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Return to thread2018-06-01 11:53
So for clarification: Captains should now let their team vote on the mappool and then come to us with their definite votes regarding the mappool. I hope we can do this all on the NT channels on the NT + captains discord for which captains have already been invited. The list of maps which can be voted on is this:

1. Distopia
2. Wicked Wood
3. Semi
4. Face
5. This level is untitled
6. Jungles Edge
7. Crystalline
8. Galactic Warfare

Each team can vote yes and no for each map and they can say yes and no as many times as they want, although only the 4 maps with the most votes will make it in the mappool. (They will join the 6 maps that are already in the mappool) Teams can submit their veto map only until their first match starts!

The 6 already confirmed mappool maps:

Ancient Museum

Also, team captains can now contact their teammates and the captains of their opponents to schedule matches. Matches can already be scheduled (between the 15th of June and the 15th of July) but not played before the 15th of June due to the mappool voting. Every match that is not yet scheduled on the 14th of July will be scheduled for the 15th of July by the tournament officials on a time that they deem most convienient. Expect the rules and the other NT 2018 pages to be up soon!