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Return to thread2011-10-11 19:25
I don't get what you have against GW. It's basically the same thing as sbv2, but with bases that are less impossible to approach. It's definitely one of the easier maps to regain control in, because it's possible to move the c, and because you can get power ups "by accident" when you're r. BBswing is indeed a bit too easy to control, though. Basically because it's so effective to camp the seek PU. On the other hand, the level having 2 carrots does improve things slightly. It's actually easier to regain control in a small level because you're closer to base when you die: you can run at the enemy more and kill him off to hopefully have someone capture with 3. The fact that there is no seek PU in GW goes a long way too.

Having played in Swestland this tournament, I know a fair deal about trying to regain control because we were more often than not the weaker team. The worst levels in that respect are in my opinion: distopia, MS, sbv2 and maybe WW. As you can see, the level size definitely isn't the decisive factor, but the presence of an easily camped seekPU and/or bases that are pretty much impossible to approach withhout getting hit if they are camped. (WW has good bases, but camping the power-up is very effective for rolling up a good domination streak).

I'm quite sure that the main reason that teams lost to the Netherlands is that the Dutch team has trained a lot together, being one of CC's more common warteam constellations. Other teams, on the other hand, consisted of more or less random collections of players. The other top clans: GpW and t3 didn't really participate "as a clan". Poland could possibly have reaped some advantages by going for a complete VS-team, but since VS wasn't that inactive playing ladders before the tournament, that option didn't really exist. What I'm saying is that NED would have kicked everyone's asses without TS too, because we're almost as good at communicating everything we need to get communicated in typing. For instance, if I type "E1 DOWN" and "S3" after someone recaps on GW, I can be quite sure that Vegito, Chiyu or Faw will kill the enemy off. But sure, if you haven't starting the newest commands "ST", "BT" et c, and level specific commands like "DOWN", then sure, you'll probably have a bigger comparative disadvantage vs. TSers than I do. In my opinion you guys should 1) expand your teamchat command inventory 2) start experimenting with voicecom, because it's a lot more fun to hear your friends and talk to them during breaks

The real problem with playing vs. NED is that they both communicate better and know eachother better than your newly formed team, and that they are quite a bit stronger than other teams. Fawful and Vegito are very dominating players, and Chiyu both e-kills, scores a lot and likes to defend. He's a bit predictable at times, but in such a strong team, that's mostly an advantage because your teammates will know even more easily what is going on.

My guess is that Finland and Swestland are the teams that benefited the most from using voicecom in this tournament. If I hadn't been able to shout very specific instructions to Grytmastern/DZ/Djazz we would probably have lost a lot more. Finland on the other hand consisted of 3/4 really good players who are relatively close friends (shy people suck with TS), but aren't that used to playing in team with oneanother. TS definitely helps in that case too, because it takes less time to reach a sufficient level of communication effectivity.

The reason why you guys have issues with the smaller maps is probably that they are more intense, meaning that any advantage that is spread evenly across the enemy team will be felt more deeply. It's a clear case of getting traumatized by Dutch pwn in the level that the Dutch team chose emo

Anyway, it's time to start discussing the merits of popular levels, since after VS vs. GpW the ladder is quite likely to end. We're more intent on extending the map pool than on reducing it, though. How about I start a separate thread for each current mappool level (let's say from the ladder, JJ2WC and JJ2NT) along with a list of criteria to consider (mostly as food for thought ofc), so we can discuss it properly? That'll make a good example for people who want to suggest completely new levels.

Finally: lol sr xdddd

Edit: I didn't really like the way the mappool was composed either. It seemed kind of lazy to just pick the mappool from the last edition and make one change (not paying any attention to experiences in other tournaments)
Edit 2: I realize that there are some contradictions between the beginning and the end of my post. The post isn't very thought through xD