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2on2 tournament


Each team will be allowed to choose two vetos from the mappool. This means that they will be allowed to refuse these maps whenever an opponent picks it against them.

For each match, any player can request a referee.

Each team is responsible for organising their own matches after fixtures/deadlines have been announced. 

For the most part, please refer to standard ladder rules for the tournament (namely §9, §11, §12, §13 of general rules with regard to ladder site, and §1 (excluding timelimit/scorelimit) of general CTF rules).


  • In the preliminary group stage:

Each team will be sorted into two groups of 5 teams. They will be required to play against everyone in their group in two matches, with scorelimit and timelimit 15 (each team choosing one map each, while the opposite team picks the colour). In addition, both teams will have to announce their maps before either map is played.  Whichever team is higher up in the list (see 'group stage' tab) will have to play their map first for the group stage. For example, in a match between competitors 1 and 3, competitor 1 would have to play their map before competitor 3, unless both teams agree otherwise.

Each team will have to have done 2 matches by Sunday 17th May 23:59 GMT, and 4 matches by Sunday 24th May, 23:59 GMT, or will face disqualification unless they provide satisfactory reasoning.

The team with the least wins/scores in each group will be eliminated, and then a double elimination tournament will commence. Only one team from each group will be eliminated, and four will progress (eight total).

Please send the results of your matches (with screenshots (use imgur.com)) to the comments on the "Group Stage/Fixtures" link.

  • When the group stage has ended:

There will be a double elimination tournament, whereby each match must be played in 4 maps, with scorelimit and timelimit 12 (each team choosing two maps each, while the opposite team picks the colour). In addition, both teams will have to announce their maps before any maps are played. If one team plays their map first, they will also get to play their second map last (meaning the first team picks 1 map, the second team picks 2, then the first team picks 1 more). 

Also, please note that a team cannot pick the same map twice in a single match.

All matches will be scheduled using a Doodle in advance (that I will set up), and possibly refereed if I'm available also. 


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