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Return to thread2013-06-14 19:51
[19:49:34] Nitorij<CDF>: how do i write in colors!!!
[19:49:34] eko>Razfire: ?
[19:49:41] Mew Zakuro NC: HOLD SHIFT
[19:49:42] <GpL>Byakuren: want to come to <GpL>
[19:49:42] *** 15 seconds left...
[19:49:42] Youmuj<CDF>: nitori you press alt f4 to get a color map
[19:49:45] *** <GpL>Rumia left the game
[19:49:46] Mew Zakuro NC: and type this button
[19:49:46] *** Utsuhoj<CDF> left the game
[19:49:48] *** Nitorij<CDF> left the game
[19:49:50] Mew Zakuro NC: \
[19:49:50] *** <GpL>Byakuren left the game

Trololololol in Zeal Alpha emo
(Also notice that Utsuho is not in CDF but in j<CDF>emo