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By: Jelly Jam, in: Funniest moments! « Forum games2017-10-15 00:35
[00:34:30] Jety: it's better than to play with old...
By: Jelly Jam, in: Funniest moments! « Forum games2017-10-14 00:08
To add to it, it was Smoke's server.
By: cooba, in: Funniest moments! « Forum games2017-10-12 22:39
[22:21:51] Fabian[NC]: NC CLAN IS DEAD [22:21:54]...
By: Jelly Jam, in: Funniest moments! « Forum games2017-10-11 22:13
[22:12:36] Jety: so, Smoke, feel free to fk off an...

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Return to thread2017-08-01 14:29
[04:47:30] Smoke[NC]: do u remember where orbitz is from?
[04:47:34] wrncx: no idea
[04:47:40] P-F[Gpw]: canada
[04:47:41] Laser: yes ik from where
[04:47:44] Laser: he from canada
[04:47:45] Smoke[NC]: from tezk?
[04:47:46] Smoke[NC]: oh ok
[04:47:47] Laser: city ontario
[04:47:52] Smoke[NC]: thanks CIA
[04:47:54] Laser: xD
[04:48:05] Laser: but why u want to know from where is he?
[04:48:15] Smoke[NC]: 2 assasinate him
[04:48:20] Laser: emo
[04:48:25] Laser: u r a jew then
[04:48:27] Laser: go kill
[04:48:27] Laser: xD