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Return to thread2012-04-22 12:36
[12:32:38] Puma[Hell]: /FORCESEPCTATE ALL OFF
[12:32:41] -t3>CJ: you know what a Puma means btw?
[12:32:42] -t3>CJ: Xd
[12:32:44] Puma[Hell]: :d
[12:32:45] ÐarkLightCÇ: JOJJAN CANTS JOINS
[12:32:48] Poke: is it a dark cat?
[12:32:48] Anubis4Loon: zywiec beer is nice
[12:32:49] Anubis4Loon: xd
[12:32:50] Andrzej-CDF-: who is puma
[12:32:51] ÐarkLightCÇ: ;D
[12:32:52] Andrzej-CDF-: magyar?
[12:32:54] ÐarkLightCÇ: PUMBA
[12:32:58] Poke: plumbe?
[12:33:03] Andrzej-CDF-: sonic
[12:33:04] -t3>CJ: no, Puma means a woman who likes young boys Xd
[12:33:05] -t3>CJ: in Finnish
[12:33:06] Puma[Hell]: IGAN MAGYAR VAGYOK
[12:33:07] ÇÇzSóñiç: hm
[12:33:08] Andrzej-CDF-: you small cry? Xd,,
[12:33:08] ÐarkLightCÇ: LIK
[12:33:09] Poke: LOL
[12:33:09] ÐarkLightCÇ: KLOEP
[12:33:10] ÐarkLightCÇ: LS)FL_{)ERF){TR
[12:33:11] ÐarkLightCÇ: :+WD_+ER_+_+T
[12:33:18] ÐarkLightCÇ: +_WDF+_RE)$#+_TR)
[12:33:19] Poke: pedophile?
[12:33:23] ÐarkLightCÇ: PO_+)EO(IE_)TFE_)(TFE_)(TE_)T(_E)T(_E(
[12:33:25] -t3>CJ: no, not necessarily pedo