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Jelly Jam
Return to thread2017-07-22 17:53
I'm Jelly Jam. Nikola is my real name. I mostly play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and some other old games simply because they remind me of the good times when I was a little kid, but I also play relatively new games. This summer I've been playing mostly the old games, including Jazz Jackrabbit 2, having fun in Jazz Creation Station and even preparing a big J2O release for September!

I'll be 18 in September and like Splat I too play basketball, and I'm kind of bad as well, I'm not really athletic or fast, but I'm good at shooting hoops, even from far distances. I too like it how the game brings ppl together, however my teammates often get pissed. I play the game because it's fun.

I'm from Serbia and the town I live in is Cacak. My ancestors were from Herzegovina, however (my mother's side was near Dubrovnik and my father's side was from the modern day Montenegrin part).

My favorite sports team is Red Star Belgrade.

Only one year of high school left.

That's about it lol.