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Return to thread2011-07-11 21:44
Mistaking a chat message for a plus echo doesn't sound very intelligent.

LOL wtf are u talking about, u made the OBVIOUS mistake and u expect me to forget it?! because, you know, "admins make mistakes almost all the time and all we can do is watch". smart move.

i wasn't talking about the actual ban i took, but the jokes u wanted to make were purely addressed to Zoro. i'm sure ANY OF U fucking idiots wouldn't have done the same if i joined with the "kimoCC" name. after u realized who i was, u stopped it. coincidence much? and there is a difference between my "lame" jokes and ur lame jokes, i was banned twice because of mines and yours, and u, the admins, didn't even notice it and call it the same damn thing. how lame of u.

u were going to duel but NOT there. war clearly said he won't play in that ZD because it's a laggy server, so he went searching another one. even if he found it or not, u weren't going to play in that server because Warrior said so, are u that stupid to understand this fact? so moti had all the rights to play, even if u liked that he "ruined ur JDC promised match" which u werent gonna have it on the server she spectated off or not.

i dont get u nerd, at first u think about making jokes on a -i don't wanna insult, but it's true- noob like Zoro, but when it comes to say the truth ure stating bullshits like "kimo got us nervous and we banned him", even if u AT FIRST made fun of me (well u thought u were doing on zoro, i was laughing the last).

u know what, nerd, i thought u were different, more balanced, more serious, smarter, but u are just like toni and jake. a silly admin who'd rather put himself in the first place more than respecting the actual rules of an admin. and if u don't wanna call them "rules", at least be a damn man with balls and realize what u've done.