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Return to thread2012-04-29 20:55
[20:19:14] GrýtölLčÇç: in 3v3 you can win by just running to enemy base all the
[20:19:15] GrýtölLčÇç: time
[20:19:15] A ManCx: yep
[20:19:18] GrýtölLčÇç: even if you die a lot
[20:19:19] GrýtölLčÇç: and lag a lot
[20:19:23] IustynGpW: thats what gry does

[20:47:23] GrýtölLčÇç: But if u want good map tips
[20:47:30] GrýtölLčÇç: allhailshaney.j2l is the way to go
[20:47:39] GrýtölLčÇç: it was the first penis destique ever saw, apparently