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Return to thread2012-07-22 18:31
It's bound to be like that because people don't get this tournament seriously. There aren't many national teams and the ones that already exist lack the unity the real life teams have. It just seems less serious, and it only takes a bunch of trolls or a fight between two teammates and the tournament might fail. Also, real life teams have dozens of players and replacements while an average national team here has... 4 members? Gathering three people from a team for a 3v3 is hard. Maybe some kind of a national tournament council or a JJ2 CTF federation ( emo) could help, but like this the NT will have to adapt to the players and not the other way around.

In case a country doesn't have 4-5 players (or 3 very available ones), something else can be considered, but that isn't the case for Serbia afaik (and letting countries with strong players merge is only OK if the real teams in tournament agree). As far as complete bs teams go, those will be allowed if it serves the purpose of filling a slot.