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Return to thread2016-02-04 20:03

[14:48:09] togepi[5]: Do i want |RF here?
[14:48:11] togepi[5]: lol
[14:48:27] togepi[5]: Do i want ||RF |||||||Here?
[14:48:34] riri[3]: you want fuck WOPEN there
[14:48:39] Nume[8]: lol
[14:48:39] HyperionCC[8]: XD
[14:48:42] togepi[5]: X
[14:48:56] togepi[5]: E@#!$#C!
[14:49:01] HyperionCC[9]: !k
[14:49:01] Console: HyperionCC[9] has failed badly!
[14:49:02] Nume[8]: when did I become so retarded?
[14:48:29] riri[3]: you want fuck WOPEN there
[14:49:14] HyperionCC[ini]: rofl
[14:49:58] HyperionCC[ini]: u cant break it now krzy xd
[14:50:02] not krzy[17]: well;
[14:50:07] togepi[6]: this so..
[14:50:10] not krzy[17]: im trying lvls what i cant pass on first try
[14:50:16] riri[3]: you can fuck ur laptop adn brake that!
[14:50:35] Nume[8]: use your own nick
[14:50:37] Nume[8]: bitch
[14:50:40] togepi[6]: who
[14:50:42] Nume[8]: riri
[14:50:42] riri[3]: no rf need you
[14:50:44] riri[3]: you want fuck WOPEN there
[14:50:49] HyperionCC[8]: XD
[14:50:58] togepi[6]: why you fuck the wopen?
[14:51:07] togepi[6]: wopen dont do anything
[14:51:09] HyperionCC[10]: XD
[14:51:39] riri[3]: bcs
[14:51:40] riri[3]: you want fuck WOPEN there
[14:51:46] not krzy[3]: !k
[14:51:46] Console: not krzy[3] has failed badly!
[14:51:46] togepi[6]: any wopen?
[14:51:51] riri[3]: all WOPEN!
[14:51:55] togepi[6]: wopens*
[14:51:58] riri[3]: one know wopen?
[14:51:58] togepi[6]: no
[14:52:02] togepi[6]: you dont have to
[14:52:07] togepi[6]: YOU ONLU WANT RF
[14:52:10] togepi[6]: ONLY*
[14:52:18] riri[3]: then you want fuck WOPEN RF
[14:52:23] togepi[6]: xd
[14:52:35] not krzy[3]: fuck you
[14:53:54] HyperionCC[win]: riri was distracting me with his wopen
[14:53:57] HyperionCC[win]: i couldve been faster
[14:54:00] HyperionCC[win]: xD
[14:54:03] togepi[6]: help
[14:54:04] HyperionCC[win]: i was dying of laughter ffs
[14:54:07] togepi[6]: no rf
[14:54:09] riri[3]: yes yes my WOPEN is huge
[14:56:20] riri[3]: you must fuck WOPEN and you will have RF
[14:56:26] HyperionCC[win]: XS
[14:56:27] HyperionCC[win]: XD
[14:56:29] togepi: stop say fuck please
[14:56:40] HyperionCC[win]: [14:48:29] riri[3]: you want fuck WOPEN there
[14:56:49] riri[3]: toge Nume will show u woh to fuck WOPEN
[14:57:28] riri[3]: but if u fuck WOPEN
[14:57:30] riri[3]: lag stop
[14:57:35] togepi: how :O
[14:57:35] HyperionCC[win]: rofl
[14:57:38] not krzy[13]: riri are you retard or u just act like a retard?
[14:58:17] riri[3]: smoke u can show togepi?
[14:58:21] riri[3]: to fuck WOPEN?
[14:58:24] togepi: XD
[14:58:26] riri[3]: so toge see RF again?
[14:59:27] riri[3]: you will fuck WOPEN or do you want that WOPEN fuck you?
[14:59:37] Smoke[JF][2]: *ta dm tss
[15:01:26] riri[3]: hyepriot! you want WOPEN in u ass?
[15:01:31] togepi[ini]: XD
[15:01:35] Smoke[JF][2]: wtf is wopen
[15:01:36] togepi[ini]: rofl
[15:01:37] HyperionCC[win]: XD
[15:01:48] riri[3]: WOPEN u need to kill
[15:01:51] togepi[ini]: :X
[15:01:53] Smoke[JF][2]: ???
[15:01:56] riri[3]: do ready and u get WOPENS
[15:02:00] riri[3]: /ready
[15:02:26] riri[3]: but you need fuck WOPEN and you win
[15:02:33] Smoke[JF][2]: feels like league of legends
[15:03:20] Nume[8]: riri is the worst by far
[15:03:25] Smoke[JF][2]: hahaha
[15:03:27] Nume[8]: she should be banned
[15:03:31] togepi[3]: riri be quiet
[15:03:36] Nume[8]: anyone know shaker's skype?
[15:04:01] togepi[3]: of you say fuck agian i'll let you sad and happy
[15:05:54] Smoke[JF][2]: FUCKING HELL
[15:05:54] Nume[8]: emoDD
[15:06:05] riri[3]: you need WOPEN in moouth??
[15:06:06] Smoke[JF][2]: ???????????????????????????????????????
[15:06:06] togepi[3]: ririgpw ||||emo
[15:06:46] riri[3]: smoke u need fuck WOPENS so u no fail more


[08:43:46] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: u can tell him to fuck wopen
[08:43:51] DaMaR[25]: XD
[08:43:51] Sarah[11]: no
[08:43:52] DaMaR[25]: idd emo
[08:44:00] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: "no" xD
[08:44:02] Sarah[11]: dont fuck wopen
[08:44:14] Sarah[11]: wopen is your FRIEND!
[08:44:21] Sarah[11]: dont FUCK!
[08:44:31] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: well
[08:44:35] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: you can fuck your friends too
[08:44:36] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: emo
[08:44:39] DaMaR[26]: XD
[08:44:46] 15 minutes left...
[08:44:46] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: people do that
[08:44:47] [CĐF]AgentĐoyle[14]: emo
[08:45:05] Sarah[11]: the who DONT KNOW THE WOPEN IS HIS FRIEND!
[08:45:12] Sarah[11]: do that
[08:45:22] Sarah[11]: np wopen xd