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Return to thread2012-04-08 13:37
You know when i post something here that it's going to be good.

[13:07:10] [ib)wumpa]: mirror map again
[13:07:16] [ib)wumpa]: no creative skills

[13:07:41] FawFuLCC: why is a symmetric map not creative
[13:07:51] [ib)wumpa]: mirror map
[13:07:53] [ib)wumpa]: ...
[13:08:09] FawFuLCC: a lot of maps are "mirrored"
[13:08:13] RabidRabbCC: idd
[13:08:14] [ib)wumpa]: whyyy
[13:08:26] FawFuLCC: because that balances out easily
[13:08:33] RabidRabbCC: because that's the easyest was to balace
[13:08:36] [ib)wumpa]: eh
[13:08:36] RabidRabbCC: balance
[13:08:42] [ib)wumpa]: this is why
[13:08:46] [ib)wumpa]: semi is popular