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Return to thread2011-07-13 14:16
God, what all are you gonna suggest next? That god needs to host battle 3 only at some server? (No offense, this is just getting hilarious now)
As Lith stated, the amount of server one wants to host is THEIR OWN choice. I have no idea what you're aiming at anymore now. The problem DZ stated, is actually exactly what you guys are doing right now emo... AGAIN. I thought that was clear by now but apparently not.

If I wish to host n00bed CTF v2 24/7 I'll do that at the CC relaxer, fyi. That however doesn't mean the levellist fucked up it seems so I got something to fix XD. It wasn't supposed to host CTF/survivors.. Lol.

Also, if you disagree with something why won't you simply start your own 24/7 server or something? Get your own admins there and see if you can do better. The current community acts very harsh/rude. Make one mistake and they'll never forgive you again. Think of what you're saying. I think DZ made his point and all you're doing is continuing the discussion in other ways...