices and makes a coin-flip in order to determine which clan may choose the level order.
§4.2 Clanwars may not end in a tie.
§4.3.1 By default, tied clanwars are settled by playing a tiebreaker.
§ If nothing else was agreed beforehand, the tiebreaker will feature the same amount of players as the other rounds (so by default, a 3on3); in the case of a mixed clanwar, the last rounds will be played 3on3.
§ The default procedure of selecting a tiebreaker map is that the clans take turns vetoing maps until only one remain.
§ Only maps that are applicable to the player amount in question are included in the procedure.
§ The challenging clan casts the first veto.
§ In case that the clanwar is still tied at the end of the last tiebreaker round, a new round will be started with a maxscore of 1 and no timelimit. The winner of that round wins the match. The referee flips a coin in order to determine which clan may choose team colors.

§5: Anti-faking measures
§5.1 The server must take note of the IPs of all players, before the start of each round, or as soon a player is substituted. This so we can investigate faking, should it be suspected. Screenshots is the prefered way, being harder to fake. If there is no reason to suspect the host of bias, IP-logs will suffice.
§5.1.1 This is of course not needed when a the clanwar is played in any of the servers closely associated with JJNet: e.g. Camel Duels or Puke Nukem.

§6: Spectators and referees
§6.1 No spectators are allowed, unless the clans agree otherwise.
§6.1.2 JJnet-appointed servers, referees, broadcasters, recorders or commentators may not be refused.
§6.1.3 The JJnet crew is tasked with assigning servers, referees and broadcasters to clanwars. The referee or servers may in principle not be refused by the clans, but arrangements will be attempted in order to keep everyone involved happy.
§ By default, clanwars are played in Camel Duels or another JJNet-associated server.

§7: Starting the game
When all players are ready, the referee confirms using the spectating feature that everyone is standing on base. The referee then turns /nomovement on and inquires whether the teams are ready to begin. When both teams have confirmed that they are ready, the referee uses /cstart to start the game.

§8: Stopping the game
§8.1 See the general section to find out how to stop games.
§8.2 Even though participating players or spectators may stop the game in case of a problem, they are not allowed to start the game. Only the referee (or a temporary replacement appointed by the referee or a JJnet admin) may start (or /cstart the continuation of) games.
§8.3 The maximum total technical pause time is 10 minutes per map per team.
§8.4 Tactical time outs are allowed (max 3 min and only once per map per team).
§9: Cheating
Any cheating or abusive behaviour during a match will result in a loss for the cheating team. Players found to be cheating will likely be prevented from playing for a certain amount of future games.
§10 If either team suddenly has too few players to continue playing normally, they have 10 minutes to search for replacement or wait for the player to come back. After that, they are allowed to continue the rest of the match with fewer players than their opponents (e.g. 2on3 or 1on2).
§10.1 At the option of the opposing team, the round may also be continued with lower, even numbers (e.g. 3on2 becoming 2on2), or any other arrangement for settling the round to which both teams agree. The default case, however, is to continue with uneven numbers.

Points awarded for a played clanwar
§1 After the clanwar has finished, points will be awarded depending on the amount of ladder points the clans have, the score of the clanwar, and the maximum score of the clanwar. See further details in the article Points awarded for clanwars].

Rules for normal matches
This section outlines JJNet's standard format for ladder matches. Deviations may be agreed upon, but please remember to save proof in such cases.

§1: The length and amount of rounds
§1.1 Each round is 10 minutes or to 10 points by default.
§1.2 Other round lengths and maxscores are possible if clans agree, down to 10 minutes and 10 points.
§1.3 The timelimits of the rounds have to amount to atleast 20 minutes (which is equal to the time consumed by two minimal rounds).

§2 The match must be 2on2 or bigger. The actual player amount is up to the clans to decide.

§3 In order for a game to count, it must be possible to prove that the teams at some point agreed to submit it to the ladder. This means: save a chatlog or screenshot which can strengthen your claim. If there is a dispute, the match will be deleted unless there is sufficient proof of the agreement.

§4 If a team suspects that the other team is using fakers, it is up to said team to make sure the host saves IPs.

§5 No spectators are allowed, unless the clans agree otherwise.
§5.1 JJNet admins or referees appointed by JJNet admins are however allowed to spectate a game, provided they can think of a good reason: e.g. cheating suspicion.
§5.2 JJNet reserves the right to record games.

§6 The match must be paused whenever a player has technical issues.
§6.1 The maximum total technical pause time is 10 minutes per map per team.

§7 Tactical time outs are allowed (max 3 min and only once per map per clan).

§8 Any cheating or abusive behaviour during a match will result in a loss for the cheating team. The player found cheating is likely to be prevented from playing in a certain amount of future games.

§9 Teams choose colour on their opponent’s map.

§10 In the standard case, in which two maps are played, the challenged team chooses the map order.

§11 If one clan for some reason cannot continue the game, they have 10 minutes to find replacements. If they are unsuccessful in doing so, it is up to their opponents to decide whether they want to claim a forfeit win or not.
§11.1 The clan that still has a full team is within its full right to do so, but should keep in mind that it may be harmful for clan relations and not really worth it in what is supposed to be a friendly game.
§11.2 Submitting a tie is allowed, provided that the score is indeed tied.
§11.3 It is possible to finish a round with too few players in the server (=1on2, 2on3, 1on3, §), but not to start a round like that.
§11.4 It cannot be stressed enough: The choice remains completely with the team entitled a to a forfeit win. Clans are entitled to a forfeit win even if they are behind 39-0 when the other team runs out of players.

Points awarded for a played normal match
§1 For a played ladder match, the clans will be awarded...
§1.1 2 points for a win.
§1.2 1 point for a tie.
§1.3 0 points for a loss.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Changes will always be reported on the news page. Not knowing a rule, is not a valid excuse for not following it.