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2015-05-17: "Kevu Lagu ..." -MasterSven
2015-05-16: "L vs TTRound 1:..." -MasterSven
2015-05-16: "i resign from t..." -Naps
2015-05-15: "pr vs gifround ..." -PurpleJazz
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2015-05-14: "Yaaay for first..." -Ragnarok
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2015-05-11: "FS in t3 :000" -KRSplatinum
2015-05-05: "Nice to see FS ..." -Grytolle
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flag -t3> [11:06] CCflag
flag -t3> [02:06] CCflag
flag CC [04:03] -t3>flag
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flag CX [14:04] -t3>flag
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flag CC [06:04] -t3>flag
flag CX [09:02] -t3>flag
flag -t3> [08:01] CXflag
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By: KRSplatinum, in: There's more to life than JJ2 Off topic2015-05-24 17:31
Although it's sometimes untrue and there isn't mor...
By: SAMI, in: Funniest moments! Forum games2015-05-24 14:00
Why use run command? Then you have to type "/run o...
By: Ragnarok, in: 2on2 Tournament Group Stage JJ2 related2015-05-19 10:18
Unfortunate indeed. Thank you for your prompt comm...
By: Treylina, in: Funniest moments! Forum games2015-05-19 02:51
I must be a fake JJ2 player then. There is lit...
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