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It has been now one year since the last JJnet leve...
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Underrated Paradise
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I just wanted to say this topic was inspired by a ...
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Last time cd31 joined the server, he pwned dz in a dream. It was awesome, but DZ took it away and CD31 woke up. After that cd31 went to the bathroom and washed a nigga with a sponge but his mother was a sponge. The fire was rampant, he died. But his ghost wanted to get naked. After that he went to Ron97 and asked: "Where's mah cake?" But Ron97 answered: "No Grytul open. Sorry, the potato has been poisoned by Craig David and me!". KiMO is in love, but Craig David made a suprise that everybody didn't like. Next week I will visit my fish and bake something tasty like the cake from the Portal of Cheese and Ritual of Saint Ron. Fish know the truth of Sasik's child and came to Loon to tell the rumor. Loon dreamed about DarkLight, but she refused him because he kissed her. A firefly called Xriksus was watching them and he decided to jump over the garden to Loon. Damar went to Craig David Junior and played with mister Proper in semi, but suddenly his arm got a bottle of milk. Ktos wanted to fart and tell Lahm that Laro is a paladin so he could hit Tweek, then run away to the ring cafe. Laro joined the server after seeking Zoro for a duel then asking what happened with Craig David. ThunderWalker ate every cake and got a cto from a crappy Steel pickaxe. CD31 NUB. Tomorrow I'll pwn SlaYer for posting gaynor telesystems passwords radar. Cats and Chess doing a level about Ktos' love. After some breakfast I came there and found a pencil. Greatolle wrote naughty comments about Artem while Treylina drew everyone shocked by waving her doormat. Guinea pigs might have got skills for ladders during the great cheat attack by cd31. Parrot with some friend of lahm died, NOT. The cake master died. Iustyn lived just when Frostmourne wanted to backstab Kyro, since someone stole a cake from Micky aka Eragon with pink cannonballs. Mom ate Micky's cake cuz U.S.A attacked the City of the Sn00zE with death wands from The Hakurei Shrine.Angelina Jolie flies thru the valley of marshmallow lolcats of Nyan Empire where CD31 walked long ago. SeeU had electroblaster and she wanted to destroy Kaito, but he caught an ice cream straight up in Imperial City. Meanwhile in Nyan Empire a train hit DZ but he still survived and pwned the sheep overlords. Ashigaru ate the cake. The end. But in another universe there existed Zoro The Knight. He jumped into Mercedes and rushed to St. Edgar's Hammerite Cathedral where the ignorant started to pray to the unholy nigga named Constantine. Evildoers drew a lovely drawing made of seasoned monalisa but Ahmad ate the cake and lemons. Meanwhile on Mars a piece of "zcave.j2l", filled with evil reviews because CX loves winning a LoL match in "xlmww.j2l". Rabbit cookies were baked by Sakuya who was in love with a girl named SeeU and another girl with hair on her little doll. Hence, some randomers or fakers tried to challenge Kaito but Gakupo jumped in surprise and accidentally died. Meanwhile, all the turtles on jetski's were killing a crystaline spaceship with chickens because Krytical pwns. At Ba sing se, the Chinese played table tennis club. Roku and the Chinese government decided to ban cakes but Lithium managed to destroy the banana republic in Brazil. Hovertank jedi squad grew enough to conquer Earth with RFs. Their deathstar thought the earthlings are powerful. Slayer will die making a huge plush Death Star that shoots seekers at him. The National hole digging contest of Tar Valon's neighboring villages turned into a free-for-all Tiberium Wars because Gry idled. The NT clerk captured Semirhage's panties after a long bath. Laggers chose to airhit him with RFs during pregame of a match on semi. After Notch added enderman an uproar supporting Jeb appeared on Reddit demanding that Notch allows Herobrine to ravage Mushroom Biomes because they are illegal and block views. Whatever server Supermario hosted crashed Gauntlets but failed crashing. Meanwhile, a hovertank named Cheese, it's legendary! After the Forsaken's awakening I took an Aiel's wand of death. I'm an evildoer. Meanwhile, Nod has built an amazing Flame Tank stronger than an Avatar. The cake is awesome. Anywhore better learn *magic* if they're unlimited. Egypt said a word "DEITY". Today DEITY drinks the most water. Yesterday DEITY prayed vertically in a tree because so. The sun exploded, an event caused by rematching Chuck Swartowsky the legendary goblin. Origami bird killed Spaz and Jazz tried to ragequit. Suddenly, a creeper started an explosion with bubbles of glory. Fire farted an alien toxin. Tomorrow I jump to heaven and hell with DEITY. The DEITIES prepared an atomic fart which CD31 wanted to annoy evildoers with. A man always uses fire on heretics. Hulk Hogan found a bomb and JCDenton found a helicopter in a vulcano of Ice and Fire. Today a rabbit's ear grew like elderberries. THIS IS PATRICK. On YouTube I saw a dragon and a viking line-dancing. Tomorrow DEITY will decide the color of food that paladins are forbidden to eat. Grytolle made