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By: Jelly Jam, in: Who is the best Serbian player?!? « JJ2 related2017-11-20 03:18
lol welcome back xd
By: Ahmo, in: Who is the best Serbian player?!? « JJ2 related2017-11-20 01:43
Hordy Anyday !! also Arte with radar was hard to ...
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By: KRSplatinum, in: 'Facing Worlds' Is Still The Best Multiplayer Map... « JJ2 related2017-11-14 02:17
I forgot, the difference is that on JJ2 Facing Wor...

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Return to thread2017-07-23 21:48
Hi everyone, Hope here, though nowadays I use the name Niel. I'm from Hungary and I'll be a 22 years old pony in august.

JJ2 was one of the first games I've ever played, some kids at school introduced me to it and we used to play split screen multi all the time. I didn't even know about the online part until I accidentally pressed enter at the wrong time around 2009. (I'd like to mention that pretty much nothing I said before 2013 counts because I was a very stupid and very confused teen)

Anyway, nowadays I play Dark Souls 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, Last of Us, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and I ocassionally visit JJ2, usually in the evenings (CET).

I don't have any cool hobbies, though I sometimes write novels and short stories (that I'm too afraid to publish anywhere) and just do random things like design space shuttles and invent new mathematical formulas to make some tedious calculations easier. You know, just average stuff. emo

Just to continue the conversation, I used to play basketball too! For some unknown reason I ended up in the school team despite my height (164 right now and it seems that I might still gain a few centimetres!). It was fun especially when the opponents underestimated me. emo

Oh and don't worry Jelly, you can't be worse than me at CS. emo