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Jelly Jam
Return to thread2017-07-23 16:15
Well I played JJ1 but it's not on my old games list. Actually I think JJ2 is the only 2D platformer out of all my childhood games.

These aren't as old as those games however. I have much more of them but these are the first that come to mind:

Need For Speed Porche
Moorhuhn Kart XXL (my very first game!)
Neighbours from hell 1 and 2
Dont Angry
Zuma Deluxe
Mummy Maze Deluxe
Heavy Weapon
Chicken Invaders 1 and 2
Counter Strike 1.6
Pocket Tanks (cant forget this one since there was a bug i really liked to abuse lol)

Moorhuhn is a german series of games. The moorhuhn community was as small as the Jazz one but a few days ago I found out that the major moorhuhn fan site got closed sadly. Played all of the 4 racing games but this very first one will always be my favorite. I have a lot more Moorhuhn games but they are less fun.

Mummy Maze, Zuma and Heavy Weapon are from PopCap games, the guys that made Plants vs Zombies!

NFS Porche was my first NFS game. I even have a racing wheel for it! I played more games from the series, including the most popular one, NFS Most Wanted, but I still think Porche is better!

AirStrike2's some helicopter game. Never thought of playing AirStrike1 though, lol.

I dont play CS 1.6 online because no one wants to talk. Besides I'm so bad that even bots kill me with ease lol.

I got all of these games from some guy we bought the computer from, except Madagascar, which i begged my parents to buy lol. He gave me a bunch of CDs, and Jazz2 was on one of them! They werent oficial CDs or Jewel Cases sadly. I dont know if he actually bought these or just pirated them. Back then I was 4.

But anyway, I got them all for free and I'm still happy! Thanks to him I played like 60 games lol.

Also you'd win the 1vs1 because there's a diffirence between playing bad in Europe and playing bad in America. emo