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2on2 tournament

Group Stage Fixtures


Group #1

  • competitor #1: Grytolle & King
  • competitor #2: Ragnarok & Vegito*1
  • competitor #3: Hordy & Superjazz 
  • competitor #4: Plumbe & Sir Ementaler 
  • competitor #5: Kev & Purplejazz

Group #2 

  • competitor #1: Kenny & Krytical 
  • competitor #2: Ahmed & Ahmo 
  • competitor #3: Blackeye & Krzysiek
  • competitor #4: Lahm & Naps*2 
  • competitor #5: Blackrose & Master Sven

*1 Due to Blackraptor/Toni's unavailability, their team has been substituted by Ragnarok/Vegito.

*2 This team has forfeit and is out.



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2015-06-22 00:26 
I meant to compare krzy/be as individuals to myself. U and br are not underdogs, if anything the only team who id have guessed r more likely to win r cj/hor. Krzy/be are obviously good but i wouldve gussed that u/br would have a more winning record. Even id have questions abt rag/veg, if anything, veg obviously 1 of the best players but also now rag shows that he is rly a good ctf player in this tourney, we knew hes led cx to success but i thought in cx other players would be more active in ladder than rag. This shows rag can be reliable playing with veg who i would never question his viability in a ctf tournament. Now i know rag is also an elite player otherwise how r they undefeated. Ms, u/br as a team r not gonna be underdogs, only bc hor/cj might be at times the 2 best players at ctf, but for me to give an analysis without being biased since im not playing, i still think the top 3 teams are as i said.

Not bc just bc i think that, but look at the top 3 records in group stage. It is what it is, if be/krzy have higher expectations than... ahmo/ahmed, its bc ahmed is relativly new to jj2. However ahmo is on the same or higher level as even br and krzy, tbh. At least imo. Plumbe was struggling lately in ladder as well, being very inactve and his teammate SE still has to gain experience in CTF, afaik. Maybe not exprience, but whether hes gonna play ctf year round is debateable. Lahm and naps dropping out, not a big deal rly, kev/pj more of an uncertainty. Kev is a superb player, a winner, but i havent seen PJ in ctf enough to be able to tell if his ctf knowledge is complete enough to be a contendor in a tournament with this level of competition. I just hope the organising committee finds away to make the 2v2 tourney ultimately a success. I get the feeling some players r so concerned about playing good that ppl r to nervous to relax and have fun.

Rag originally started this tourney, i admit i wanted sth lkike this years ago, thats why i share my opinions and want to motivate players to enjoy, take your time find an opportnity to play more matches, apparently the tourney is not over yet. I talk too much anyway, gonna try and keep myself from wasting others time, im just highly interested and wish i could play. Just wanna see what happens tbh.
2015-06-22 00:01 
What I basically meant was that you should also have mentioned Eye and krzy when u were talking about the 'best players'. Those 4 teams will probably make up the teams of the semi finals, if the tournament will ever advance.

Of course Eye and krzy arent in their JDC shape atm and wont have a certain win. Everyone has a chance on winning. Br and me will be the underdog in the public view, Im not gonna try to be prepared but Ill do my best if we'll play.

Being self-centered doesnt make you a bad person btw. It does make it hard to figure out your point if 90% of it is about yourself. Id suggest to try to keep your own experience out of your text, you can use it for shortly summarized comparisions in second or third person, but dont get into less relevant details.

So: to me your post wasnt hostile or bad at all, but its not clear for me what you mean either.


Edited: 2015-06-22 00:02 by MasterSven
2015-06-21 22:23 
i thought about krzy and be as theyre both on the verge of being elite players. they can lose like everybody but their level of consistency is equal to being pro for multiple years. however thats exactly why i factor in age in consideration of them. i dont think anything bad of younger ppl dont get me wrong all ppl deserve respect. however when i was in hs or even before i had the talent to compete against greater players like blurredd at the time or dizzy or whoever or cell or salamander whoever played but i didnt have enough time for training. this is why i look at myself and ask why i had no impact on ladder, on jdc, not playing in this 2v2 tournament, not having much of an impact as a player for the last few years. i can only say i dont have the discipline to be a part of a team in the role of a leader which im expected to be. thats bc my motivation to create team success isnt there, my mentality wants to focus on working on my basketball game and use jj2 to talk, even when i do good in random games on jj2 i havent translated that to working to make a team better rly at any point in the last few years. this is why ms when i say be and krzy have equal skill or better than any team in this tourney i look at how much i still expect them to develop as players not in terms of skill but whether theyre concentrated on jj2 bc its a discipline. thats why i referred to myself bc im older but as i bet u know and realize this ms i lack concentration skills on most serious tasks and its bc i dont have the discipline to focus on anything except to play basketball which never earns me any credit in other realms of life, for example, in jj2 where i dont have the attention span to make a difference for an actual team. sorry i dont wanna make it about me, but bringing up my thoughts on other teams, i dont wanna insult others so i have to point out my own flaws while others can learn from areas that im either good or bad. being self centered may make me look like a bad person, as u said 1-2 months ago all teams were in a different state as far as the mentality to even make a 2v2 tournament and ppl become alienated from the player base in terms of the level of activity. im not sure if this makes sense but those r my thoughts.
2015-06-21 15:36 
I think you would agree that if the activity and shape of 1-2 months ago was involved we would have a smaller chance of winning... I didnt say anything about those teams being the best.

Edited: 2015-06-21 15:36 by MasterSven
2015-06-21 15:16 
2015-06-21 15:12 

Deleted: 2015-06-21 18:19 by Krzysiek
2015-06-21 09:15 
I decided to make this rankings table:


Edited: 2015-06-21 12:19 by MasterSven
2015-06-21 08:38 
Eye and Krzy actually had a great chance on winning 1 month ago. But since acitvity is low, even of dedicated players, the roles have changed. Atm its just about skills and not about shape or activity. This means that teams like br and me and veg and rag have a better chance on winning.

Edited: 2015-06-21 08:40 by MasterSven
2015-06-21 07:03 
the best teams are rag/veg, cj/hor, ms/br.

also gry/king r good but lack chemistry or teamplay and kryt/kenny have rust, other teams are talented but these r the highest skill teams for now imho
2015-06-20 17:38 
L vs SA has been played, check the upload link on camel duels for details.
2015-05-27 12:12 

Deleted: 2015-05-27 21:24 by Lithium
2015-05-16 18:36 
L vs TT

Round 1: semi, picked by TT, score: 3-3

Round 2: daybreak, picked by L, score: 10-0
2015-05-16 16:56 
i resign from this tournament
2015-05-15 21:39 
pr vs gif

round 1: je, 7-2, picked by gif


round 2: bblair, 7-1, picked by pr


2015-05-15 15:59 
L vs NNF

Round 1: AYB, picked by L, score: 15-2

Round 2: Gauntlet, picked by NNF, score 15-1
2015-05-14 21:44 

Deleted: 2015-05-14 21:45 by BlAcKeYe
2015-05-14 21:43 
L vs OP

Round 1: epitome 1-15, picked by OP


Round 2: JE 4-9, picked by L.



Edited: 2015-05-14 21:44 by Krzysiek
2015-05-14 00:07 
Yaaay for first match!

(19 to go) xD
2015-05-13 23:30 
[M0H] vs PR

Round1: epitome 10 - 4, picked by [M0H]


Round2: BBlair 4 - 2 picked by pr

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