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Return to thread2015-01-21 20:02
[18:42:03] SAMI: AiR
[18:42:18] Sadmax: u need air?
[18:42:47] Sadmax: keep breathing u will survive

for those who can't get it,he actually throught 1 means l
[19:03:46] Sadmax: I?
[19:04:01] Sadmax: u mean l
[19:04:08] *** Foly[CDF] roasted t3>Cäp`n Gucky
[19:04:09] *** t3>Cäp`n Gucky lost the Blue Flag
[19:04:11] Sadmax: l means lonely
*after some ctf codes and captures*
[19:06:51] Sadmax: u lonely
[19:08:03] Sadmax: go get gf if ur lonely

[19:22:19] Toni CC: I used to be the best player here once upon a time

[19:40:30] grýt0llèCc: lets have a quickie!
[19:40:32] grýt0llèCc: (no homo)

[19:40:54] grýt0llèCc: waiting for my first student to be r
[19:41:12] [CDF]Naps: first?
[19:41:18] grýt0llèCc: for her oral exam