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Return to thread2013-03-15 02:09
Uhm, I have to say that I wouldn't bury JJ2 just yet.

In 1999 the listervers went down and everybody was saying jj2 is dead. And to be sure, a HUGE chunk of people stopped playing. I stopped playing for a couple of months as well because I was sure the serverlist was down for good.

Then I open the game in August 1999 and the serverlist worked. Sure there were a lot less players but still. JJ2 survived.

We were sure it would die in a couple of years.

It's really quite amazing how many times jj2 has managed to stage a comeback. When I rejoined 2-3 years ago, the community was full of new people and that came as a complete surprise to me.

Nowadays there are fewer active players, but this community has seen way worse. So in that sense I'm pretty optimistic, because in spite of everybody trying to bury JJ2 ever since it was created in 1998, the game just keeps on rolling.