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Return to thread2018-01-08 18:25
I check jjnet every now and then. Since i left jj2 after NT 2016 due to lack of time for jj2 i intend to come back. Wanted to have that done by april 2017 – well that failed fucking big time. However im still working to return to jj2. Now idk when thats gonna be but when i come back id be very happy to return to an active community where there is not only Jety to play against till judgement day!

Someone make a skype group (e.g. „jj2 group“). THIS GROUP IS ONLY FOR ORGANISING JJ2 MATCHES!! So it is only for asking for a match („someone up for a game?“ --> y/n , "in 20 min"). that should prevent ppl from leaving the group cuz of too much spam! Now contact the players of our community and ask them if they still wanna play jj2 every now and then! If yes, explain them the "rules" of that group and add them, if they agree to it. if somebody still keeps spamming the group kick him!

i guess MANY players check jjnet and severlist, see that nothings going on and gtfo again - this way they dont see eachother to set up a match!

currently 58(!!!!) ppl played some game in this JDC season! i think that proves my point! there are enough players who still wanna play. we just have to organise the matches! perhaps such a skype group could be a solution.
say we get to add 20-30 ppl to the group. if someone asks for a match im sure that often times 3-4 ppl would be up for a match! ofc it wouldnt be always the same ppl being up for it, but enough. sometimes that guy has some time for a game, sometimes some other dude has.

now thank you for reading my novel. give it a try, dont lose hope and i see ya all in filled camel servers when i return to jj2!

PS: -t3> rulez