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Return to thread2015-04-24 18:11
Cya JJ, enjoy your time with no computer. I have no computer of my own anymore either, I started to disassemble my notebook from ~1 month ago, since it's truly unneeded and I'd really like to study the hardware and learn about the systemic components, to expand my base of knowledge. Why not just use a library computer though? That's what I'm doing now, lol. It's not a waste of time, it's almost impossible to waste time at the library though. My issue is I have a 1-hour time limit for computer use, but that's enough to make at least 1 post, or to join Camel Duels and login, if I want to xd. Do you really want to quit using computers forever? Sure if you do then maybe you can, I'm just offering an alternative, not trying to bother you, only suggesting if it could be a good idea or not.

Anyway, it's been really nice being in our clan FB, CDF and playing in general. I wish you a goodbye! With the stipulation that I hope to chat with you again sometime, and I think everyone feels that a goodbye is never forever. Then again, it may just be that there's no computers available. With no computer of my own, I'm limited to daytime hours to use a library computer or some other form of a public computer. That's not my biggest dilemma in life, so I hope you also aren't troubled by having limited computer access? So, anyway, there's no reason I should make a long and confusing post about this simple subject. Just gotta say, I've enjoyed talking with you, playing with you and just having fun overall. My greater point is: I think a good plan is to relax, take a break, a goodbye is never forever, so it would be great to see you in the community in the future, as you have been in the past. emo

~ Splat

(BTW, FYI, I am really Splat, I just deleted my passwords for these 3 accounts: KRSplat; KRSplatinum; and: Calm Splat. Since it was really unecesary to vote on a poll 3 times on different accounts. This is off-topic though, just wanted to clarify my identity.)