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Return to thread2011-07-13 15:35
Again. They're his servers, he is the one deciding who he's giving access to his priority. The servers are just servers. Anyone can host servers, they're not the community. These servers are there for if someone wants a neutral server. They were never supposed to be the main servers. They were supposed to be back ups. If he doesn't TRUST a person enough, he won't give them access. Trustee, right? He mentioned it. Also Lith, you mentioned having the possibility of having a choice. Even simply gathering a bit of money to pay for your own GpW server, will allow you to have a choice. Exactly what CCers did, right? Sfaizst, EvilD and myself all set up different servers that can be used for different purposes, and other rules apply there.

It isn't his website, jj.net =/= ZDs, and no matter how much that is said, you (kimo) continue to call both DZs property. Sure, you can mention your opinion. He answered, and so instead of accepting something, you decide to start to "complain" about something else of his server. Exactly what he didn't want to see and exactly what you're continuing. Smart? Definitely not. Suggestions are okay, but you've been going on about the same for some 200 posts now. I guess I can consider that complaining. Let me quote:

I'm not asking for money. I'm just saying that I put alot of time and money on this. So I can't say that I like the way some people complain and/or seems to think they own the server. Furthermore, I decide who should be administrator on my property. And there has never been a price to pay to get trustee rights (think about the word "trustee" for a while). Also, the admins doesn't represent the community, they represent me. But ofc, no one is perfect.

Seems clear, right?

Anyway, as Kimo also stated, this is just what I think. It isn't meant as an offense and no I am not upset. It may seem like that only. Had I been pissed I'd have given my opinion way earlier already. No flamewar or whatsoever. Feel free to give arguments vs what I said, although dont expect me to answer much anymore as I did earlier. emo
No offense taken, it is still a community and of course best is if we all get along etc, but we are all dealing with different people and different ideals.