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Return to thread2011-08-21 13:19
i am so sorry to fully disappoint you gry, but unlike everyone here around, i am NOT sharing my personal reasons about why i didnt show with you. i could came up with a lie so u all blame it to me instead of being like "oh we totally understand". im just showing u how pathetic is to put jj2 in the first place and getting a "real argument" for people u dont even know. why should i explain myself in front of you?? sure i agree ive meet a lot of nice ppl but that doesnt change the fact that i should talk with them about my personal life... and its just a match, stop buzzing me about it, u won. why do you care?

I have the feeling you are now making up the lie that you were lying, but whatever. Even if you had a good reason, you could just apologize to your team and everything would be fine. A lot of other Romanian's who were online had to go too, so it's not like it's all your fault that you lost. The problem is that you for the 100th time have managed to create amazingly stupid drama and furthermore that you don't treat your team mates with the respect they deserve (atleast Ana - I'm quite sure she has never done anything bad to you). Sure, they/she might not deserve as much respect as your real life friends, but they/she sure as hell deserve(s) more than you're showing them/her right now.

Instead of saying "I'm sorry that I didn't show up. Something really important came up", you make up a lie so stupid that I can only assume that you simply enjoy the attention and wanted this drama to start.

Edit: Case closed.