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Return to thread2018-09-11 15:29
@Toni It was a bit of a last minute vote. I believe 7 people were invited to the council in total, out of which 5 voted. I had played most maps in 2v2 and/or 3v3 except three of them, when I was invited to vote on Sunday, and the voting deadline was until midnight on the same day so I only had the evening after coming back home to play or look through all maps in detail. Other council members had already started testing the maps from the afternoon, though. One more person invited in the voting council seemed too busy to pick 3 maps on time that day, as he had only played two of them and was busy at the time. Giving a few more days notice might have allowed more people to participate in the voting.

I do like the ideas of cooba and Jelly Jam that would let more maps get in, either from this or next season, as it was indeed a difficult choice to pick only 3 maps out of all the quality entries we got. I don't really like the idea of completely replacing the voting council with a public vote, though. By picking a voting council it's easier to make sure only people who would vote based on objective criteria in accordance with the contest requirements are allowed to vote. Otherwise clan members or level making group members would coordinate their votes according to their own group's interests. I don't see how including some of the level creators would be doable either, as they could still vote in a way that would move their map in the ranking, even when not voting for their own map.