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Return to thread2011-07-13 16:40
Also Lith, you mentioned having the possibility of having a choice. Even simply gathering a bit of money to pay for your own GpW server, will allow you to have a choice.

Technically, it is that easy. emo
As said, easiest is to sponsor DZ and get a server for your own. You can set it up as a duel server where you can play at. The host is still the same, except you will have your own admins.

Otherwise, a lot of people know how to open ports now so that you can host yourself. I for example helped Kenny not long ago, Jake is helping players set up their routers properly too. Theres one tiny thing I have to add. Seemingly, even though others (including CC) tried to set up other duel servers, everybody continues to go back to the ZDs. Reason? They're neutral. So apparently the ZDs and its previous admins arent half as bad as one may think emo.

(Also, I should add DZ isnt asking for 100s of euros to get your own server, lol. We're talking about no big prices, if you'd get a couple of players you'd share the cost with, it will truely be easy enough to get DZ to host a 24/7 server for you emo.)